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Found 10 results

  1. I work as a physician assistant at an orthopedic urgent care center where we offer Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) as a therapy to aid in recovery and healing. We have a therapist here 3 days a week for that. As a PA, are we able to bill a therapy code for that therapy on the days therapist is not here and I provide the therapy? Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.
  2. I had posted on another thread that I am looking to renew my contract and maybe go to a straight production contract for my derm job. When I joined the practice, I was told that they had good collections, around the 80% mark. That seemed to be excellent. However, yesterday I had them pull my charged amount for the year and it showed that I had charged (or billed?) about $900K but the net received, which I am assuming is collected monies, was only about $360K. That's a collection rate of 40%. That didn't seem right. What are typical collection rates you guys are seeing out there?
  3. Hello, I am an orthopedic surgery PA with > 10 years experience, and am looking to learn about RVU -based reimbursement, for a potential job change. The RVUs would be awarded based upon billing, not collections, as it is an underserved area with poor payer mix. It would be clinic-based; no surgical assisting or hospital work. My questions: 1. Does anyone know what the typical $ per RVU value would be, for an orthopedic PA? 2. Does anyone have access to a list of RVU per CPT code for typical orthopedic office procedures? (injections, fracture care, splinting, etc). I was able to find 0.97 for 99213, which is a common office visit code ...I'm more curious about the procedures 3. Is this a workable plan for orthopedics? Is it possible to thrive financially within an RVU -based system? I am aware that it would be important to avoid seeing a lot of postop patients within their global billing period, as those visits award 0 RVUs. Correct? Any insight you can provide, would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. Annual wellness exam. Getting old so occasional ectopic beat (isolated about every 6-8 weeks apart I'd guess) noted on pulse check w/o run of tachyarrhythmia over past couple of months. FH of AF with parents and younger brother. EKG done (this provider even does them if asx. for the $$$ only I suspect). Nurse comes in to tell me that it's ok and that we're done. "Uh, I don't think it was normal. There's a new LAD and LAHB but at least I know it's there now." Saw EKG on computer display and not on paper. For those who are new to the profession a quick EKG tip. If lead I is positive, lead AVF is negative, and lead II is negative then you've got yourself a LAD and a LAHB. Getting back to the visit, "I would like a Ca+ Index score to see how much Ca+ buildup you have at this point." My thought bubble says, "And the benefit of this is what to me? Pt. asx. aside from unsustained new onset ectopy. What are you going to recommend next; a cath for an asx. pt.? I don't think so." Time for a new PCP me thinks. Someone please feel free to correct me if wrong but one of my old cardiologists passed this along in addition to both I and AVF being negative representing a RAD w/o having to do all the interpolation.
  5. Does anyone have any good CME or other educational references to help me expand my knowledge of billing/coding? I do family practice with ER/hospital coverage in a rural health facility. Clinic is my main concern as the hospital charges are all reviewed by the coders. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I am looking into starting a House Calls Service in Maryland/DC metro area - I would like to be an independent contractor to extend the services of existing private internal/geriatric medicine practices and see only their Medicare home-bound patients. I currently have been working 3 years as a House Calls PA seeing Medicare pts. But recently our very cool private practice was sold to a large company and i was forced to go W2 and the whole place is a corporate mess. I want to return to my independent 1099 status which works out very well for me. I am in love with what i do! I fervently believe this is the future of health care and the right thing to do. Just getting started in discovering its feasibility/ in the R&D phase. Is what i want to do feasible?? Have a lot of info from attending the recent AAHCM conference but still much, much more to do... Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. question - is there a guideline, or even an ethical % of time a first assist must be scrubbed? I've caught wind of some PA's at some places scrubbing for just the timeout, and then coming back to close, and billing for a first assist. while this is isn't on my list of things to aspire to - is it ethical to scrub out during a longer case, to prep the next patient in holding, and then come back to finish up, yet still bill for first asssit? Was doing some digging, and didn't see anything.
  8. certified diabetic educator (CDE) certification - lucrative or not? My manager approached me today to excitedly inform me that she suggested me when a diabetes rep came in and mentioned her company will provide free CDE training for a provider in our office. I do really like endocrinology but don't want to work in Endo due to the lower salaries (kind of burnt out right now on long hours and low compensation as it is in family med). I'm trying to read between the lines and see if this is something that would actually benefit me or only benefit the hospital and my workplace. I have a very busy patient schedule and family medicine and work long days and already feel quite underpaid. I like many aspects of family medicine but that one is not one of them. I guess I'm a little bit worried that if I do this training I will have an increased workload but really nothing financially to show for that. Has anyone out there done this? Worth it or not? I kind of feel like this would be something for a nurse and not something that will be financially beneficial for a physician assistant's career. Huge thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some advice or perspective on this.
  9. When it's all said and done, how much of the cash I'm bringing in should I expect to get back in wages, productivity, etc.? I'm seeing ~10 patients a day on average in family practice and my current wages/productivity represent about 1/3 of everything I bring in. The problem is that I still don't feel like I'm compensated very well. I really need to be seeing 15-20 peeps a day, I know, but how much more can I ask for in the mean time? 40% of what I bring in? 50%?
  10. Im a new PA and I was wondering if anyone has a favorite book for pharmacology? I have all the good Phone Apps, but I wanted to do more general reading. I tend to use the CMDT for pharm reference. I don't Like my text from school as it is excessively detailed. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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