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Found 6 results

  1. Hello so first off, I'm a senior in high school interested in the health field, and looking mainly at the physician assistant profession. Currently, I don't seem to have the drive to go through 4 years of med school + and many more years of residency. I would also hate to pay off all the debt as well. I want to finish school early, less debt, start a family, and then possibly start a business. However, I heard that PA's have a hard time starting their own clinic and they must have a MD with them all times, is that true? The main reason to start my own clinic is because I want to be a little more independent from a MD, and I like business also. Which states allow me to practice independently? I'm from New York. Now how will I make money? Will I have to pay the doctor more money than me, if my business becomes successful?
  2. Hi, I was curious if anyone knew specific rules or regulations regarding a PA owning their own clinic in New York; or what website has this detailed information? If anyone has gone through this as well, that would be great. I know PA owned cosmetic medi-spa's; but not so much medical clinics offering cosmetics. Thanks
  3. If you love your work but don't love the system that surrounds it, I'd like to hear from you. I'll be starting in primary care after about 6 years in Urgent Care, and several times I've heard from patients that my non-scheduled, walk-in, takes-as-long-as-it-takes kind of visit is far superior to what they sometimes experience in the day clinic. I recently had a patient hug me, just because I "listened." I know the people working in our primary care clinic are smart and caring people, so it's not that. I've also had a glance at their schedules and sometimes... yuck. Just no. So I'm sure the 15-minute visit, and all the reasons why that supposedly needs to be a thing, are a big part of what's wrong. But beyond that, surely there must be more that's out of whack. So: if you had the ability to impose one or two new rules as the administrator of a primary care group, or if you were setting out to start your own model of how clinic should be done (and money would work itself out somehow, guaranteed, for at least a year), what would you decree? How would you make life easier and better for patients and providers with one fell swoop?
  4. Would like to know how outpatient clinic PAs are being compensated. Salaried, hourly or paid small fee per patient plus low hourly rate? The last form of payment appears to be popular with employers, would like to know if anyone is doing this and what is the consensus on this practice. Forgot to mention that with the pay per patient, all PA's are paid the same regardless of experience. Compensation is dependent of clinic visits, so your income will vary from day to day. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Hey everyone! I was looking through the list of equipment we need and I was wondering if you could shed light on how much you use it/how necessary it is to get the super expensive oto/optha scope combo kits? Many of my mentors have told me not to buy anything but a stethoscope until I get to school, but I do not want to be the person coming to class unprepared! Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Hi :) My name is Rosemary Ajnassian, I am currently pursuing a career as a PA in California. I was wondering where the majority of jobs are available for PA's? In what kind of environment do they work most? I also understand that PA's can own their own clinic but they need to be supervised by a Physician. How does that work? Looking forward to your responses...Thank you for your time :)
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