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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! New grad PA here. I did a rotation in orthopaedics where I did first-assist the majority of the time. Just received an orthopaedic surgery offer- This is in Massachusetts. I updated the offer after some negotiation. Salary: $100,000 + 5K relocation for 1 year 15% over 300,000 collections. Average of 7 weekend calls per year. 1-2 clinic calls per month. No additional call pay. They offered "5k more to compensate for call". 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME $2,000 CME Malpractice covered. 75% health insurance covered Professional fees included. 3 days clinic minimum, otherwise surgery. May terminate with 60 day notice. Let me know what you think!
  2. Just received a contract for a neurology position and was looking for advice on negotiating. For reference, I am a new grad PA in Chicago suburbs, the position is in outpatient and inpatient neurology working 40 hours a week and weekend call, working for a small private group. Current contract offer: $80,000 per year, no mention of quarterly bonuses 1 weekend of call per month 12 days of vacation 3 days of combined sick time AND CME days total for the year No CME allowance Non-compete clause of 5 mile radius from offices No 401K Malpractice insurance provided by employer No insurance benefits as I am still young enough to be under my parent's insurance for the next year (I am okay with this for the first year) My current thoughts on negotiation: $90,000 per year salary 15 days vacation 8 days of combined sick time and CME days $1,500 CME allowance Removal of non-compete clause if possible Clearer call requirements - I would want no call for first 6 months of employment and no more than 1:4 call in writing I am contemplating saying I would purchase my own malpractice insurance through the AAPA for the first year as they have a new grad rate of $300 for the first year if he still isn't willing to budge on things. Any thoughts from those that have gone through this before? Thank you in advance!!
  3. Hello PA friends! I have an upcoming interview.... my very first one!!... and they were kind enough to send me the contract in advance. Reading through it I see an early termination clause in which I would be asked to pay FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS if I were to leave before the end of three years. I love longevity, but this is my first job out of PA school( and I don't graduate until December), and I don't have $50 much less $50,000. So that's a no. And there's not even a commensurate level of sign on bonuses (clearly no one is giving me 50k to sign on or any sign on bonus for that matter) and even if I figure that this is associated with the costs of having me as an employee like perhaps the total cost of three years worth of health insurance plus CME is 21k (no idea what it costs to add me to malpractice but I truly hope its not 29 Grand but who knows).... bottom line I don't know where this random 50k come from but still, no. Also, I have an illness that is currently controlled but that I worry about and so I really don't want to be bound to pay this especially if I can't work for some reason..... and of course I don't want to disclose this information and screw myself out of a job. But, can all this sad cluster be worked around? My gut reaction is: 1. go to this interview and see if it's even worth the fuss of steps below 2. get a lawyer to review this contract if the place seems on the up and up 3. reach out and see if they are willing to drop this clause. Are the steps above reasonable, is there another route you suggest, or is this whole thing just one huge red flashing sign screaming at me to not bother? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  4. Hi all. I am a new grad who has been offered a position in inpatient psychiatry at $90K. M-F, no weekends, no holidays for 6 months. Then I will be transitioned to 3 12's in admissions. 7A-7P. All benefits included. CME of $2000. Retirement match 200%. 3 weeks vacation. 2 weeks sick. 5 PTO days. It is an "at-will" position with the welcome letter acting as a "contract". Is this reasonable? Should I counter the salary? HELP! Also, do you think if I take psych as my first job that I will be pigeon-holed in the future? Say if I want to move to something more general? This is my only concern. I love mental health and I enjoy the inpatient psych facility, I just want options to still be there if I decide to move. Thanks!
