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Found 8 results

  1. Who in the subject how to lift minimal value Dao x-crypto - online stock exchange with $0.02 Daily bonus. attock, Pakistan
  2. Broad variety of possibilities expected for downturn is clarified by health crisis extraordinary existence and the confusion over exact economic effects. WTO economists conclude that the downturn is likely to surpass the trade recession caused by the 2008-09 global financial crisis Source: WTO Secretariat. Considering the trade evidence available for the second quarter, the gloomy scenario of the April outlook, which predicted much higher health and economic costs than what had happened, seems less plausible, because it suggested deeper falls in the first and second quarters. The World Bank, OECD and IMF have also issued projections suggesting substantial slowdowns in world trade and GDP; these are also largely in line with the WTO ‘s current year outlook. New prediction by the World Bank will see a 5.2 % decrease in global production 2020, slipping within the hopeful and negative spectrum of the WTO. The GDP predictions of many foreign bodies 2020 are highly pessimistic. While, their exchange estimates remain largely in line with positive scenario of the WTO. Such figures suggest less pessimistic trade reaction slowing growth in GDP than was experienced during the 2008‐09 global financial crisis. Sum up : World merchandise trade dropped between 13 and 32% in 2020 due to pandemic . Trade recovery projecting in 2021, but relies on the length of the epidemic and the success of the policy responses. Nearly all regions will witness double-digit decreases in trade volumes in 2020, with North America and Asian exports hit hardest. Trade will likely fall vertical in sectors with complex value chains, particularly electronics and automotive products. Services exchange may be most directly affected by COVID-19 by transport and travel restrictions. In 2019, amount of retail exchange dropped by 0.1 %, weighed down by international disputes and declining economic development. The dollar volume of exports of global goods dropped by 3 per cent to US$ 18.89 trillion. The volume of exports of financial services grew by 2% to 6,03 trillion USD in 2019.
  3. hello everyone, i hope you all are doing well, i want to go to PA school so bad, the only thing is i have a bachelor's degree in business marketing, i work in a seniors home, so i have a CNA license, also my bachelor's degree was not from the US, what would be a good starting point for me to become a PA, what program did you go into to become a PA, i heard there are some programs that needs a bachelor's degree regardless of the field of study, please any kind of information you can provide will help me, thanks
  4. I see a lot of discouraging posts about PA ownership on this site. I hope to dabble in business someday and I'm looking for some encouragement. How much experience did you accumulate before you decided to branch out on your own? What are some of the things that allowed you to succeed and stand out as a PA in private practice? Also how have you gotten past the poor reimbursement rates that the profession faces?
  5. In starting out with my house calls practice... i want to propose retaining my patients if i move on from the service contract with the DOC I'm in a service contract with...good idea? Is this a routine thing? House Calls still feels like the wild west ! What are the rules? So, I was about to send this to a potential service partner: "I have just left a contract that rendered me to having to say, “No, I cannot care for you any longer”. These patients are reporting to me now, that they are not being follow-up with and this makes me very uncomfortable. In preventing this from happening in the future, I want to be able to have my own service. With this service, I would carry the patients who choose to follow me and attach to whom my next Physician/partner will be. So, in going forward, I will need to be able to know that those patients whom I care for have “patient choice” to follow me if they so choose; if I ever leave our partnership." but felt i should run this past the experts...you guys who are already successful PAs in business! Thanks tons
  6. Hello! I am looking into starting a House Calls Service - I would like to be an independent contractor to extend the services of existing private internal/geriatric medicine practices and see only their medicare home-bound patients. I currently have been working 3 years as a House Calls PA seeing only Medicare pts. But recently our very cool private practice was sold to a large company and i was forced to go W2 and the whole place is a corporate mess. I want to return to my 1099 status which works out very well for me. I am in love with what i do! I fervently believe this is the future of health care and the right thing to do. Just getting started in discovering its feasibility/ in the R&D phase. Have a lot of info from attending the recent AAHCM conference but still much, much more to do... Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hello there. I am starting this thread to begin a discussion regarding PAs that work, not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but in other areas of business. I currently work as a Neurology PA in a small private practice in Denver and have been doing so for about 3 years. I love what I do, but I can't help but feel limited in my ability to work TOWARDS something bigger and better. I am not saying that I am not happy where I am, but am curious at what others have done, potentially on the side, to help with ancillary income or to help grow themselves as professionals in a variety of different way. This topic came to light recently when I was talking to a Medical Science Liaison for a large and well-respected pharmaceutical company. She had recently been promoted within her company, and asked me if I would ever be interested in such a career. She had a background in medicine but seemed VERY happy with her choice. Further research did show me that there was a much higher pay rate (though this is not my ONLY motivation) as well as offering a chance to work your way up in a large company. I feel like I have untapped resources at my disposal (my ability to work as a team towards a goal; organization; leadership, etc...) that I am not fully utilizing. I'm curious as to what others think about branching out in this way. If you work part time as a PA (or have stopped clinical practice all together) what are you doing with your degree and experience in medicine. I am someone that likes to work towards something at any given time. I know I still have a lot to learn in medicine, but I also want to expand my horizons from a business standpoint as well. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your input. Jordan
  8. Hello, I am a business major (information systems) looking at a possible switch to PA. Here's a little background. I had the inkling that I wanted to be in the medical field after transferring to my university. It has actually always been in the back of my head but I pursued a degree in a hobby I enjoyed - computers. I was primarily focused on DO and/or Dental (did not shadow anyone at the time so wasn't sure). Being that both of those school require a bachelors degree, I found it faster and more economical to finish my business degree and then begin the path to getting into a medical/dental school (plus it was a solid degree to fall back on) Now that' I've graduated (working a very decent job, as well), I've found my work environment to be fairly dull. It's IT - can you imagine being around computers/servers/equipment all day and the only human contact you get is when a machine decides to randomly, and rarely, breakdown? I want to be around people. One of the things I LOVED LOVED LOVED about my past retail jobs was that I got to meet, speak to, and help people I hardly knew - and I felt good about it. I have considered DO and Dentistry but I am very attracted to the flexibility in specialization of PA's. For that reason, I am seriously considering pursuing the PA path instead of the DO/DMD/DDS path I was originally set on. I will admit, I need to shadow a PA to get more insight into the occupational nuances that come with the job, but from my searches online and youtube videos I've watched, it is something that seems to fit my personality and desired professional and personal lifestyle. My main question is this: Is my bachelor's degree in business something that could hurt my application? I understand that PA programs are typically geared towards professionals already working the the medical/health field? Also, I have no clinical experience. There are a few programs in CA that require no clinical hours. The ones that require them require between 2,000 and 4,000 hours. Does shadowing/volunteering count as clinical hours? How did any of you with no clinical experience obtain such high numbers of patient contact/clinical hours? Also, I am trying to get into a post-bacc program to fulfill the pre-requisite course requirements. It's going to cost me a tad over $20k w/out financial aid. Good move? I am doing it because if I get in, it will be faster than going a la carte at my community college (I have reached the max units my state has set that rescinds priority registration). I will never get into a science class at a CC; they fill up after day 1 of registration. Thank you for the help. I'm sure I will have more questions regarding PA and appreciate all of your patience.
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