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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there! Ok long story short! 6 years ago I began college in NY (living here) and graduated last year. I plan on applying to a PA program (NY based schools) around the 2016-2017 cycle. For the first two years I received nothing but A's in all of my courses. Originally I wanted to be a dental hygienist. I was accepted into the program and my grades dropped. My grades were C (Medical Microbiology), W in Dental Anatomy, B- in Dental Oral Preventative, and a F in clinical. I had a full time job during that semester. After I switched my major to bioscience my grades improved once again (My grades were A's and B's but I did get a D in molecular biology). My overall GPA was a 3.59 :/ Pre requisite grades: Statistics A Calculus A Biological Principles 1 C+ Biological Principals 2 B+ General Chemistry 1 A General Chemistry 2 A Anatomy & Physiology 1 A Anatomy & Physiology 2 A Microbiology A Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry A- Upper Division Courses Intro to Genetics A- Intro to Genetics lab A Cell Biology A- Cell Biology lab B- Intro to Bioinformatics A Along with that I volunteered 200 hours in a hospital and shadowed 100 hours with 2 Physician Assistants. As of right now I'm working in an Optometry office and plan on eventually becoming a Optometry Technician. So my recommendations will be from the 2 Physician Assistants and the Optometrist Doctor I work for. I don't plan on retaking the biology nor molecular biology course because I can't afford it. I'm just scared those dental hygiene grades will hurt my CASPA GPA and chances of getting in. Anyone have any honest opinions or had a similar issue and got accepted?
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