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Found 6 results

  1. So last semester I used a simple excel spreadsheet as a budget mechanism, but it didn't help me keep track of my budget on the go, and it's not exactly the most time-savvy way to budget. I was wondering if anyone had any budget app suggestions to help me categorize my semester budget (ie food, rent, gym, etc.). I'm all about keeping those loans as low as possible. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have recently been accepted to WesternU and Midwestern University in Glendale, and I am torn. If anyone has advice on which school would provide a better education, please let me know! I've heard one of Western's teachers is pretty bad but I haven't heard anything about Midwestern. I know that US World News and Report has ranked Midwestern substantially higher, but I would appreciate more insight if anyone can help. Thanks!
  3. I walked out of the ED this morning having written my last paper chart (supposedly); our hospital goes live with EPIC today. I know a lot of folks are using this EMR in their ED's; does anyone have any tips on creating macros, smart phrases, etc? We've been told that setting up our own shortcuts like this will make things significantly more efficient; do any of you have any "must have" smart phrases that make your documentation life easier?
  4. Is anyone else interviewing Jan 9? Or if anybody has already interviewed, what is the process like? I attempted to call and ask, but I am awaiting their response. Any tips or tricks you've learned about such a new program? Thanks!
  5. How much do you save for PA school? How long did this take you? What was your original savings goal, and did you achieve it? I know folks talk about saving money, but with the numbers of pre-PA out there who are CNAs, etc, I'm wondering how much people are starting PA school with. I've managed to save 10k, but I am in the pre-reqs phase so I'm not sure how much of that will survive till graduation. Are people talking about going in with 20 or $30,000 in the bank, or a couple thousand? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I realize when I finish PA school I will be over 90k in debt to student loans. My question(s) for those of you in my boat are: 1) What factors did you take into consideration before taking out the loans & how much was it and/or how did it fraction out? (i.e. __ per month for tuition, ___ per month housing, __/week transportation, __/month groceries, etc) and how did you estimate the costs? are there any good online calculators? 2) who did you speak to, to try and figure out your finances (if anyone)? 3) if you are currently practicing as a PA, are you able to handle the
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