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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there, I (27y/o) am making a career change from business to become a PA. I'm currently looking at possible positions for PCE. The only thing is that I'm currently making good money and I know I'll need to take a pay cut from where I'm at for these PCE jobs but I still need to be able to pay my bills. I can't quit my job to devote time to getting a cert that will take 1-2 years as I'm single and provide for myself. What kind of PCE jobs are out there that don't require a lot of time to get certified or require no certification at all that will pay well? Thanks in advanced.
  2. On the licenses and certifications section, CASPA acts for the issuing organization. I am not sure what would be the issuing organization for my CNA certification - would it be the school I attended for my certification or my state's department of health professions which lists online my license number...?
  3. I'll spare the forum my life story and cut right to the chase: Which patient care experience would allow an applicant to be more competitive: EMT-B or CNA/STNA? Or, does it not make a significant difference either way? I'm currently in the process of deciding which direction to go and am looking for some advice! CNA/STNA classes seem to be more affordable and easier to obtain, but most of the available positions are in LTAC facilities. Obtaining an EMT-B certification is more expensive, but it could lead toward higher acuity experience in a hospital setting. I'm having an open mind to either option but am curious if PA schools seem to value on certification over the other. (I'm not as concerned with salary of the position but rather what is going to make me the most competitive applicant). Thank you in advanced for insights and feedback!
  4. Hi! When inputing licenses into CASPA, it asks for the "issue date". I was wondering if I should put the date I first received the certification, or the date that I renewed my certification. I became a CNA in Oct. 2016, however I renewed my license in May of 2017, so technically the new issue date would be May I think. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I want to get CNA certified this spring to get my PCE. There are a couple companies near me that offer 75 hr - 120 hr courses which take about 3-4 weeks. There are also some companies that offer 3-4 day classes as well as weekend courses that help prep you for the exam. Do employers prefer you to have taken a course? Or can you just sit down and challenge the exam (at the very least) and still get employed somewhere? Thanks!
  6. I am selling my hippo account! The videos were very helpful in preparing me for my pance. There are numerous areas that the lecturers cleared up for me and taught me new ways to remember things. Their diagrams, print out slides, mnemonics, and pictures are extremely helpful as well. I felt that this really prepared me the best out of the study tools I used. Message me if you are interested in purchasing. This account does not expire until April 2018
  7. I am selling my hippo account! The videos were very helpful in preparing me for my pance. There are numerous areas that the lecturers cleared up for me and taught me new ways to remember things. Their diagrams, print out slides, mnemonics, and pictures are extremely helpful as well. I felt that this really prepared me the best out of the study tools I used. Message me if you are interested in purchasing. This account does not expire until April 2018
  8. I have some books that could provide good use to a student either in their didactic or clinical year. Blueprints Series: Pediatric Medicine OB/GYN Emergency Medicine (2) Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics 5th Ed Obstetrics and Gynecology 5th Ed by Beckman, Ling, et all Essential Guide to Primary Care Procedures Physician Assistant - A Guide to Clinical Practices Color Atlas of Anatomy Step up to Surgery Clinical Psychiatry DSM-IV And a few others. All are in great shape, with the exception of a couple covers. I'd be willing to sell these for an extremely reasonable price. Just message me and let me know. Located in Baltimore, MD. Thanks!
  9. I saw there was a newer version of the book that I used to take my PANCE a few years ago and I LOVED that book. I thought I'd share for anyone who is studying for the PANCE/PANRE as it helped me a ton. I used this along with some practice tests to get me ready and it worked well. Plus the book is much cheaper than the big week long review courses you can take! Obviously everyone has different methods of studying, but this is a good resource: A Comprehensive Review For the Certification and Recertification Examinations For Physician Assistants by Claire Babcock O'Connell It follows the NCCPA blueprint and is backed by the AAPA and PAEA. Good luck everyone!
  10. Hi, I'm selling the Emory PANCE/PANRE review DVD set. I used the lectures and materials on the disc to study for PANCE (I just found out I passed). Very helpful. Asking $200 or best offer - just message me if you're interested. Good luck to all those studying for PANCE/PANRE right now!
  11. Hello, I've been tutoring PA students now for 3 years. I have also been tutoring PA grads trying to pass the PANCE and the PANRE. For those students who have taken the PANCE and been unsuccessful, we find what area they were weak in, and begin with review of subject material and then on to test bank questions. For students about to take it for the first time, we pinpoint areas that they are weaker in by reviewing grades from their schools. I also look at the schools themselves, as some schools have weaker clinical rotations than others. I also tutor students still In PA school. As far as fees, I have somewhat of a sliding scale in that I first talk to the student on the phone to find what that person's financial situations are. I am a retired M.D., having practiced ER Trauma in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and have taught at Med Schools , undergraduate schools, for 23 years. and am not doing this for money as much as the enjoyment teaching brings me. At Present I have 3 students from around the country. I use joinme.com on the internet. I have time for 1 more student. I live in the Boston/South Florida areas and you may call me to inquire if you wish. 617-816-8467 or email nowjohn2003@yahoo.com Feel free to visit my website at www.pancetutor.com Best Wishes, John
  12. hey everybody I am an undergraduate student with a lot up upper division math, science and bio on the transcript, no bachelor degree. I had heard that you can get a job as a working PA with a Bachelors Degree in PA, a certificate and a passing PANCE score. Is this restricted to specific states or is it not applicable at all? if not then would it be better to earn a Bachelor's Degree in biology somewhere then continue to a school with a Masters in PA or to start out all over again at some of these combined, accepting "fresh out of high school student" schools? I have heard that the combined programs are not as comprehensive and lack some foundation. any input is appreciated!! THANKS
  13. I'm majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and the internship opportunities I am presented with deal mostly with children with hearing disabilities (obviously) and Autism. I'm pretty sure this is not the medical experience PA schools consider competitive... Any advice on how to obtain true MEDICAL EXPERIENCE? In a hospital? With patients? Would it be wise to pursue an EKG/EEG/CMA/CNA Technician Certification, and work part time? Would that even be possible to obtain concurrently with my undergrad major?
  14. Hello, I just found out I lost my NCCPA certification because I didn't log all of CME in time. I had 2hrs of Cat I CME to log, but forgot before the new year. I logged onto NCCPA and found out I lost my certification. I am beyond embarrassed and devastated I had to tell my employment and now they're not sure they will even let me work without it. I know in MI it's not required for my license, but it may be required for the hospital I work at. I filed an "exemption to policy" with the NCCPA, but they have 30 days to get back with me. If they decide not to overturn their decision I have to the PANRE to get re-certified and possibly before I can work again. I am absolutely sick to my stomach about this. Has this happened to anyone else? Any words of wisdom?
  15. I’m a stay at home mom PA-C and I want to beef up my resumenow; in preparation for future jobs. Please tell me which allied health jobsare in high demand right now? I want to complete an online program with Univ.of Phoenix and a get a certification in an allied health field but I do notknow which ones I should choose. Also,any recommendations for any other certifications that are in high demand rightnow? Thank you ahead a time for your thoughts.
  16. Hi All, I will be starting school this summer and am wondering if it's worthwhile to renew my national cert. My NJ state certification is good for another 5 years, but my NREMT will run out next month. I have already completed what I would need to renew so part of me feels like, why not just do it. But I don't know if it will be useful when I start school, especially since I will be attending school in NJ (and would be covered by the state cert). I appreciate any insight you can provide. Thanks!
  17. Hi every one, I live in USA planning to study to go to PA school in Canada. My question is after I complete my education can I take certification exam in USA and practice as PA? I am not able to get correct information any where.....Please help. Thanks
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