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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death, but I'm looking for some advice. My current stats are: cGPA - 2.96 sGPA - 3.16 Last 50 Credits - 3.84 PCE - 4000+ Hrs My AnP 1 and 2 grades are both B- from undergrad, when I didn't know what I was doing with my life. I'm wondering if I should point my energy towards retaking these two courses for A's or should I pursue a Master's program? Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it.
  2. I have completed my bachelor's degree in Biology, but since I was pre-med back then, I didn't complete the anatomy and physiology course and now have to complete it at a community college. I also have a full time job and was hoping to take anatomy and physiology in a hybrid setting (online lecture with in person lab). Is this a good idea? I've been looking at schools websites and some don't care, some said "considered on an individual basis," and some won't accept it. Am I limiting my chances too much? I want to apply mostly west coast and surrounding states. I also have to take statistics and I hope to apply for Fall 2020. Thanks!
  3. I have some concern about my A&P GPA meeting the prerequisite requirement for PA school. As most of you know many PA schools have a minimum GPA requirement of a "B-" or 3.0. In my first term of A&P lab I received a C+, which doesn't meet the minimum requirement. But my overall A&P GPA (3 quarters of lecture and laboratory) does meet the minimum GPA requirement. What will PA schools look at, my individual letter grade or my overall A&P GPA?
  4. Hello, I am currently a freshmen at a four year university. My university does not offer anatomy and physiology with lab, just anatomy and physiology. I know that most pa schools require A&P with lab. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any help will be very much appreciated!
  5. Hi all! I am applying to PA schools and need to fulfill ONE LAST academic requirement....Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 with lab. Still kicking myself for not taking the courses in college. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Microbiology and a graduate degree in Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases, so I meet all other prereqs. The problem is that I work a full time job with the FDA that is 50% travel, so I am not able to take the AP courses in person. I know this is a drawback for some schools, but I am afraid I don't have another option. Does anyone know of any online AP classes with lab from accredited schools that are known to be accepted at a variety of PA schools? Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! -Tara
  6. Mid-40's female nurse seen yesterday for a Boy Scout physical. During course of hx. review she gives me an interesting story. Hx. of heart murmur as small child that was noted to "go away" as she got older. Later in life (adulthood) she develops DOE with associated cyanosis. Pulse ox values consistently read in the low 90's at rest. ETT unremarkable. Has heart cath and reported to be normal. Normal LV function and EF. No hypertrophic changes or dilation. PCWP normal to exclude suspected pulmonary HTN. Only one test remains which coincidentally gives the diagnosis. What's the test and the diagnosis? Hint: No contraindication to participation in any activity and situation now resolved.
  7. In Western Washington University, the course title for the human anatomy and physiology sequence is odd. BIOL 348 is "Human Anatomy and Physiology" and BIOL 349 is "Human Physiology". These are the links to the courses in the catalog: http://catalog.wwu.e...d=11&coid=96356 http://catalog.wwu.e...d=11&coid=96357 Will PA schools have an issue with the way my university titled these courses and not accept them? Also for some reason the BIOL 349 does not mention lab even though that class does include lab.. If anyone could give me advice regarding this that would be great!
  8. Hi everyone, My undergrad school has a strange A&P class--the biology department offers only a one semester class that covers A&P for all systems. I know most PA schools require 2 semesters, but I've also taken Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms through my minor, Speech and Hearing Sciences. Does anyone know if this will count towards A&P hours, or must the class be more general? Thanks!
  9. Enjoy! Let me know if there is anything you think I should add! I'm open to any and all ideas! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/08/anatomy-tips-and-tricks-for-physician.html
  10. Hey guys, Did anyone notice that Midwestern's website changed their list of prereqs for those of you who are applying for the 2014-2015 cycle? They now say that "4 credit hours of anatomy will be required for students applying for the 2015 class year" next to their Biology w/lab credit hour requirements. This is a predicament for me- I was a Bio undergrad, have all my prereqs done except Microbiology (taking online now) and Anatomy (it was reserved primarily for Nursing school students at my university). I was planning on taking both micro and anatomy online through BYU as it is more affordable than most online programs, but BYU's anatomy only gives me 3 anatomy credits! Anybody have any suggestions to this, or any additional information about these new requirements? Thanks! Bridget
  11. Hello, I am looking to set up some rotations in Georgia. I don't have any direct contacts, so I am open to any suggestions and/or advice. If anyone knows of a PA or Doctor that's willing to take on a PA student, please let me know. I appreciate your help, thank you. Like This Quote MultiQuote
  12. I still need to take Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) and most schools require it, if not strongly recommended. GPA: 3.63
  13. I am currently getting my things together for the 2013 application year. I was a biology major in undergrad (grad 2010) and took everything except Microbiology and Anatomy. I took physiology and did well in it, but gross anatomy was only for nursing school students at my university. They only let other undergrads in if there were extra spots (which there never were, of course). I'm not one of those over zealous "I was an accountant now I basically have to take 30 credit hours online and get a whole new degree while I work" people. I'm wary of taking online courses for my pre-reqs but I'm between a rock and a hard place. The microbiology I've got planned to take in the fall, but I need to take anatomy. The PA school I'm applying to wants either 3+ hours of phys and then 3+ hours of anatomy for a minimum of 6 hours+, or A&P I and II. I have the phys done like I stated earlier, but am having a hard time finding a decent place to take JUST anatomy for credit for a reasonable price. I do not need a lab. The only thing I've found is UC Berkeley extension program that costs over $800 http://extension.berkeley.edu/catalog/course497.html Any suggestions for anything better? [btw, the other school I'm applying for in the area does not have anatomy and micro as pre reqs because you take them the summer you start with them- 27 month program vs. 24 month program]
  14. There are two year long anatomy courses that are taught at my college. I was wondering which one was sufficient for the application for most PA schools. The first one is Anatomy and Physiology 141 and 142. Although it's only a 100 level course it's probably three times as hard as my general biology course and it covered all of the organ systems. I was wondering if that's acceptable for PA schools because I can't imagine that PA schools would require the upper level course because of the difficulty. At least at my school, the only people who take the advanced anatomy and physiology class are Kinesiology majors because it's a requirement and a few pre-med students. I know at USC, they require the upper level anatomy and physiology course but I was curious about other colleges? I think I'm going to be a microbiology major and it'd be really tough to fit the upper level anatomy course into my schedule and still be able to graduate in 4 years.
  15. For any current PA students or pre-PA students, is anyone familiar with the laws governing PAs (Michigan)? Also, what are the current biggest issues in healthcare? Issues that PAs face? Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I am currently trying to prepare for a PA school interview. Thank you!
  16. VH Dissector Pro: Used but like new. Virtual Edge disc included. $80 PIMP Protector: $20 gently used Blueprints Medicine 5th Edition: $30 gently used Blueprints OB&GYN 5th Edition: $30 gently used Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards 2nd Edition: $15 gently used
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