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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone, I work at a rural hospital in orthopedic surgery. I recently met with my employer’s director of clinical operations to discuss my productivity. In my second contract (signed this summer) it states that there will be a bonus of $25 for every wRVU over 2350. Last year as a new graduate I produced somewhere around 4300. During the meeting with the director I was given a statement of practice operations stating my current RVUs, charges, etc with the statement that the “fee modifying deduction” has not yet been added to the RVU total. He states that I will receive 25% of the surgeon’s RVUs for each billable surgery. That makes sense, however, they are wanting to give me 85% of my own clinic RVUs. Does anyone else have any experience with these kind of deductions in regards to their bonus payout? I know the conversion factor of $25 is already pretty low, so are they trying to avoid paying me with these deductions? There is nothing in my contract regarding these deductions. Thanks in advance.
  2. When it's all said and done, how much of the cash I'm bringing in should I expect to get back in wages, productivity, etc.? I'm seeing ~10 patients a day on average in family practice and my current wages/productivity represent about 1/3 of everything I bring in. The problem is that I still don't feel like I'm compensated very well. I really need to be seeing 15-20 peeps a day, I know, but how much more can I ask for in the mean time? 40% of what I bring in? 50%?
  3. hi everyone, I just accepted a new job offer for PA position which I am incredible excited about. My current job has very long and detailed contract (17 pages). A good portion of my salary is paid out in quarterly productivity bonuses, which ends up amounting to ~1/3 of my salary. I received the amount for my most recent productivity bonus (aug/sept/oct), with it cced to payroll stating it will go into my next paycheck (which is unfortunately not until Dec 1). The minimum notice I have to give my current job is 30 days. However, I was hoping to give more time (6 weeks) as I know they will probably need to hire another employee. I am unsure if I should give my notice before I actually receive my bonus in my paycheck. In my contract it states "Payments to the productivity structure will be made during the tenure of your employment with the P.C. No monies under the incentive structure will be due to you, from the day you leave the PC." I am assuming that means after I leave the practice I will not be eligible for the remaining funds. My last date of employment would not be until January 5th (which if needed I can extend as my start date is not until Jan 15). My gut is telling me to wait, but I unfortunately let my boss know I was hoping to speak with him. I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience with this as it is a substantial amount of money. Also, if anyone has any useful tips on giving notice it would be greatly appreciated. I have done it once before, however this time my nerves and anxiety are very high. Probably since I have been at my current job for a lot longer than the previous and have this sense of guilt about leaving (although I know I am not doing anything wrong). Thanks you so incredibly much in advance.
  4. Hello all, My current ER will be under the management of EmCare starting in a few months. I am curious if anyone here can inform me of the typical salaries and bonus structure they offer. I'm currently in the southeast. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay) What's offered: - Base Salary: 100k - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. - Health insurance, vision, and dental - Incentive bonus: available after 3 months (PA's at the company said that I probably wouldn't reach the bonus requirement until 9-12 months) - PTO: 10 days/year (accrue on a pro-rated semi-monthly basis from the date employment commences) - 9 paid holidays - sick days: 5 days/year (accrue after 3 months) - CME: $2,500 and 5 days off (in addition to the 10 days PTO) - All licenses covered: reimbursement for Board expenses, initial licenses and license renewals, including D.E.A. and California license - $4,000 relocation bonus - Three memberships reimbursed: example AMA or CMA - Gas reimbursement: I have to drive to the satellite locations a few days/week. - Malpractice: company covers professional liability insurance with tail coverage What's not offered: - retirement (401k) What do you think of this offer? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. I got an offer today for an Urgent Care Gig It includes 95,000 salary (45.68 per hr), Full health/dental no cost to me, 1% matching 401k, 2 weeks PTO, 10,000 sign on bonus, malpractice paid. It also includes $10.00 per RVU for each RVU generated over 3250 per year, BONUS. This is a 3 year contract. Is the RVU bonus subject to higher taxes than my normal income will be? How many RVU's can I expect based on an avg pt load of 25 pt per day? I am going to counter with a request for DEA, License Registration paid, and 50 dollars per/hr. I have never worked based on RVU, so this is new, all help I can get would be great!!!!
