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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am graduating from my program next month, and have an offer from a cardiology office in Lakeland, FL. I have received the contract to review and would like some thoughts about the terms of this 1 year contract: salary - 90K for 1st year with the potential for incentive bonus benefits starting after 90 days of employment 1-2 years of employment - 2 weeks PTO, 3-4 years of service = 3 weeks paid time off per year 4+ years of service = 4 weeks paid time off per year $1,500 CME allowance with an additional week off for CME The downside: No tail coverage provided 12 month non-compete including a 12 mile radius from any of their offices (they have several), but I am under the understanding it is just related to other cardiology practices. Thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I've been working as a general medical provider for a state psychiatric hospital for about one year. I'm leaving my current position at the end of June, but will be staying on PRN. It's just not a good fit for me professionally to remain here full-time. I was offered a hospitalist job today at a 590-bed Level I Trauma and Stroke center. They are building a 42-bed observational unit which will open January 2018, and this unit will be the main focus of my position once it opens. Until then, I will work at the regional sister hospital (which is 20 miles away) rounding on all units. Here are the particulars: Things I'm OK with... - $100,000 base salary. - 1 year contract renewed annually. - Quarterly performance bonus, not to exceed $25,000/year. - Bonus based upon the following metrics: # of patient encounters, quality of work, timely completion of notes (w/in 24 hours), and peer reviews. - Malpractice dues paid by employer. - 180 10-hour shifts per year, divided into 7on/7off schedule (7:30AM-5:30PM). - 30-day termination of employment required by both parties (unless something illegal/unethical occurs, etc). Things I'm not OK with... - REQUIRED to see minimum of 15 patients per shift. - 401k/profit sharing, medical/dental benefits available, but no mention of what the match is, the cost, or anything else for that matter. - They will pay my state and organizational licensing dues only. All other CME expenses are to be paid by me. - Tail coverage required, and paid for by me. - Required days of call and carrying pager, but no mention of how often or whether it's paid or not (verbally she told me it would be paid, but it's not written in this contract). - Apparently if I have to file an employment lawsuit or if they have to file a lawsuit against me, I have to pay THEIR legal fees as well as my own. - Not really OK with a maximum yearly bonus amount either, but it's better than no bonus... - The vague parameters of this entire contract... I am so disappointed with this. I used to work for an employment lawyer years ago, so I'm going to see if she will review this for me and help with a counter. But, how do you all think I should counter based on your experiences? I'm going to put this in the PA Professional Folder as well, in hopes of catching a few more people who can assist. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, Due to the fact that I am a new graduate ( as of August ) I felt the pressure to take one of the first jobs that I was offered. At the time it was the only offer on the table, and I felt overwhelming stress of securing employment. Although it was not my dream job, I signed the contract on Sept 30th. I am scheduled to start this new job on or around December 14th depending on when hospital credentialing goes through. Today, I received my dream job offer. It has better pay & better hours. I have been given an amazing opportunity as a new graduate and do not want to pass this offer up..... however, I have already signed the contract to the other job. So my question is, I am a wrong for backing out of my original job offer (which I have yet to start) & take my dream job? The contract I signed is a one year contract commitment. The wording in the contract states the following " Subject to Non-Physician Provider’s satisfaction of the Prerequisites set forth in Section 1, the term of this Agreement shall commence on December 14, 2016, or such other date as approved by Company (the “Effective Date”) and shall remain in full force and effect thereafter for an initial term of one (1) year (“Initial Term”) " There is no other date that is called "Effective Date" other than December 14th, 2016. However, the contract was signed on September 30th, 2016. Does anyone have an input on this? My thoughts are that I should be able to get out of the contract without penalty since I have yet to start the job. Appreciate all advice and input.
  4. Hi Everyone! New grad currently negotiating part-time PA position in Family Practice. I've done clinical rotations and scribed at a Family Practice office in NYC and will be working part-time until I start a Residency program in the fall. Trying to figure out what I should expect in a part-time contract if anything in terms of benefits, PTO, CME, etc. Also, trying to discern if it is in my best interest to be a part-time employee or 1099. Thanks in advance!
