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Found 2 results

  1. Is anyone applying for the 2019 cycle? Any interviews? I applied back in July and I am still hoping for interview invite.
  2. Hey there, I know there are a bunch of other LECOM/APAP posts but anyways here we go! I was just accepted into next years APAP (PA>DO 3 year) program as an undeclared seat. I applied to the program almost a year ago when I was very frustrated, working at an urgent care and receiving little respect, autonomy, and poor pay. Now I work in Family Med, practice with near autonomy, and am compensated incredibly well given that it’s FM (150-180k). I love my job and for every 1 ignorant patient I have that “wants to see the real doctor”, I have 10 that refuse to see anyone but me. Me: 29yo, practicing 3 years, living in Florida, newly engaged, no kids. The APAP program consists of 2 years that must be done in Greensberg, Pennsylvania and year 3 of clinicals can be done near home. Then it’s 3+ years of residency that I guess could end up being anywhere. I would choose either Emergency Med or Family Practice Money: not really a factor. Between lost income, tuition, living expenses, I would look at a cool $1 million I estimate over 6 years. And if I remain in family med, the salary increase isn’t huge. EM would be significant though Scope: I work autonomously, but in a team setting, which I believe medicine should always be. Docs consult with docs, PAs with NPs; it’s team based but still autonomous. Of course in EM, the scope would be greatly increased (at least in Florida) Respect: some patients would stop being idiots about how they treat me, and I would have less push back from insurance, hospitals, etc. And administration would stop treating me as a “mid level” (a phrase i detest). Knowledge: I believe experience = knowledge, not schooling. I have learned much more in 3 years of practice than in 2 years of PA school. Residency would be very valuable, but I’m exposed to new things daily as it is and am always expanding my knowledge and skills. The decision to go or not is huge and it’s eating me up. I’m hoping some outside opinions from fellow PA’s might help. I have to give a decision in 2 weeks!
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