  7. So I have graduation coming up soon, and have recently been offered a job in general surgery. I'm in a state that does not have the best median salary for PA's. The offer is 80k for first 6 months, then 85k for next 6 months, then 90k after 1 year. After 6 months I can begin to collect a bonus of 1% of my supervising physician's net collections which is paid out quarterly. I should also add that they've agreed to pay me a monthly stipend of $1,000/month until graduation, which would total $5,000. They are offering full benefits, $1500 + 1 week off for CMEs, & 10 vacation days (will go up to 15 days after 1 year). It's a very busy job with long hours but I love the physician and love surgery. I learn so much every day. I guess I am just looking for reassurance that this is a respectable offer. I was honestly expecting to start out higher than 80k, but since there is a guaranteed salary raise plus the bonus it seems like a good compromise. Any thoughts?
  8. loaded question: Derm position--but I would just like to understand from a general standpoint My contract states "will be compensated at a rate equal to 15% of collections above 150k per annum" I've seen many posts that include some variation of this, although I don't exactly understand how it works. Specifically, how is it measured? What expenses are included (office visits, procedures, products, etc) When Is the bonus "typically" paid out to you? (I know my contract says per annum) But should it be EACH time I generate collections above 150K? How realistic is it to reach that mark as a new grad? Is the bonus amount tax free? And shouldn't I always be allowed access to my productivity data?
  9. I've just received an offer from an independent clinic that includes a base salary + productivity bonus. When asking about what that bonus may add, HR said one experienced PA has pulled in $40k more. I asked for how this number is calculated and was told, "RVU calculations are taken from the standard CMS format." Despite looking online for examples, I'm not sure what this means practically. I am a new grad, so I understand my focus will be on learning and not productivity for at least the first 6-12 months. But, being reasonable for my first year, should I expect this to bring in an extra $500? $5k? $15k? I have no idea how much this may influence my salary and would love any guidance or perspective you all may have.
  10. I currently work at a busy specialty surgery practice with upwards for 20 surgeons and 13 other PA's. The surgeons all pool their collection numbers and split the pot evenly, regardless of specialty or individual production. The PA's salary is based on years of experience and general market awareness (i.e. 50th percentile of PAs in same specialty in the area). We are also compensated additionally for call, overtime, etc. In all fairness, it's actually a pretty good setup. However, as a group, the PA's have thought about going to the Physician Board to request a pooled productivity bonus, but are unsure of other models out there. Ideally, we'd like our productivity get pooled as well and then split evenly amongst PA's. What are some of the best ways to measure this? Many of the PA's see pre-ops, post-ops, and return patients in either stand lone or "Jumbo" clinics with their primary SP. Some assist in (1st assist reimbursed cases), others do not. Does pushing for a production bonus even make sense if we don't even really have control over our own schedules? Does anyone have any experience with unconventional ways to measure productivity? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi all. Wanted to run contract negotiation by you all and get some advice. I have been a graduate for 5 years. I have worked in a PMR practice the entire time since graduation in NC. My duties consist of 1.on call weekends covering inpatients in our rehab center, and telephone call for our skilled nursing facilities on that weekend. 2. Weekday clinic hours where I see an average of 20 patients, and do imaging guided procedures and of course order spinal procedures for our 3 docs (2 of which are owners of the practice, other doc is employee like me). 3. Inpatient rehab consults which I do M-F and of course the weekends I'm on call. My contract recently expired and we are in the process of renegotiating. I was earning 91K as base with Qrtly bonus. I get heath, malpractice insurance through practice. I did have 401k match but owners did away with it given cost issues earlier this year. Apparently my MA's salary is considered to be part of the cost factor to keep me and she is paid off my revenue. Bonuses have not been what I consider great giving how many people I see, what I do and am able to do in the office, and the amount of work I put in. We had a part time PA who is leaving for maternity leave and will not be returning. I offered to extend office hours to compensate for her loss, as a good faith offer during negotiation. I also requested an RVU based salary/bonus structure. The RVU system was shot down. Any ideas? They would be appreciated.
