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Found 2 results

  1. I'll spare the forum my life story and cut right to the chase: Which patient care experience would allow an applicant to be more competitive: EMT-B or CNA/STNA? Or, does it not make a significant difference either way? I'm currently in the process of deciding which direction to go and am looking for some advice! CNA/STNA classes seem to be more affordable and easier to obtain, but most of the available positions are in LTAC facilities. Obtaining an EMT-B certification is more expensive, but it could lead toward higher acuity experience in a hospital setting. I'm having an open mind to either option but am curious if PA schools seem to value on certification over the other. (I'm not as concerned with salary of the position but rather what is going to make me the most competitive applicant). Thank you in advanced for insights and feedback!
  2. I am beginning to work on my pre-reqs, but I'm not sure they'll be enough to make me competitive for PA School as I had a poor undergraduate sGPA almost 13 years ago. I'm thinking of working on a 1-2 year(s) master's degree after I'm done with all of my pre-reqs… which master's program would make me most competitive AND raise my sGPA after all is averaged into CASPA? I just don't know if only completing my pre-reqs (even with an A) will be good enough (example: I took Org Chem TWICE and got D's in both iterations. Even if I got an A this time around it would come out to a (1.0 +1.0 + 4.0)/3 = 2.0, which is a C average; I had a C in genetics, if I got an A now --> (2.0 + 4.0)/2 = 3.0, it would come out to a B average). Better yet, is there a master's program in which I can satisfy both pre-reqs for PA school, and take graduate coursework to satisfy and increase my sGPA? I already have two bachelor degrees: my first BS in Biology which I did poorly in back in 2000 @ 2.5; and my second BS in Psychology which I completed last year with a GPA of 3.9, and working on these pre-req classes is almost like working on another Biology bachelor's degree. I don't want to just keep accumulating bachelor's degrees…! Suggestions?
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