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Found 5 results

  1. OK. So has anyone started the alternative PANRE? It opened yesterday. How was the difficulty of the questions? Similar to PAkRat, the AAPA review book...Harder? I took the PANRE 2 times already, it seemed difficult but passed both times. How about the alternative? The no studying thing make me WAY nervous. Let's not be specific to what questions...Would not want to mess the pilot up!
  2. Have you guys been seeing more and more "alternative" patients coming in with the "I don't believe in medicine, but I will use anything herbal I can find" philosophy? From the essential oil fascination to the women thinking every symptom they have is because their "hormones are off", despite having normal menses and normal labs.... It's getting frustrating. When the patients go off on a tangent of their theories, I've gotten to the point I just ask "Ok, so what can I do for you? You won't take medication, so what do you need me to do for you?" One lady told me she already knew what was wro
  3. Hello, After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree 1.5 years ago, I’m starting Pre-PA classes this upcoming at a local university. However, I recently decided that I’m going to get the ball rolling by taking a class this January (can’t start a full load yet…work is too many hours currently/tedious). I’m thinking that I will either take Anatomy or Medical Terminology online. Also, is it ever an issue to take a class online for Pre-PA if it’s a class that usually doesn’t require a lab? Which would you recommend as a start? It seems as if more programs require Anatomy than require Med Termi
  4. I am starting PA school next summer however I'm concerned about staying healthy while I am in school. I have been through a lot medically over the past year and I have to take pills 4 times daily at specific times, some with food and some without food. If I slack in this area I could possibly end up hospitalized again which obviously cannot happen. I have specialist appointments every 3 months at Johns Hopkins which I cannot control the time or day of but must show up to. Has anyone that is in a program or was in a program been able to manage health issues in a healthy manner and was the progr
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a first year PA student and I've recently become really interested in complementary and alternative medicine. Is there any way I can pursue this area as a PA or am I just in the wrong field? Thanks for the help!
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