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Found 5 results

  1. I have released a smartphone app designed to help read and interpret EKG's. The app can be useful for current students, new grads, and those with experience. The app requires the user to evaluate each component of the ekg, thereby minimizing missing important findings and also correlates abnormal findings to potential underlying disorders. The website is www.ekgddx.com. On iTunes, search "ekg ddx". On Google Play, "ekgddx". Thanks for considering.
  2. Hello! I was wondering what chemistry grades people have received and whether they were able to get into PA school with them. I have currently an A in gen chem 1, a B- in genchem 2 and orgo 1, and a B in orgo 2. Should I retake any classes? Or will I be able to get into a PA school with these grades? (Just a note my overall science gpa is 3.5). Sorry for the annoying question, but any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you! -Maylily7
  3. Saw this advertisement in the NYC subway and immediately went to the Apple App Store to get more details on this app (search pager on the App Store, do not believe it is available on android). Also can be viewed from their website. https://pager.com Visits from a physician or nurse (does not mention PAs) to provide medical care, covered by most insurances (per App Store description). Very interesting to see if this healthcare delivery model becomes more popular in high density population areas. Less urgent care and fast track visits?
  4. So the more I read this, the more I start to doubt myself. Did I answer the prompt? Describe an occasion from one of your hands-on patient care experiences which you felt was particularly eye-opening. What did you learn from your experience? How has it helped shape your interest in or knowledge of the profession of Physician Assistants? (Limit: 500 words or less) One Thanksgiving night, when our hospital census was low, I was floated down to the ED where they did not have a technician. I was anxious because I had never worked in the ED as a technician. After a few hours of getting to know my surroundings, a call came through about a woman that was found unresponsive in her bathroom. The team and I set up the trauma bay in preparation. Unfortunately, there was a loss of communication and we were unaware that the woman was nine months pregnant until EMS arrived. Heart pounding, I assisted the staff in hooking the patient up to the monitors while working around the paramedics performing CPR. Once the trauma team took over, I stepped aside and waited in case they needed anything. Although the team worked seamlessly for what seemed like hours, they determined the mother was unable to be revived. The pediatric trauma team had not yet arrived and we knew there was little time to deliver the infant. A man started preparing for a C-Section, calling on me for supplies and instructing others on what to do. Not long after he began to cut, the pediatric team arrived and was able to take over and successfully deliver the baby. I later found out that this man was a physician assistant that had worked in labor and delivery for seven years prior to working in the ED. This was an exhilarating learning experience for me. I learned that although I was nervous, I was able to work under pressure. Not only this, but I was able to quickly adapt to a new environment and efficiently work with an unfamiliar group. Most importantly, I learned that I enjoyed every second of it. This experience also shaped my interest and understanding of the PA profession. I saw the support this profession provides in a team. This PA both followed and led the group in the trauma bay, adjusting to the role that was most needed. I also saw the versatility PAs have in medicine. He, having a previous background in the delivery room, saved that baby’s life. Later, I saw this PA go back to caring for a patient that had come in for a sprained ankle. For me, this was most important. He gave each patient his undivided attention, no matter how relatively trivial their complaint. I was reluctant to go to the ED that night. Looking back, I am happy I went. This was definitely eye-opening; I learned a lot about myself. I also formed a deeper understanding and respect for the PA profession.
  5. Hey everyone, Today marked the last day of my didactic phase in PA School! Rotations start November 1st and I am stoked! As the title states I am looking for great medical apps for iPhone/iPod touch (just got the new iPod touch and LOVE it) for the clinical year. I have epocrates essentials (thank you free code for students!) and a few of the other free medical apps in the app store but I wanted to find out from the folks on here that are currently in clinicals/practicing PA's what the best apps are... Suggestions?
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