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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! So I have been accepted for a program and start this Fall. I am engaged and we had always planned on having the wedding after I graduate, so we aren't trying to plan a wedding between school. My question is regarding how easy it is to change the name on my license after I take the PANCE. Would it be easier to go ahead and sign a marriage license and just have the ceremony in a couple of years? Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Received my B.A. in Psych back in 2010. I have always been interested in the health field and after being denied entrance to the Athletic Training program my freshman year, I changed major's and pursued something that I could use towards "any" career. My mother has always tried to push me toward a Nursing/PA degree but being as young as I was at the time, I thought my career path was better and lets just say, I wish I had listened to her. Here I am, 5 years later, as an admin, and I want a major career change and I want to pursue something I have always wanted but I need help as to how to get there. I already have a Bachelors degree but was not a focused student (my GPA is pretty ugly). How can I change my career/life around and become a PA without having to start all over and get yet another bachelors degree? I want real, honest answers as to how to approach this. Retake my pre-reqs to get the desired grades necessary to enter the program? Get an associates in Nursing or a Certified Medical assistant so I can get the on-hands patient care? Looking for how others approached this situation. I appreciate all of your help!
  3. I’ve spoken to many different PA students and have heard similar stories; about half of their classmates can’t handle the load because they have never had a REAL college course. They took their biochem and o chem classes from community/state colleges and their genetics course was an easy A. Here is a scenario that happens way too often and I’m wondering what admissions does to justify decisions. Bill is a genius and was offered a full ride to the University of his choice. He choose a difficult Ivy league school and graduated with a 2.9. While Scott struggled to graduate high school and was only able to attend a community college. He graduated with a 4.0 but never had to stay up past midnight studying for and exam nor had to write a lengthy paper of any kind. They apply to the same PA schools, and even though Bill has a stronger application in every other area, he isn’t offered an interview because the screening tool denies his application. Scott is offered interviews at a few schools and is accepted after “googleing” ‘how to interview’. What needs to change?
  4. Hi! First time poster here. I want to start off by saying that I got accepted into PA school and am extremely excited for the opportunity, it truely is a dream come true! I have been doing a lot of research into the future of the profession and I would like to hear your thoughts about where you see the profession heading. 1. Do you believe that within the next 10 or 20 years specialty certification will be required for all specialties and employment opportunities? If so do you think it would be a positive change? 2. All you read about nowdays is that PAs are needed more than ever with projected growth into the future...but what happens when the baby boomer generation passes away? What happens when all of the new PA schools that have been pumping out thousands of new graduates reach a point where there isn't a great need anymore? Will this day come of complete saturation, if so how long? 3. NPs have moved into doctoral degrees and seem to be trying to set themselves up as a superior choice to a PA, do you believe that they pose any danger to the future of the profession? Will PA Masters programs transition into PhD programs? Thanks in advance for your answers! I chose to be a PA because of the flexibility, stability, opportunity to help others, and have never met a PA that wasn't happy...I just don't want that to change down the road!
  5. I recently started full time at an opiate addiction center(methadone clinic) as my first job out the gate. It was literally all I could find except a horrible offer for interventional cardiology 65k salary which reeked of trap to me. I applied for an ER position at one of the larger facilities in my region as kind of a joke, however, I have been called and interviewed and am now meeting the head doctor next Thursday. Its really kind of my dream job in that I will be working 3 hospitals one primarily trauma, one primarily medical, and a women and children hospital in their ERs. It would be a 7 dollar an hour pay cut but has much better benefits. The problem is I have only been at my job for a few weeks due to my diploma taking such a long time and this facility waited on me instead of hiring someone else. I am fighting the battle of be true to myself or true to my employer and I must say even though its a very rude move I am leaning towards the ER position if I get it. Thoughts?
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