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Found 7 results

  1. My SP is retiring and selling his FM practice. I am looking for advice on salary negotiation with the new supervising physician. The new SP has big aspirations for the practice and plans to add many updates which is exciting but it appears that it will also come with quite the workload increase. I suspect that we will be marketing the practice more which means more patients. (I currently average 15 per day) He wants me to credential at the local hospital and round on our patients in the morning if they were admitted to the hospital in the morning prior to seeing patients at clinic. He also wants me to begin taking call (one weekend a month) at the local hospital. We may also round at the local Nursing Homes one day a week Current Base: 90k. No Production bonuses With the added workload that will be expected, any advice on if I should ask for a raise vs productivity bonus?
  2. I have a prior MS in Exercise Physiology (research emphasis) and then completed a dual degree PA program getting a MS in Management w/ the School of Business before starting the MMS for PA. The extra degrees will certainly be resume builders, but how much should I expect to use them for negotiating starting salaries? Should I expect a higher starting offer due to them or is that naive? Starting to have discussions with some practices and was hoping to get some ideas on the value those provide before it moves towards contract talks. I don't want to sell myself short, but don't want to come off as pompous and overvalue myself either! I would be interested in either Ortho/Sports Med or Cardiology Looking in NC. Currently in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University Appreciate the insight anyone can provide!
  3. Tried to post this once and I don’t think it posted - apologies for duplicates. I’m in a bit of a complicated situation. I’ve been up for contract renegotiation since July after a year with a hospital based multi specialty surgical group. I was originally hired as the first and only PA for two generals, a urologist and a GI. One general and the GI opted not to use me, so I split my time almost evenly between general surgery and urology in both clinic and OR. CURRENT CONTRACT DETAILS: Oklahoma, full time 10 days call/month, $105k salary, $2500 and 3 days CME, 26 days PTO including holidays, $10k annual student loan reimbursement, association/fellowship annual fee reimbursement, 401k, Roth IRA, cell phone $100/month, sub-optimal medical insurance options My contract have been on extension for 3 months for various reasons and I’m trying to make sure I’m prepared when I finally get their offer. I was told in my first meeting that my “numbers from the last year just aren’t there”. I was told I would likely either stay at my current salary or switch to a productivity-based bonus that increases annually with a 5% decrease in salary annually...both of which I absolutely refuse to sign. I have spent the last 12 months expressing the concern that I was not receiving proper credit/RVUs for all of my work. My physicians have never had a PA and don’t know how to properly utilize me...I don’t even want to get started on billing correctly. The hospitals lack of knowledge with PA utilization is stunting my ability to negotiate ON TOP OF THIS...the other general surgeon is leaving and we are hiring two more who are interested in working with me in clinic and OR. This splits me between 3 general surgeons and 1 (needy) urologist and the hospital is very unlikely to be hiring a PA or NP any time soon. I love my job, corworkers, location, etc but I’m not about to take a crap negotiation just to stay. I am not experienced in negotiating and it’s getting overwhelming as I feel no one is listening to me regarding proper utilization. Any advice welcome.
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask some career advice from all the pros out there. I will graduate in 6 weeks and have been lucky enough to receive two job offers in a pretty rural area. However, I'm really struggling between the two. I've made a pros/cons list and still haven't come to any conclusion. One is my ideal speciality (peds ortho) while the other is in a speciality I've never wanted to work in but seems to offer a fantastic work environment, SP, and more money. I was approached by the physician for this job and considered it as jobs are somewhat scarce in my area. I would love some insight on what has provided you with the most happiness in your career. Was it work environment, a speciality you're passionate about, salary or lifestyle? I am married with a 9 year old too so lifestyle kinda automatically factors in for me. I will list a summary of the two and appreciate any advice on the offers! 1) Ob/Gyn private practice with first assist duties at his private surgery center and hospital for deliveries/sections 94K base salary with bonus of 10% on anything I bill over $52250 per quarter Contracted-60 days notice required for both parties; can break contract for any reason Noncompete for 1 year in that county only (not the county I live in) and that speciality only Mon-Thurs (4 10 hr shifts = just 40 hrs a week) Typical week for him includes 65 patients a day, 8 deliveries a week, and 6-8 surgeries a week I will have to build my own patient schedule as he has never had a PA only PA students (little concerned he has never had a PA and in his mid 60's) 3 weeks PTO, 1 week CME 2500 CME (includes fees, dues, licensure) Malpractice with tail coverage included Pays for my health insurance (family coverage is available but extra) No 401K offered Gave no reference to evals/raises/increase structure but when asked stated we could discuss them anytime I desired No call SP says he has no expectations for me and will fully train me; I can begin seeing patients when I feel ready as early or late as I am comfortable with Moonlighting ok, doesn't need approval 2) Peds Ortho with travel for large multispeciality practice; typically 5 clinic days/2-3 OR mornings with first assist duties 90K base salary with statement of "bonus may be given by SP physician and will vary" (got a flat "no" when I countered with 94 to try to make it equal to my prev offer) Starting pay of $15 an hour until I have licensure (they stated temp licensure would suffice) NO contract-letter of intent only and states "may be terminated at will" at bottom (I used to work for this company and never had any issues before but this bothers me) NO noncompete Mon-Fri with no definitive schedule; M, W, TR are OR mornings and clinic the other times Multiple locations each day with lunch used to travel to a different office His current PA said she was "happy" with her hours and only offered that they varied with two "long days" a week I'm estimating at least 55 hrs a week with drive time 2 weeks PTO, 1 week sick, 1 week CME $2500 CME (includes fees, dues, licensure); must be paid back if I leave within 1 year of them paying for it Malpractice with tail coverage included Stated his patient load and surgery schedule varied by season (busier when kids are in school and playing sports and when deductibles are met) Health insurance begins after 90 days; I am responsible for the cost and that was not provided 401K with 4% matching Ignored my question about raises/eval when I asked in email I have since found out the company states they are on a salary freeze which began 4 years ago when I worked there! Call (two types: phone post ops and level 1 trauma hospital call 1-2 times a month); gave no clear layout for this or how this factored in to pay; there is nothing about this in the "letter of intent" Option to work UC once I am trained (stated this would be an extra hourly rate but did not state how much and said this could be discussed later if I was interested) He covers 8 locations and I would be responsible for half of them once fully trained...so lots of travel Mileage reimbursed at .52 to any location outside of my home facility Monthly cellphone stipend of $100 PA friendly company-facility has multiple (55+) PAs and frequently hires new grads so I'm assuming he understands the training process States he is willing to train me and also has a PA to train with that has been with him for a 1 year (last one was there 6 years before moving out of state) I've always wanted to do peds ortho so that excites me, but I was a little disheartened by the immediate "no" to my counter offer and the lack of structure in their letter of intent. I had to press for the benefits to be sent as it simply stated eligible for benefits and PTO. It's kind of like pulling teeth to get information that seems like it should be included without question. Also, the bolded statement saying they could "fire me at will" requiring my signature makes me uneasy as a new grad. The lack of job schedule and description is somewhat worrisome too. I would love to have a little bit of heads up on my schedule as I have a family and a 9 year old. Maybe this is common for ortho though?? Sounds like they plan to work me to as much as possible for little as possible. Should I just accept this if this is my dream speciality, do my time as a new grad, and bolt once I've gained experience? Also, is this offer even fair? Does this offer seem sketchy or am I being paranoid? Women's health has NEVER been a field I've had any interest in, but the SP seems amazing! I've heard that's so important for new grads. Plus, he has been waiting on me to finish to school saying he felt like I was the perfect fit for his office and practice. Four 10 hr shifts is also nice for my family. His offer was more structured, clear and reasonable. He originally offered 88 and then fully accepted my counter offer stating he wanted me to feel I was an equal in his practice should I decide to take the position. I feel like if I go down the Women's Health road, it will be harder for me to transition to any other speciality. Ok. I've rambled long enough. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello! New grad PA here. I did a rotation in orthopaedics where I did first-assist the majority of the time. Just received an orthopaedic surgery offer- This is in Massachusetts. I updated the offer after some negotiation. Salary: $100,000 + 5K relocation for 1 year 15% over 300,000 collections. Average of 7 weekend calls per year. 1-2 clinic calls per month. No additional call pay. They offered "5k more to compensate for call". 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME $2,000 CME Malpractice covered. 75% health insurance covered Professional fees included. 3 days clinic minimum, otherwise surgery. May terminate with 60 day notice. Let me know what you think!
  6. Just received a contract for a neurology position and was looking for advice on negotiating. For reference, I am a new grad PA in Chicago suburbs, the position is in outpatient and inpatient neurology working 40 hours a week and weekend call, working for a small private group. Current contract offer: $80,000 per year, no mention of quarterly bonuses 1 weekend of call per month 12 days of vacation 3 days of combined sick time AND CME days total for the year No CME allowance Non-compete clause of 5 mile radius from offices No 401K Malpractice insurance provided by employer No insurance benefits as I am still young enough to be under my parent's insurance for the next year (I am okay with this for the first year) My current thoughts on negotiation: $90,000 per year salary 15 days vacation 8 days of combined sick time and CME days $1,500 CME allowance Removal of non-compete clause if possible Clearer call requirements - I would want no call for first 6 months of employment and no more than 1:4 call in writing I am contemplating saying I would purchase my own malpractice insurance through the AAPA for the first year as they have a new grad rate of $300 for the first year if he still isn't willing to budge on things. Any thoughts from those that have gone through this before? Thank you in advance!!
  7. Hello PA friends! I have an upcoming interview.... my very first one!!... and they were kind enough to send me the contract in advance. Reading through it I see an early termination clause in which I would be asked to pay FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS if I were to leave before the end of three years. I love longevity, but this is my first job out of PA school( and I don't graduate until December), and I don't have $50 much less $50,000. So that's a no. And there's not even a commensurate level of sign on bonuses (clearly no one is giving me 50k to sign on or any sign on bonus for that matter) and even if I figure that this is associated with the costs of having me as an employee like perhaps the total cost of three years worth of health insurance plus CME is 21k (no idea what it costs to add me to malpractice but I truly hope its not 29 Grand but who knows).... bottom line I don't know where this random 50k come from but still, no. Also, I have an illness that is currently controlled but that I worry about and so I really don't want to be bound to pay this especially if I can't work for some reason..... and of course I don't want to disclose this information and screw myself out of a job. But, can all this sad cluster be worked around? My gut reaction is: 1. go to this interview and see if it's even worth the fuss of steps below 2. get a lawyer to review this contract if the place seems on the up and up 3. reach out and see if they are willing to drop this clause. Are the steps above reasonable, is there another route you suggest, or is this whole thing just one huge red flashing sign screaming at me to not bother? Thanks in advance for your help!!
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