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Found 4 results

  1. I currently work in a psychiatry practice, they told me that it was hard finding ARNP's to fill the role because they look for PMHNP certification in particular. ARNP's are a dime a dozen but PMHNP are not. My 1st job out of PA school was with a Primary Care practice and there was an ARNP that was on her way out. She told me she took a job in psychiatry. So I wasn't sure if she was PMHNP certified because she was already working 1 year with us (the primary care practice).
  2. Looking jobs and came across this company. It appears they are based out of Atlanta and growing pretty quickly, but otherwise don't know much else. It appears that they use the provider in triage model for their PAs, but cannot see if that is something they use at all their sites. I don't mind rotating through that at times along with everyone else, but every day would just be a soul killer. Anyone have any first had experience with working as an EM PA for them that they would like to share?
  3. Allow me to vent my frustration: In searching for a job in a NP saturated area where most docs only know about NPs and not PAs...... I applied to a position that says "Advance Practice Clinician" and got instant interest from the HR rep. We were talking back and forth and she was going to set up a site visit and interview. Suddenly she drops off the face of the planet and I cannot reach her for 2 weeks..... I see the job posting again and it now says "Nurse Practitioner." I really don't want to leave KY. I am going to be doing cold calls/letters this week.
  4. I am the VP of my class so naturally I am going to the AAPA conference this year in Toronto. Does anyone have suggestions on which days are the best for us to go to. I know the website had a list of student related dates, but we will not be participating in the bowl challenge and I'm trying to budget out the trip for the other classmates of mine that are going. The fewer days we go the cheaper, but I also don't wanna miss anything, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations, I have never been to an AAPA conference. Thanks
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