  12. Fellow Psychiatry PAs; I am rapidly approaching my 1 year mark with an outpatient psychiatry practice. I am looking for any input anyone has to offer WRT salary, bonus, contract terms etc. I graduated approximately 1 year ago and I have only had this one job since. I recently changed my schedule from 5 days a week at 8 Hours per to 4 days at 10 hours per. On average I see XX patients per week. Currently my salary is competitive and we do get some benefits. We get 15 vacation days for year 1 then 20 per year, 5 sick days, 6 federal holidays, 5 CME days and $3,000. There is a bonus structure, it is a % for collections over 200K. I am not certain what this will amount to as I have not seen what my collections are. I plan on asking for access to the billing data. The practice has 4 MDs 3 total PAs and around 15 LCSWs, Psychologists and LPCs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I was wondering if someone could shed some insight on the topic of Physician Assistant VS Nurse Practitioner. I ask this because I recently spoke to and NP who told me some NPs can practice without a physician while a PA will always need an MD/DO verification. If someone could layout the similarities and difference/ advantages and disadvantages of each, that would be great!
  14. Good morning everyone, I love all of the info shared in this forum! As I read along the different posts, I am noting astronomically high grade point averages; 3.8, 3.9, etc. This is a wonderful thing! This is not me. I am a non-traditional student in my final year of undergraduate school. I will earn a B.S. in Biology. I plan to apply to MU's PA graduate program when 2015's cycle begins. In my early 20's, I had poor study habits and my grades reflected this. I returned to University in my late 20's, while trying to adjust to a new marriage and while raising a younger child, I have worked tirelessly to bring my grades back up. And have been successful. I anticipate graduating with at least a 3.3-3.5 science g.p.a., but I am not sure what MU will consider when it comes to my cumulative g.p.a. Looking at my last two years of university will offer a much prettier picture than my overall, that include mediocre grades from 14 years ago. My question goes out to applicants who applied with less than premium g.p.a.'s and were offered an interview and/or accepted into the program. What other areas were you strong in? How was your interview? Did you have to "explain yourself?" Any insight you can help with would be greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi everyone, I need some help here. I graduated this past December 2013. I was hired in February at a solo physician practice dermatology office. She wanted me to do a 'mini residency' with her so I shadowed her and did some procedures for 3 months at $1000/month. Then I started seeing my own patients after that time frame. At this point I was part-time at $60,000/year working about 25 hours/week. By the end of July my patient load was full and I was seeing patients every 10 minutes. We had discussed before I signed the contract about going full time and negotiating higher pay and we were going to discuss that after a few months of seeing my own patients. My bonuses (I believe) are structured in a very strange way. They are my quarterly salary subtracted from 18% of collected revenue. As opposed to what most people I have heard do where they get 20% of collections after they have doubled their yearly salary. We are now talking about me working 33 hours per week and I would like to have a more full-time salary to mirror this. I get 10 days paid vacation and 5 days CME up to 1500. I get no dental, health, short term leave, or 401K even if I am full time. My questions here are, should I re-negotiate how my bonuses are structured? What would be fair compensation for a base salary for 33 hours/week? Should these values be higher because I have no benefits? Thank you SO much for your time!!!
  16. Any suggestions on how to formulate a bonus plan based on returns, not charges or RVU's? Say base salary around $80K with returns over 3 times that.
  17. Negotiating a family practice job in the Mountain West as a new grad, trying to get a feel for a) How much liability insurance I need if I'm not covered under my employer and b) How much reimbursement per RVU I should expect. MedEdge offers a 100k/300k claims-made for pretty cheap but I've been told by some to purchase no less than 1M/3M... Any thoughts? I've also been offered a productivity bonus at $30/RVU. No info on thresholds or other specifics yet. Is $30 fair for family practice? I've heard pediatricans making $40 and orthopedic surgeons making $60/RVU to put it into perspective. Thank you.
  18. Hello all - I'm a new graduate working for a private General Surgery group. We're hoping to structure an incentive-based bonus for me, but are unsure how best to do this. Approximately 50% of my time per week will be spent in the OR, 25% rounding, and 25% in the office. I was considering structuring something based on a % of total billing as first-assist in the OR to reflect overall performance, i.e. as a PA, take 10% of all monies brought in by my presence in the OR, if total billing exceeds a certain amount. As you can probably tell, I'm in the dark about this. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. LSAPA
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