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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I recently had an interview with a PA school and found that the interviewer seemed to find clinical experience with a MD more valuable than clinical experience with a PA, and yes, this is actual paid hours, not just shadowing. Has anyone else experienced this? I am in total shock since I am applying to PA school rather than Medical school. I may be wrong but I thought that my experience working closely with a PA was a huge plus. How would I know that I wanted to go to PA school without that experience? Working with a PA has provided a huge insight on the role of a PA vs that of an MD. Can anyone else speak to this experience? Have you had similar experiences? Do you agree or disagree with the interviewer? All advice/input is welcome.
  2. I just moved to NoCal (Silicon Valley) area due to my husband's new job. My attending in Florida contacted his friend at a major university here and got me my dream job. I have five years of pediatric surgery experience and have been told that I am expected to train the other NPs in the group (who all have less than or around one year of experience in the subspecialty). I am less than one week into my job and today I found out that one NP (who has just over one year of experience) is being paid slightly more than me. Apparently this institution counts nursing experience as part of their calculations in salary. She told me what her starting salary was which was about 8k lower than me. She has since received a raise and her salary is now just a hair above mine. Part of this is because she was the only one running the show for awhile so they may have been given a performance bonus of some sort. This was very deflating to me given that I have five years of experience being a provider, have an entire OR skillsket, and have been asked by the NPs to proctor them to first assist only to find out that they are being paid more than me. Anyone else run into these situations in this area? From what I have read on this forum the nursing unions are very strong here in NoCal. Does this apply to NPs as well? When I received my initial offer from HR I asked if there was any room for negotiation and was told no because it was based on a scale for my clinical background.
  3. Hello all, I am applying to PA school this cycle and I'm trying to decide how to best optimize my application. I have around 1800 hrs of clinical experience currently (medical scribe) and around 100 hrs of medical related volunteering (hospice). I was originally planning on sending in my application this month after finishing my last pre-req courses. I've already written all my short answer questions for the school specific supplemental apps and they are all written based on the experience I currently have. However, now I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm going to be starting a new position soon as a medical scribe/MA with another physician in a different specialty. This position will be more hands on and the patient care will be more involved. My question is this: Should I go ahead with submitting my application this month, and add the new experience later (they let you add additional experiences after submitting). Or should I wait to submit until September and include the new experience as a part of the original application. If I choose the second option, I will probably need to re-write all of my carefully constructed free response answers to incorporate this experience. Does this matter at all? Is one option better than the other? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone seen a preference of whether you receive your clinical experience from a private practice or a hospital setting?
  5. Hi, Through my experience of my week stay at a hospital (due to Lung Collapse, lung hemorrage, and now dealing with anemia) and my interactions and talks with nurses, PAs, medical technicians, etc. I wish to go into PA (physician assistant). However i am confused of the application process into becoming a Physician Assistant. I know it requires at least 2000 hours of Clinical Experience and one way to do that is to become a Radiologist Technician. But I am confused of this process as I have spoken to the Radiologist Technicians there and they only have a AS degree (in Radiological Sciences) I already have my AS degree in Biology and will be having my BS degree next year (Biology). Is there any programs I must take to become one? I find it rather strange that I would be graduating from a 4 year university only to take another 2 years to earn a degree in Radiology just to be a temporary Radiology Technician. Is there some way where I can undergo training right away since I am a pre-Med Biology major? I don't want to lose another 2 years to study for something that I couldve done (AS degree) just to work until 3000 hours and go for 2 more years into PA. This is what I think it seems the pathway to be (based off my life): AS (Bio- 2 years) --> BS (Bio- 3 years) --> AS (Radiology - 2 years) --> Clinical experience/work (3000hr/ 1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work as PA, done with school Normally it should be graduate with BS (4 years) --> Clinical Experience/work (1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work and done with school. Thank you
  6. So I have a question, I have worked in medical for 11 years now, but only as clerical support. I've checked in, registered, and helped patients with their visits at their time of arrival. Departments range from ER, Day Surgery, Outpatient Radiology, Pain and Spine, Physical Therapy, Wound Care Center, Labor and Delivery, Inpatient Admission, GI Lab, and even a Pediatricians office. Only problem is they are not considered Clinical experience. I have shadowed PA's already and plan on doing extensive volunteer work, but as far as volunteer work goes I'm limited with patient care see it as I don't have a certification. I've looked at schools that don't "require" clinical experience, but do you think that the chances are pretty fair to get in to PA school without having that "clinical" patient contact, rather than just clerical. Thanks for all the feedback!
