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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I was recently accepted into a program that I didn't think I would be too fond of, but I ended up falling in love with the program! I am interviewing at my original top choice on the 13th, and I have been having a hard time deciding what school I would choose if I were to get in to this other program as well. I would love to hear what current students think. School A (the one I have already been accepted to) is a 1 hour commute, ( I can't afford to move or get an apartment, I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend who pays the mortgage). This is the biggest downside to this school. I do
  2. Hello! I feel blessed to be coming to you guys with such a problem, but it's been weighing on me and need advice from current PA-S's and PA-C's. I have been accepted to two schools: School A which is 20 minutes away from my current living space and School B which is closer to my parents, but still about an hour away. Schools A and B seem pretty comparable in terms of curriculum, program length (A: 27 mo versus B: 25 mo), PANCE pass rates (A: 97 versus B: 99), tuition (a difference of 3K), and employment rates after graduation. The main differences that I see are that school B is associate
  3. Thought I would share this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO6XEQIsCoM) here since I've seen lately an affluent number of students unable to make the choice between PA and MD and expect someone else to tell them what to do. Though we are here to help, to guide, and to clarify ultimately the choice is yours. I'm a PA student and I could not have been much happier with my choice. Having a lot of choices is indeed paralyzing but if you know what you prioritize in life the choice will be easier. What do you guys think?
  4. . . . Hello, I am a little reluctant to post this question because I find it to be a weak point, but it is necessary because I need help and opinions. I was a nursing student (BSN), got accepted with 3.6 overall gpa. Long story short, during my last semester I was dismissed with a 2.9 gpa due to failed clinical attendance and notification-- abandonment. Not an excuse but found out my now ex cheated on me. I do regret the past, felt immature about it, and ungrateful to the opportunities presented to me. I was encouraged to enter nursing, never my choice. There was no passion, no mot
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