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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome, To those already accepted, and those yet to come, congratulations to the class of 2017! While I am both thankful and excited for the upcoming year, I have a few questions. I thought that starting a new thread to address these would be useful. So feel free to introduce yourselves here, post any questions, and answer any you may know. I will try to update the questions at the front of this thread as they come. Again, congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to meeting you all, Michael QUESTIONS: UPDATED 4/23/14 Who are you? Where is everyone from? mescay (Michael): San Jose, California deeg (Lisa): Kansas Martha Rea: Whitier, California d221 (Diana): Torrance, California mayra86: Lawndale, California WCKAO (Wendy): San Jose, CA yelenagim: ? I'm having trouble with logging onto the website to pay my deposit and confirm my acceptance. Anybody with similar issues or solutions? Per Naisha Bible, email Steven Davis at Steven.Davis@tu.edu. He has already helped a few of us with login issues. Per Steven "For those of you facing an immediate deadline, please do not be concerned; your deadline will be extended to allow for our technical difficulties." Anyboyd know when the first day of orientation is? First day of class? Upcoming class schedule? Thanks for answering this Deeg "After you receive confirmation of paying your acceptance deposit you should get an email with a link to TUC’s New Student website with all of the requirements and information. The orientation date says TBD but I looked on several different calendars and it looks like it should be August 4th and classes starting the third week of August." Any idea on background checks? When do they have to be done? How do we complete them? My friend who's starting with Stanford had to complete her's relatively soon after her acceptance was confirmed. Thanks again to Deeg. The school, at some point, will require and pay for a background check. The background check letter contained in the acceptance letter is simply to inform applicants that clinical rotation sites may require a background check beforehand. Not to go off topic here, but I might as well provide more insight into this just in case anybody is curious -or has a friend who is curious- on the matter. Regardless of your clinical rotation sites, applying for a state PA license will require you to have a background check.Those with any criminal records (whether felony or misdemeanor) will automatically be asked for a review to determine granting of a license. Criminal findings do not necessarily prohibit you from obtaining your license, but depending on the nature of the crime, its recency, whether it was expunged, and whether it was a felony or misdemeanor all impact the certifying boards decision. Specific information on the licensing procedure can be found here: http://www.pac.ca.gov/ Any ideas of cheap/safe places to live within the area? Thanks to Deeg: If you look at the Good Places to Live Between Touro and San Francisco thread on the Touro forum a lot of people have recommendations. Thanks to Martha Rea for this: "I have heard that Benicia is a relatively better place to stay than in Vallejo or on the island." / "I emailed Irene.Favreau@tu.edu she gave me a list of the rent companies out there and recommended some surrounding area of Vallejo and cities that are safe and that other students have enjoyed. I'm looking into American Canyon or Benicia. I am coming from Pico Rivera." Does anybody have information about the "on-island" housing? Cost, layout? Thanks to Deeg: http://www.tustudent...ousing/rentals/ Anybody have the link to the facebook page for the class of 2017? Thanks to Deeg and yelenagim: https://m.facebook.com/groups/511167268997833?ref=bookmark What is the medical checklist needed before entering the program? Get them done soon! Specifics should be laid out in the information you received in your interview folder. Thanks to Yelena for her input on this: "I needed boosters for varicella and you need two sets of titers, takes about 2 months." What scholarships are available? The interview packet has a lot of information on this as well as financial aid. Two scholarships I have researched on are the NHSC (National Health Service Corps) and the AirForce's HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program). Both programs claim to cover tuition, associated costs, and a monthly stipend between $1500 and $2100 in exchange for service. NHSC requires one year of work as a PA in a medically underserved area for each year they cover you. HPSP requires a minimum three years of work as an AirForce PA, regardless of program length. I actually spoke with an AirForce Major (Nathaniel) about the HPSP. Due to Touro’s dual degree program, he is not sure if we quality for this scholarship. I informed him that classes for our PA and Public Health are part of the same program, but separate from each other. As such, the cost for just the PA or PH classes can be readily identified. Nathaniel will get back to me on this matter, but sated that if a Touro applicant was offered the HPSP, it would cover tuition and associated costs for only one program (either PA or PH). I will update here once I hear back from him. Even partial assistant would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Technically I'm not even a PA student anymore I got removed from the program until I can work out my situation. I have citizenship, no permanent residency, my mother and father's working visa's have expired and they do not have a job at the moment but i have money saved to attend school. I took the program for 3 years and completed 3 of the 5 years but I could not participate at hospitals because I didnt have the proper papers. I'm from new york, does anybody here know anyone in class or anyone in the hospital who is in my situation and is working somehow or at least able finish their rotations and courses to graduate. I'm dieing to return to school because this is my dream.. I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks. As of right now im the same status as someone who just crossed the border. Please if you guys can help me let me know :sweat: I'm in fear of having to leave the country because im standing still right now, im not moving forward or backwards and i cant stand it. EDIT: I am not a permanent resident either so I don't qualify for certain forms.
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