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if the ranking of the PA school you go to matters. US News has a ranking of PA schools - does anyone know whether this ranking system is a true reflection of the quality of education of the schools? Or of the quality of job offers you'd get after graduation? Thank you!
  8. Are there any other ways I can gain hands-on clinical experience without prior certification? Thank you in advance for your input!
  9. Hello, My name is Matthew Peterson and I am looking for some shadowing hours in the Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee WI area. Thank you! mtthwpeterson30@yahoo.com
  10. I'm having difficulties getting "direct patient" contact hours. I have tons of volunteer experiences and opportunities, but many schools only count clinical experience hours for hours which you get paid. I recently was hired as a caregiver for a Home Health Aide company. I am also CNA certified, but for this job it was not a requirement. Through this position I assist seniors with personal cares, transfers, ambulation, etc. much of the same things a CNA would do in a nursing home. Also depending on the client I also provide companionship and make meals. Would you consider this position as clinical "direct patient" experience? Thanks!
  11. I just graduated from UC Davis and wanted to take a year off to get my health care experience but it's starting to seem like it will take forever to get training and then a job and fulfill my hours before applying. I'm trying not to get discouraged but I feel like I learned so much in undergrad and now I'm in slow mo waiting to move on to grad school with this whole hour requirement. But I REALLY want to be a PA so I'd like to get going on my hours - I just don't know what program I should choose (EMT, MA etc.) Any advice??
  12. Hello! As far as clinical experience goes, I know many schools don't require clinical experience but it is highly recommended. I am planning on getting a certification this summer to start logging hours. Does anyone have any advice on which would be best between an EMT, CNA, and Phlebotomist? Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I am new here. I am 28 years old and moving to Chicago area in the fall. I am in the middle of changing my career. I have a bachelors degree in aeronautical engineering with a GPA of 3.84 and a masters degree in math education with a GPA of 3.88. I taught middle school/high school math (pre-algebra to pre-calculus) for three years, but I want to give PA schools a shot now and I think I would really enjoy it because working in the medical field is what I have always wanted. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I have read some review books (Princeton Review, Kaplan...) and found it fairly easy. So I am not worried about it at this moment. The community college in the area has a decent program for pre-med and pre-PA students. All the pre-reqs will be covered upon the completion of the program. The only concern I have is the clinical experience which I don't have any. I am wondering, as a non-traditional student, how I can get this experience, even if it's all volunteering work. I know the community colleges have excellent career counselors. Will they help me with this? I am planning on having certain amount of clinical experience hours while I finish the pre-reqs. I know there are a lot of pre-PA/PA students as well as professional PAs here in this forum. I would really like to hear from all of you. Thank you in advance!
  14. Hello, I am a pre-professional student at UCF, finishing up science pre-requisites before applying to PA school. (I have my bachelors in business.) I'm looking for a PA or two to shadow in the Orlando or south Florida/PSL area. My areas of interest are rather broad so I am open to all fields at the moment. I'm going through the process of becoming a volunteer at Florida Hospital and have an interview next week, though I'm not sure if I will have any patient care opportunities (depends on what openings they have). Without getting a license as a CNA or Med Assistant, I'm also open to suggestions on gaining clinical experience. Please message me if you have any suggestions. Thank you!
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