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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Bay Area PAs, I'd love to shadow you more than anything. It can even be a one-time non-committal thing. I'll seriously be grateful for any opportunity. And I swear I'll be as quiet and un-intrusive as a shadow, but perhaps not quite as ominous and foreboding. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  2. In a nutshell, high-ranking school #1 is far away (across the country) from my family and my boyfriend of three years, but when I visited it I loved it there and felt like the students were truly happy and getting a quality education. This school trains PAs for work in any field. Lower-ranking school #2 is close to my beautiful apartment I share with my boyfriend, as well as to my supportive and awesome family. Unfortunately, I kind of got a negative vibe when I visited--students there didn't love the program, and it seemed disorganized and unprioritized compared to the DO program (example: the director said the PA students "get to observe" the cadaver lab of the DO students for eight hours TOTAL over the course of two semesters). This school also aims to train primary care PAs, and I don't know for sure if primary care is what I want to do. (If I had to pick right now, I'd say emergency medicine, but who knows?) The schools COST THE SAME amount of money and have very similar test pass rates (both 95%+). Also, take into consideration that I definitely want to get a job after schooling near family/boyfriend! SO....1) Where should I go and why? 2) How important is it to have clinical rotations where I plan to live and work long-term? 3) What happens if you go to a primary care-focus school but decide you don't want to do primary care? Will my options be limited? Thanks infinitely for your help. I have to make this decision by February 27th! It's the hardest decision I can ever remember making...
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