  5. Hello, new grad here in NYC just got offered a primary care contract with a private practice seeking expert opinions. 1 doc, office manager, 3 nurses, and front desk. Doc is super nice and willing to teach, got really good vibes. A little background about this practice is that it is about 70% Chinese population, which is probably why they want to hire me (bilingual). It is worth noting that I will be the first PA the doc has ever worked with. This is a rough draft that does not cover everything. But I have given them a counter offer and they have agreed to meet up and negotiate. Anything else that I should be concerned with or any thoughts about the counter offer? Any thoughts about bonus structure for second year? Thanks for any advice or comments. Draft offer : Base Salary - 100,000. Incentive bonus of 20% guaranteed second year. (not sure what that means, probably means 20% of salary increase). PTO - 2 weeks vacation first year. 3 wks second year. 4 wks third year. Hours - 5 days/week with 1 weekend day. 9am-5pm. Health insurance - $1000 per month reimburse coverage (no idea what that means). Malpractice - "professional liability coverage." 2 year restrictive covenant within 2 miles of practice. My counter offer : Starting Salary : $105,000.00 Yearly Bonus : 10% of salary. Professional License : Cover DEA license if required. Malpractice : Per occurrence coverage or claims-based with tail coverage. Include as a named provider. CME : 5 days, up to $2000.00 allowance. Sick Leaves : 5 days. 1 Year contract. Questions to discuss : Retirement Plan - 401K Health Care - Currently with wife insurance plan. Professional license second year - practice coverage. National Holidays. Other office duties. On call duties. Second year - Continuous commitment, salary, and bonus structures.
  6. I have been at my place of work for approx 10 months. I started directly out of school and did a 6 month "training/residency" which I was paid $52000. I started seeing patients in September 3 days a week and training the remaining 2 days until October. I currently have a full schedule 4 days a week. I average 28-32 patients a day and see anywhere from 7-14 new patients a day. My current contract salary is $80,200 with 9 days paid vacation/sick days, 3 days CME, and $1500 CME. I have health and dental insurance through work. I am going to start seeing patients for a half day shortly and will put me at 4.5 days a week. I do not do skin cancer surgeries but most everything else (FBSE, surgery f/u, consults for surgeries/Mohs, etc). From speaking with my practice manager before starting he did not seem to think I would make a bonus until after my second year at the earliest. I have not gotten my productivity report, but I hope to see it soon. I am interested to know what is reasonable to ask for in negotiations for my contract in the next few months.
  7. Hello! I am a new graduate, and have searched long and hard to find pediatric practices willing to hire PAs. I was recently offered a full-time contract with a reputable local peds private practice. I have zero experience with medical contracts, and I'm terrible at advocating for myself :( I was hoping some of you more experienced PAs could help me with a few points of concern with my contract. 1. The starting salary is $75k + bonuses. The bonus structure is not included in the contract, and my supervising doc was unable to give me a concrete formula for how bonuses are determined. 2. It includes a non-compete clause of 12 miles and 2 years. My understanding is most PAs will not sign a non-compete, and those who do have much less stringent limitations? In addition, I really don't understand how tail coverage works. Do most practices cover you through the "end" of when a pt can sue you? If I stop working for them, am I no longer covered for any of the patients I ever saw while at that practice? Can I afford my own malpractice tail coverage on a PA salary? There are a few more specific concerns that I need to discuss directly with the MD. These are my big concerns, though. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  8. I am in dermatology and have been with the practice 8 years. I am cutting to part time but going from salary + incentive to incentive only (no base pay). I see 30 pts a day but will increase. They are offering 23%of collections which seems low. I usually collect around $500k a year working full time. Any suggestions on incentive percentages for incentive only pay?
  9. Hi, I am recently a new grad and just received an offer in pain management. It'll be 5 days a week, no call, no holidays. The offer was $63,000. To me that seems very low. I'm not sure if they do this expecting you to negotiate higher? I really need and would like this job, but I feel it should start higher. Any suggestions on negotiation? Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone, I have just received an offer from a cardiology clinic in Chicago. I would mostly be seeing patients in the clinic but eventually would be running stress tests and rounding in the hospital. I would like some advice on their offer because I am a little wary on incentives and bonuses on top of a lower base salary. Here is their offer: -75K base salary -$2K discretionary bonus every quarter beginning in January ( I will start working october 3rd) All the benefits, vacation time and CME allowance are very good. I do not expect the practice to hold back any of my discretionary bonuses, but I am wondering how I should structure the contract to protect myself. On another note, their original offer was the same base salary with incentives of %10 of every billable patient I see. Which offer sounds better? What should I negotiate? Is anyone out there working in clinical cardiology and making more? Thanks.