  5. So i've received this offer from an UC ,and I was looking over the employment offer and some things stood out to me. I just wanted to get you guys take on it. I've included the concerning parts below. Does the first part before the non compete clause mean that I cant have a second job outside of the clinic, like if I wanted to do part-time/prn at a hospital? As for the non-compete, is it basically saying I cant work at any other UC for 2 years after I leave? I'd really appreciate the feedback! Thanks - Employer hereby employs Provider to devote Provider’s working time, best efforts and loyalty to providing health care services as determined by Employer and set forth herein and on Schedule 1.01 attached hereto and made a part hereof. Provider shall provide the Services exclusively for Employer at the Clinics on a full-time basis (as defined in Schedule 1.01). Provider shall not, without the prior written consent of Employer, except as provided on Schedule 1.01(b), render professional services for compensation to or for any person, firm, corporation, or other organization aside from those services rendered pursuant to this Agreement, whether Provider is acting by himself/herself or as an officer, director, employee, shareholder, partner or fiduciary for another. - Non-Competition Covenant. (a) Provider recognizes that the covenants contained in this Section 1.14 are an essential part of this Agreement and that, but for the agreement of each of them to comply with such covenants, Employer would not have entered into this Agreement. Provider agrees that during the Term of this Agreement and for two (2) years thereafter Provider shall not: (i) directly or indirectly, either as principal, agent, employee, independent contractor, consultant, director, officer, employer, manager, medical or nursing director, medical or nursing officer, advisor, stockholder, partner, member, owner or in any other individual or representative capacity whatsoever, either Provider’s own benefit or for the benefit of any other Person (other than Employer or any medical practice, walk-in clinic or urgent care clinic managed by Employer or its Affiliates) either knowingly (A) hire, attempt to hire, contact or solicit with respect to hiring any Other Employee (as hereinafter defined) or (B) induce or otherwise counsel, advise, solicit or encourage any Other Employee to leave or resign his or her employment; (ii) act or serve, directly or indirectly, as a principal, director, officer, manager, or advisor with or for, or acquire a direct or indirect ownership interest in or otherwise conduct (whether as stockholder, partner, member, investor, joint venturer, or as owner of any other type of interest), any Competing Business (as such term is defined herein); provided, however, that this clause will not prohibit Provider from being the owner of up to two percent (2%) of any class of outstanding securities of any company or entity if such class of securities is publicly traded; or (iii) directly or indirectly, either as principal, agent, employee, independent contractor, consultant, director, officer, employer, medical director, medical officer, advisor, stockholder, partner, member or owner or in any other individual or representative capacity whatsoever, either for their own benefit or for the benefit of any other Person, call upon, solicit, divert or take away, any patients, customers or clients of the Clinics, or any medical practice, walk-in clinic or urgent care clinic managed by Employer or its Affiliates.
  6. 2016-2017-Original agreement as a 1st Year new Grad Derm PA: 100k straight salary (no bonus)- general derm only 4 weeks PTO 5 additional CME days (PTO) $2500 Annual CME allowance All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full no healthcare/dental (although covered in full by spouse) no 401k/retirement plan No maternity leave (although all female staff except the SP) 2018 renegotiation pending- $110,500k base with 10% bonus after 300k in collections (this seems terrible) "will" now transition into surgical excisions and cosmetics (lasers, injectibles) 6 weeks PTO 5 additional CME days (PTO) $3000 Annual CME allowance All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full "Will" implement 401k/retirement plan, which is currently in the works (although no matching offered) open to a maternity leave option (although specific terms not discussed) Any feedback would be much appreciated. No signatures have been exchanged therefore nothing is set in stone. So negotiation of terms is still subject to change. Thanks for your time!
  7. Hello PA friends! I have an upcoming interview.... my very first one!!... and they were kind enough to send me the contract in advance. Reading through it I see an early termination clause in which I would be asked to pay FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS if I were to leave before the end of three years. I love longevity, but this is my first job out of PA school( and I don't graduate until December), and I don't have $50 much less $50,000. So that's a no. And there's not even a commensurate level of sign on bonuses (clearly no one is giving me 50k to sign on or any sign on bonus for that matter) and even if I figure that this is associated with the costs of having me as an employee like perhaps the total cost of three years worth of health insurance plus CME is 21k (no idea what it costs to add me to malpractice but I truly hope its not 29 Grand but who knows).... bottom line I don't know where this random 50k come from but still, no. Also, I have an illness that is currently controlled but that I worry about and so I really don't want to be bound to pay this especially if I can't work for some reason..... and of course I don't want to disclose this information and screw myself out of a job. But, can all this sad cluster be worked around? My gut reaction is: 1. go to this interview and see if it's even worth the fuss of steps below 2. get a lawyer to review this contract if the place seems on the up and up 3. reach out and see if they are willing to drop this clause. Are the steps above reasonable, is there another route you suggest, or is this whole thing just one huge red flashing sign screaming at me to not bother? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  8. i am coming up on contract negotiations. Most likely I plan on staying. I have been here for 5 years and really like it, mainly because of who I work for/with. Something that would help me progress financially would be paying down student loans. I am already at a high salary and get some bonuses. The only thing I could think of that would improve the money situation would be some sort of loan repayment. Ideally, tax free for me and clinic, money goes directly to loan, lowers principle and overall cost of loan, and I still write off loan interest. I do understand there are some tax codes against this but it is changing. (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/108/text) I have run into another option through https://studentloangenius.com/. Does anyone have experience with them? Any other creative options to minimize tax implications but still drive money to loans? I would even accept slight decrease in salary for larger amount to loans IF there were also tax benefits.
  9. Anyone help me out with this informal offer 115k for new grad increases to 125 after second year Work only Saturday and Sunday for the year. I would have to see all new consults at two hospitals that are 15 mins apart. No consults still get paid/ 20 consults no change in pay. Volume varies but its all psych consults in the medical hospital. I have never seen more than 8 in one day between both as far as new consults. We didn't talk about vacation. I was thinking of asking for 8 total days of vacation. So a random Saturday or Sunday I needed off. No help as a new grad. No mentorship because I will be basically autonomous. The job is basically to make the physicians life easier so they don't have to round on the weekend. They said 1000 for CME and they pay for all credentialing and licensing etc
  10. I have a new job offer that asks for 120 days notice before resignation. Their reasoning was "I have found 90 days in the past did not give us adequate time to find a suitable replacement". I feel like 90 is more the standard and is quite reasonable. Has anyone agreed to a notice of more than 90 days? Thanks for the input!
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