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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I'm currently in the interview process, and I'm somewhat confused about how to manage acceptances (should they come...). My first interview is in a week, the next one is in 2 weeks, and a top choice program, which I haven't heard back from yet, doesn't start interviews until late-October. (Still waiting to hear from a few more programs, too.) So, do prospective PA students in this position just make deposits as necessary to hold places in programs they're interested in as acceptances come in, if they're still waiting to hear back from their first or second choices? Is it really disrespectful to accept an offer from a program, make the deposit, and then change your mind, or is this just an expected part of the process? If I'm offered an October interview for that top choice program, I could theoretically end up paying deposits to 3 separate programs, which seems absurd... Granted, the chances I'd actually get 3 acceptances are probably low, but even 2 would be tricky. What am I missing? Thank you :)
  2. So my graduation date is slowly approaching, and I have been looking into becoming a PA for the past year or so and I have decided I want to go for it. My question is not about classes or GPA but just about the timeline in general about how and when to apply. I am graduating Fall 2018, so my main question is, should I wait to apply until I have actually physically graduated and apply for the 2019 cycle? Or can I begin applying next year in 2018 since I only have one semester left? I remember in high school, we can start applying for universities during our last year of high school, so I am wondering if it works the same way for this? I have searched everywhere, and all I get is general deadlines, nothing as specific as my question. ANYTHING HELPS! Thanks!
  3. Good evening everyone, I plan on applying this cycle and I just wanted everyones opinion on if I should do it this cycle or next. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I tried reading on the website to try and figure out where the right place to post this was... but I couldn't find an answer. Also, I saw a lot of similar posts to this one on this thread..and that's why I thought this would be the appropriate place to ask this. IF this is not the right thread please let me know and I will take it down. Here are my stats. Please let me know if you find me competitive I am 21 years old and I will graduate on May 2017. I am applying to schools that require students to receive their bachelors PRIOR to matriculation. I am also applying to schools that only "recommend/prefer" HCE hours instead of having a minimum. I am appyling to schools in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. These schools do not have rolling admissions, so I do not think applying early will give me a better chance at receiving an interview (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG please) :). This will give me the chance to submit my transcript after my summer school classes end (Which end July 29th and I can hopefully have my application in sometime in August). The application deadline is October 1st. I am an Oklahoma resident and I have a strong dedication to work in the rural/underserved populations. I talked about this in my PS, and I made sure to emphasize how much this means to me. I went to the writing center a couple of times and had two different advisors read it, so I think it will be okay. I also have really great LORS (doesnt everyone?) ANYWAYS... onto the stats (TL;DR) Degree: Microbiology/Cell and Molecular Biology Science GPA: 3.54 Cumulative GPA: 3.63 Last 60 hours: 4.00 GRE: 306 1600 hours as a volunteer medical assistant at a neurology clinic. (I went ahead and asked OU if this counted as HCE and they said it did) 600 hours as a swim instructor 300 hours of shadowing a variety of PAs 100 hours of being a volunteer lab assistant, I eventually submitted a research proposal and won the Wentz research scholarship 400 hours shadowing 2 neuro MDS I shadowed a PA student at the OU-OKC campus for the day, and I went to their advisement session.. I hope this shows how committed I am to going to their program. If anyone has any advice or opinions regarding my stats let me know. IF anyone here has applied to schools in Oklahoma, Texas, or Kansas, PLEASE let me know how the process went and what you experienced. I don't think I am forgetting anything to add to this post. Once again, if this is in the wrong thread i sincerly apologize and I will remove it asap. Do you think I should apply this year or just wait to apply once I get my bachelors? Once I graduate and receive my bachelors my GPA would be around a 3.72 cum, and a 3.61 science, and I will have more hce hours. Anyways... please let me know what you all think. Thank you for reading this.
  4. Can any PAs that worked in transplant medicine comment on it and how much medicine vs surg was involved? What is the PAs role in this setting?
  5. Hey guys! Just starting a thread for this cycle. Anyone else applying? Good luck to everyone! :}
  6. How many classes per semester do take for your program? Is 9 typical?
  7. So I submitted my CASPA and cant access the supplemental application until September 1st but thought Id start this so we can all talk and chit chat about future interviews and supplemental applications!
  8. Just wanted to know if anybody was applying this year! Does anyone know the actual statistics are of getting in? Sometimes the websites are a little skewed. Good luck everyone!
  9. Hello! As of April 15, 2011 WesternU's MSPA program began accepting applications for the Fall 2012 entering class. New this year is that the supplemental application is online. For more information on the application as well as the process please visit http://prospective.westernu.edu/physician-assistant/apply. Please note that all science prerequisites must not have been completed prior to 2004. If so, you will be required to repeat those courses in order to satisfy the respective prerequisite. To see if the courses you have taken have been approved please visit our prerequisite database. If your course is not listed please submit a syllabus to your designated admissions counselor for review. Finally, we recommend that you submit your CASPA and supplemental applications as soon as possible. The CASPA deadline is November 1st and the supplemental application deadline is December 1st. We wish you all the best of luck this year. Please post questions in this forum so that our response may benefit others. Sincerely,
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