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Found 4 results

  1. The title explains my dilemma. I have four LORs lined up and completed, the problem is that three of them are a combination of MD/PAs that I currently work with while the fourth is from a professor. The three at my work know me better than the professor and I have no doubt that they have written better LORs. However, if I use just those three wouldn't that hurt me in the eyes of PA programs since it is not a diverse selection of LORs? I'm having a hard time deciding if I should sacrifice a quality LOR for a more diverse one. Any input would be helpful!
  2. I'm looking to shadow a PA in Northeast Ohio that would be willing to also write me a recommendation afterwards. I'm feeling like I'm between a rock and a hard place because my CAPSA is verified, but I have been having the hardest time with this requirement. I applied to shadow through the local hospital and have not gotten a response and they don't allow you to reach out to the PAs personally. I know what a PA does, i've been seeing PAs since I was 15. This is just the technicality I need to complete. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. Did anyone else see that Stanford has now been moved to CAPSA? PCAPPRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATE PROGRAM Search This Site Only Stanford Medical Sites Admissions Application packets for classes beginning in June/July 2016 - deadline has been extended (tentatively October 1st - official deadline will be announced), due to the transition to CASPA. More details to come! Visit the Stanford PCAP website for updates/announcements. Please hold off on submitting documents until further notice. All applications received by the deadline are prescreened to determine that the clinical and academic prerequisites have been met. Complete applications are then reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Based on this review, selected applicants will be invited to a validation session. Final class selection is made after the validation session and follows the program's admission criteria posted on the web. Frequently, the most competitive applicants are those that have surpassed the minimum academic and clinical requirements. All applicants will receive a written notification of the result of their application. Confidentiality issues prohibit giving feedback by telephone.
  4. What are some classic do's and don'ts for your CASPA personal statement, or even your supplemental? I'm looking for a check off list. Do's: explain how the PA profession fits you one personal thing career satisfaction something current and your understanding for the need for PAs and changes in healthcare. Don'ts: start off with "every since I was five years old...." They've heard it before. Don't be melodramatic or write a hollywood movie script --but where is the balance betweeen being personal and melodramatic?
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