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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am graduating from my program next month, and have an offer from a cardiology office in Lakeland, FL. I have received the contract to review and would like some thoughts about the terms of this 1 year contract: salary - 90K for 1st year with the potential for incentive bonus benefits starting after 90 days of employment 1-2 years of employment - 2 weeks PTO, 3-4 years of service = 3 weeks paid time off per year 4+ years of service = 4 weeks paid time off per year $1,500 CME allowance with an additional week off for CME The downside: No tail covera
  2. Hi all, I've been working as a general medical provider for a state psychiatric hospital for about one year. I'm leaving my current position at the end of June, but will be staying on PRN. It's just not a good fit for me professionally to remain here full-time. I was offered a hospitalist job today at a 590-bed Level I Trauma and Stroke center. They are building a 42-bed observational unit which will open January 2018, and this unit will be the main focus of my position once it opens. Until then, I will work at the regional sister hospital (which is 20 miles away) rounding on all u
  3. Hello everyone, Due to the fact that I am a new graduate ( as of August ) I felt the pressure to take one of the first jobs that I was offered. At the time it was the only offer on the table, and I felt overwhelming stress of securing employment. Although it was not my dream job, I signed the contract on Sept 30th. I am scheduled to start this new job on or around December 14th depending on when hospital credentialing goes through. Today, I received my dream job offer. It has better pay & better hours. I have been given an amazing opportunity as a new graduate and do not want to pa
  4. Hi Everyone! New grad currently negotiating part-time PA position in Family Practice. I've done clinical rotations and scribed at a Family Practice office in NYC and will be working part-time until I start a Residency program in the fall. Trying to figure out what I should expect in a part-time contract if anything in terms of benefits, PTO, CME, etc. Also, trying to discern if it is in my best interest to be a part-time employee or 1099. Thanks in advance!
  5. So i've received this offer from an UC ,and I was looking over the employment offer and some things stood out to me. I just wanted to get you guys take on it. I've included the concerning parts below. Does the first part before the non compete clause mean that I cant have a second job outside of the clinic, like if I wanted to do part-time/prn at a hospital? As for the non-compete, is it basically saying I cant work at any other UC for 2 years after I leave? I'd really appreciate the feedback! Thanks - Employer hereby employs Provider to devote Provider’s working time, best e
  6. 2016-2017-Original agreement as a 1st Year new Grad Derm PA: 100k straight salary (no bonus)- general derm only 4 weeks PTO 5 additional CME days (PTO) $2500 Annual CME allowance All licensing/membership dues/supplies/mal practice insurance covered in full no healthcare/dental (although covered in full by spouse) no 401k/retirement plan No maternity leave (although all female staff except the SP) 2018 renegotiation pending- $110,500k base with 10% bonus after 300k in collections (this seems terrible) "will" now transiti
  7. Hello PA friends! I have an upcoming interview.... my very first one!!... and they were kind enough to send me the contract in advance. Reading through it I see an early termination clause in which I would be asked to pay FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS if I were to leave before the end of three years. I love longevity, but this is my first job out of PA school( and I don't graduate until December), and I don't have $50 much less $50,000. So that's a no. And there's not even a commensurate level of sign on bonuses (clearly no one is giving me 50k to sign on or any sign on bonus for that
  8. i am coming up on contract negotiations. Most likely I plan on staying. I have been here for 5 years and really like it, mainly because of who I work for/with. Something that would help me progress financially would be paying down student loans. I am already at a high salary and get some bonuses. The only thing I could think of that would improve the money situation would be some sort of loan repayment. Ideally, tax free for me and clinic, money goes directly to loan, lowers principle and overall cost of loan, and I still write off loan interest. I do understand there are some tax codes agains
  9. Anyone help me out with this informal offer 115k for new grad increases to 125 after second year Work only Saturday and Sunday for the year. I would have to see all new consults at two hospitals that are 15 mins apart. No consults still get paid/ 20 consults no change in pay. Volume varies but its all psych consults in the medical hospital. I have never seen more than 8 in one day between both as far as new consults. We didn't talk about vacation. I was thinking of asking for 8 total days of vacation. So a random Saturday or Sunday I needed off. No help as a new grad. No me
  10. I have a new job offer that asks for 120 days notice before resignation. Their reasoning was "I have found 90 days in the past did not give us adequate time to find a suitable replacement". I feel like 90 is more the standard and is quite reasonable. Has anyone agreed to a notice of more than 90 days? Thanks for the input!
