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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I'm a relatively new member to this forum. This is my first time applying to PA school and I'm having mad anxiety. I'm a first generation graduate from UGA with a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology earlier this year. I took really rigorous science courses which I did relatively well on (mostly As and Bs). However, I did have one bad semester with a D in Organic Chem 2 and c+ in genetics. I did address this in my personal statement. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my classes being locked in certain semester I did not retake ochem 2 or genetics ( nor did I want to tbh). I did make an A- in lab though. Prior to this, I initially got a C+ in Ochem 1 and retook that to receive an A. My cumulative GPA is 3.44 while the overall science GPA is 3.25 GRE 305 with 3.5 on the writing portion. I have over 3000 hours of PCE from working part time during my undergrad career as a CNA, home health aid, patient care tech and recently MA. I've shadowed 3 PAs for around 100 hours. I had volunteered a few different facility but the hours aren't too impressive. I have held multiple leadership roles within my sorority and was really involved on campus as an undergrad. I think I'm going to retake my GRE in September. I'm currently trying to enroll in a community college for a postbach to fulfill a medical terminology prerequisite for some schools. Is there any advice on improving my stats? Also, I heard that for half of the hours for the MA position should be inputted in as HCE instead of PCE. Is that true or will each program consider it differently?
  2. cgpa= 3.57 sgpa= 3.46 BS major: bio minor: chem patient care hours 1300 as a MA shadowing hours: primary care adults & pets + PA= 150 other healthcare experience: medical receptionist, pharmacy tech, exec't assistant at a medical center my list: Rutgers, NYITCOM, and Mercy so what do you think? Thank you in Advance!!!
  3. I'm a first time applicant and have had next to zero guidance about the application process, so any insight would be helpful! I'm applying in the next cycle and plan to be ready to submit in May. Stats: Cumulative GPA: 3.66 Science GPA: 3.56 Undergrad School: University of Southern California, 2015 Undergrad Major: Health & Humanity (basically premed & psych) Taking GRE on Saturday but should be about V 160, Q 160, W 4.5/5 HCE: FT Clinical Research Asst @ Northwestern since May 2015 - 960 patient hrs, 960 research? Nurse's aide (basically) for 6 months (took vitals, changed pts, etc) - 104 hrs 2 summers research @ Stanford - 200 research, 200 patient hrs, 40 shadowing (a MD) Service trip to Guatemala (took vitals, provided meds, triaged) - 80 patient hrs Hospice volunteering - 40 patient hrs Psych research - 96 research ED research - 64 shadowing (a MD) - can't count research hours bc this was for credit? Shadowing - 3 PA's - 25 hrs Lots of other non-health care work experience I think that's 1406 patient hours. On the lower side, I know, but I'm also only 23. Letters of Rec: - Current boss at Northwestern (MD who writes beautiful letters) - Anatomy professor (MD) - Probably one of the PA's I've shadowed [long] list of schools: Duke, GW, UColorado, Wake Forest, Drexel, Midwestern (AZ & IL), Rosalind Franklin, USC, Yale, Northwestern, ATSU, Pacific U, Nova Southeastern (Ft Lauderdale), Rush, Touro (CA), Samuel Merritt, Tufts Obviously some of those are reaches but why not? I've taken Micro online @ UNE, currently taking Physio & will take Biochem over the summer (all online). It's pretty obvious from my transcript that I was premed (and took the MCAT), but I know I need to be clear PA isn't my "second choice" on my application (which it really isn't). Thank you in advance!!
  4. So out of the 14 programs I have applied to I have gotten 8 rejections, one of them being after I was interviewed. I realize that its probably not going to turn out that much better with the remaining programs. So I was wondering what could be improved in my application, here are my stats 3.3 GPA 3.3 Science (took many of the recommended courses such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, developmental Psyc, Abnormal psyc, ect) Unofficial GRE: 160V 164 Q 3000 hrs Home Heath Aide (most programs consider this as patient experience) 68 hrs ER Scribe 200 hrs ER Volunteer 20+hrs Shadowing (Intensive Radiology, Emergency, OR, pediatrics, ICU, Neurology) Graduated recently with a BS in Chemistry with Biochem Concentration. I know I definitely could improve my GPA. I also submitted my application at the end of August, so I probably want to apply as early as I can in the next cycle. What else would you guys recommend? Are community college courses really looked down on?
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first time in the forums. I would really like to gain a feeling if I am on the right track towards applying for my top choice PA programs. I am currently a senior and I plan on taking a gap year to hopefully gain more HCE and shadowing opportunities. I will have 1000 hrs working as a CNA by the time I graduate, but I still want to take a gap year to mature myself in the healthcare field. I plan on taking the GRE most likely after graduating. I want to give myself a lot of time to prepare for it and to hopefully take it once with a stellar score. Below are some information I anticipate including in my applications by time I apply. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions in how to strengthen myself as an applicant. Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.S. Biology and Minor in Chemistry cGPA: 3.66 sGPA: 3.56 Most recent 60 credit hours cGPA: 3.97 (anticipated; I had a huge jump in GPA during my last two years of college) Age: 23 (by the time I apply) GRE: Not completed (but hopefully I'll earn a high score with a lot of preparation) Healthcare Experience: ~2800 hrs as a CNA (anticipated by the time I apply) Shadowing: I plan to do about 50 hrs (suggestions?) Research Experience: 2.5 yrs of research working with plants and their interactions with various soil microbes (Not sure if this really helps) Volunteer Experience: 200 hours Hospital volunteer at high school (not sure to whether I should include this??) 200 hours Hospital volunteer during college 500 hours volunteering at a soup kitchen (anticipated by the time I apply) various one-time commitment volunteer opportunities that organizations I am affiliated with have done together Common Prerequisite Course Grades: Gen Chem I: A Gen CHem II: B- (lab: B+) Orgo 1: B+ Orgo 2: B (lab: A) Biochemistry (with lab): A Microbiology (with lab): A- Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab): A Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab): A Statistics: A General Psychology: A Genetics: C (Taken freshmen year. I've taken a higher level genetics course and got an A on it. I'm not sure how much that would help) Medical Terminology: A (Anticipated) Programs I plan on applying to: Duke Yale Cornell UNC Campbell Wake Forest UC Davis Boston University Tufts I know I included a good number of top programs, but I still want to try and work hard to see if I can make it. I will probably add a few more that are closer to my reach.
  6. Hi, I am looking forward to apply to the 2014 (starts) program and am wondering what my chances are. I am 25 yrs old speak 3 languages fluently 9 yrs of experience as an MA ( back office). i currently work at a community clinic, and a physician's office. I have a BA degree in Sociology Lots of community services Vice President of APSA shadowed a NP and a PA for 2 yrs science GPA = 3.0 overall GPA= 3.0 A-Psych A-engwr 300 B-anatomy B-physiology B-microbio B-Stats C-Soc C-Chem
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