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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, my name is Vanessa and I just graduated with my bachelor's in February. I am looking to pursue into a PA program but not quite sure where to start. I am currently studying for the GRE and have about 250 internship hours done at an ENT clinic with an audiologist. I'm not sure in what I am doing and need any guidance or suggestion in what to do.
  2. I am a third year student in University and I'm majoring in Health Sciences in the East Coast. I know I want to be in the medical field but I am torn between getting a post-bacc in Nursing or going straight to PA School. I want to achieve my highest potential but I don't know if starting with a BSN and working my way up would be more or less beneficial than going to grad school to become a PA. Any Suggestions? Please be informative and considerate.
  3. Hey Folks, Recent graduate received job offer with Ortho/Trauma. I will perform hospital round, first assist & clinic. Training Period Base Pay: 46,000 Base Pay: 92,000 [based on 50 hr work week], range of 50-55hrs CME: $2000, 5days PTO: 15 vacation Days, 4 Personal 7 Holidays off Call: 1/7 Days. Weekend Call 1/8 weekends. No add'l pay Bonus consideration: after 1 year Thoughts?
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum and am desperately seeking advice. I've been debating between MD/DO or PA for practically my entire undergraduate career. (Will be an incoming 4th year next year). This summer, I decided to enroll in a prep course to take the MCAT in September, planning to go to medical school. But now, I realize that I have been questioning this "final" decision since the beginning of my MCAT studies. My question is that I don't know if I should still take my MCAT in September. I know I'm not studying as much as I can, and I feel like its partially due to being unmotivat
  5. I have shadowed PA's and doctors of all kinds and know the differences between the two. My plan since i started college was to attend PA school, but recently i have been putting a lot of thought into medical school. I would have to go an extra year of undergrad and take more organic chemistry and 2 more physics classes, and also would have to prepare to take the MCAT. My GPA is around 3.3-3.4 so I'm also curious if i can get in to medical school or PA school. My question, and point of this thread, is should i go another year in undergrad and take the MCAT to go to medical school or should i ju
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