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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I would really appreciate if I can receive advice. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.045 right now this is prior to my spring semester grades being placed in and I project my GPA to raise but I guess not much since I will mostly have A's and B's. I am also graduating in December so I have one more semester. What makes me nervous is that Yale requires prereq's that I don't have yet (Micro, A&P I AND II, and Biochem) but I have the statistics portion. Luckily, Yale doesn't require any labs for the prereq's. Yale's minimum GPA req is a 2.8 however
  2. I am feeling unsure as to whether or not I will get into PA school. I have a bachelor's degree in Public Health Science. My cumulative gpa is a 3.92 and my science gpa is a 3.8 with 61 science course credits. I have 1,000 hours of patient contact currently from working as a physical therapy aide during undergrad. I am taking a gap year and working 36 hours per week as a medical assistant and also taking weekend shifts as a physical therapy aid to reach approximately 3,000 hours when I apply next year. I also have about 200 hours of other related experience through working as a medical receptio
  3. I was wondering which GPA schools use during the admissions process. Undergrad, my CASPA calculated cumulative is 2.21 (i know, i know...) im currently in a masters in biology for health professions program and after two semesters my GPA is 3.42. using the CASPA GPA calculator spreadsheet, my cumulative with undergrad and grad is 2.4. which means i have to pick the correct schools in terms of GPA requirements etc. My question is will schools use only the CASPA cGPA to see if you meet the GPA requirement listed for their program? Do they look at sGPA moreso than cGPA? Do they take into acc
  4. Hey guys, I'm not planning on applying for a while as I am making sure I have my ducks in order. One question I can't seem to find an answer on CASPA's GPA FAQ is regarding research. At my school (Humboldt State University), all biology majors are required to take at least a semester of research as a letter grade. Throughout my major, I have accumulated 9-semester units as a letter grade [27 units total towards research] of research that being undergraduate research in chemistry and biology as well as a year internship at UCSF. These 9 units are a letter grade and on my transcript as
  5. I am very confused by the tremendous breakdown of GPAs by CASPA. I am kinda stunned by their calculation and what's on my transcript. Baccalaureate Post-Baccalaureate Cumulative Undergraduate Graduate Overall Baccalaureate Science Post-Baccalaureate Science Cumulative Undergraduate Science Graduate Science Overall Science Baccalaureate Non-Science Post-Baccalaureate Non-Science Cumulative Undergraduate Non-Science Graduate Non-Science Overall Non-Science Okay, what do schools look at exactly when people talk about schools looking at cumulative GPA,
  6. Hi everybody, I have a few issues regarding my GPA and lack of HCE. First, I am 31 years old now and deciding that I want to finally pursue a medicine degree in the form of a physician assistant. My first run at college out of high school back in 2003 was less than stellar. I was young and very undecided in exactly what I wanted to do, although I have always loved medicine. So that being said I ended up dropping out in my spring semester and instead of withdrawing I just left, thus a massive hole in my GPA started. I now have a 1.26 GPA from my first college and a 2.63 from my second college w
  7. Hi everyone, I could not find it in the forums, but how do PA schools look at pass/fail courses. There is this one course I would like to take as pass/fail during my last semester of my undergraduate career. I simply want to take it for interest without it affecting my GPA. It's not a requirement for any of the schools I am applying to. Should I avoid taking a class as Pass/Fail? How would this affect my caspa GPA? I noticed in their website that a pass would be considered a 3.0, but I read somewhere else in the caspa website that it does not affect the gpa. I am a little confused which one i
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