  11. Hey all! I am getting ready to interview for a dermatology "residency" position at a very large and expanding dermatology clinic with offices that serve almost the entire state I live in. After requesting the interview with me, the company sent me a very simplistic form of the terms of the contract for residency prior to interviewing. Holy crap, it is a DOOZY. So, without further ado... 4 Year MINIMUM contract. 1st yr: "fellowship pay" = $30,000/yr 2nd-4th yrs: $90,000 + 25% production bonus above $400,000 in collections $2000 CME Licensing fees/textbooks/equipment paid Ful
  12. Hi everyone, I need some help/perspective on my situation. I'm currently making 88k annually as a cardiology PA at a major hospital system in NYC. I get 4 weeks PTO (inclusive of sick and holiday time), 1 week CME (in addition to $800), full health benefits, 403b (employee funded) and pension-like program (employer funded). I've been there one year (received a 3% raise since I started) and was a new grad when I was hired. It's my understanding a 3% raise is standard every year for my department. Am I getting the shaft with this position?! So many of my colleagues complain about
  13. I started practicing 2 years ago as a PA in an Ortho-Spine practice, my responsibilities including First assist 2.5 days/week, rounding, clinic 2.5 days/week, rare call, rare weekends, also administrative tasks such as compiling surgical outcomes, assisting the training of staff, implementing new policies and procedures with staff etc. I was't excited about my initial salary and benefits but I have really enjoyed the work. I have gotten significant raises over the past couple of years but during my last raise/review there were interesting comments about decreasing my rate of salary growth wh
  14. Hi all. Wanted to run contract negotiation by you all and get some advice. I have been a graduate for 5 years. I have worked in a PMR practice the entire time since graduation in NC. My duties consist of 1.on call weekends covering inpatients in our rehab center, and telephone call for our skilled nursing facilities on that weekend. 2. Weekday clinic hours where I see an average of 20 patients, and do imaging guided procedures and of course order spinal procedures for our 3 docs (2 of which are owners of the practice, other doc is employee like me). 3. Inpatient rehab consults which I do
  15. Hi all. I'm newly certified, in the middle of contract negotiations and would greatly appreciate some input/advise to a few questions I had about some items in this contract. 1. Is it the general consensus that PAs do not pay ANY part of malpractice insurance and is considered a normal business expense for the hiring physician(s)? In my current contract, the hiring company states they will pay the liability coverage during my term of employment but upon termination, I would be required to purchase tail coverage for "an unlimited reporting period covering PA and [provider] for profession
  16. What are the duties of the SP ? I will be starting a house calls practice. Want to know how to approach Docs - I will be "partnering with them" as a business but they will be contracting with me as i will be an IC LLC service in seeing their Medicare Home Bound patients. Where do I find this information - what is the official entity that regulates and has the rules written - were are those rules outlined? State Board of Physicians? Is it in the Delegation agreement?
  17. In starting out with my house calls practice... i want to propose retaining my patients if i move on from the service contract with the DOC I'm in a service contract with...good idea? Is this a routine thing? House Calls still feels like the wild west ! What are the rules? So, I was about to send this to a potential service partner: "I have just left a contract that rendered me to having to say, “No, I cannot care for you any longer”. These patients are reporting to me now, that they are not being follow-up with and this makes me very uncomfortable. In preventing this from happening
  18. Hi, I'm about to be a new grad (no prior medical experience but with great academic record); am curious about the following (see questions below) all feedback/insight/comments/curse words are welcomed! 1. what I can really expect as starting salary in internal medicine? (nyc hospital based, three 12's, no call, some weekends, does it matter if it's nights vs days?) i haven't seen or heard of anything higher than 85k and i'm starting to wonder if i would be low-balling myself 2. how much can a new grad (again, with no prior medical experience) successfully negotiate with hospitals wh
  19. Thought I found an exciting job opportunity: favorite specialty, close to home. However I got hesitant after the initial interview because the job description sounds vague to me. I was told I will be the only PA of the private practice working with several physicians; primarily make rounds in the hospital and see clinic patients but will be asked to do whatever is needed. I further inquired any on-call or weekend schedule and the answer is duties as directed by physician. I am not sure what does this mean? Occasional or pretty often? I still want to ask them the clarify this issue bu
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