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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have been working in family med the past few months as a PA and am looking for opinions from switching from family med to hospitalists? what are opinions on switching jobs? Stress load of hospitalist position vs family med? thanks !!
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm 41 years old and venturing into a career change in medicine. I love science and taking care of people has been my calling for a while. Right now I'm in human resources but I've always been drawn to medicine and clinical side of it. After a lot of thinking and talking to people in the field, I've decided to start my pursuit. I have a master's degree with no science background. I have no healthcare/patient care experience. What would be your recommendation of where to start? I've signed up to take some prerequisites soon but trying to juggle current work and family and the career change is making me a bit anxious. Anyone in my situation? Would love some advice and direction. Thank you!
  3. Hi folks, this is my first time here and I'm in need of advice!! So I graduated from The George Washington University with a BS in Public Health (GPA something around 3.4). I enrolled in the MPH program at BU but due to significant mental health struggles I ended up doing quite poorly. I was originally full time, went down to part time, and then decided to withdraw; I completed the classes I was enrolled in and got 2 Bs and 2B-. After some soul-searching and getting back to myself I have decided I want to become a PA but I'm afraid having withdrawn from this MPH program is going to be a huge strike against me, what do you think? From my research; what I need to do to become a competitive candidate is 1. acquire ~1000 HCE hours 2. shadow PAs 3. complete my science prerequisites with a good GPA 4. volunteer in community healthcare settings 5. attain some sort of Spanish medical terminology proficiency being that I did my minor in Spanish. Does anyone know of some? My plan for attaining HCE hours is to take free CNA classes through a center that guarantees placement afterward. Regarding the prerequisites, I took 1 biology class during undergrad so I will need to take biology II, microbiology, chemistry I & II, A&P I & II, organic chemistry, and genetics. I need advice about which order to take them in and whether I should take them online, hybrid through a community college, or apply to a post bac. I want to get these done as soon as possible but I want to do well. I live in MA so there are many schools I can consider for taking these classes in person; for distance/online classes I am trying to decide between MGH IHP, UNE, and Doane U. Does anyone have advice about this? This is mostly where I am stuck at now; I'm just not sure which option to choose but I hope to begin prereqs this summer.
  4. I've been lurking for a bit, looking for people in similar situations, but finally I decided it would be easiest to just post my thoughts directly. I am currently in my second-to-last year in a PhD program in computational biology. My work is highly theoretical and I currently do not have any clinical experience whatsoever. So I am coming from a place where I know I have to pretty much start from scratch if I go the PA route, and am trying to gather as much information as possible before committing to anything. I am smart and a fast learner though. I have only told a few people about my thoughts, because I am worried they would not approve of such a drastic career change; maybe they would think my education at a prestigious tech school and then PhD program would have been for nothing. So I would welcome the thoughts, especially of current PA's, on how plausible it would be for me to break into the field. So here are my motivations: I have come to the realization that I do not enjoy research at all, and long for something more hands-on, and something that helps people more immediately. My thoughts keep coming back to medicine. However, I don't want to go to medical school because of the huge financial and time investment it entails. I am eager to join the workforce after so much school, so the relatively shorter school requirements for PA are appealing to me. Of course, I would have to spend some time gaining experience first to get into PA school in the first place, so either way it is a time commitment, and I understand that. That's why I want to be absolutely sure that this is the right path for me. Also, I like the idea of working under a physician, who could give me guidance and I wouldn't have to shoulder all the responsibility on my own. I really like the idea of lateral mobility that one of my PA friends told me they have. I really like the idea of working directly with patients, and the fact that I would not be just doing one thing all day long, and especially not having to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. So. Am I completely crazy for considering such a drastic career change and starting over? Are there things I can do to learn more about being a PA and whether I should go back to school after getting my PhD? Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!
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