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Found 10 results

  1. Okay so I plan on going to pa shcool when I turn 27. After college I worked for a health department and now I’m going to work as a clinical dietitian for a year or so and take classes. So ideally I would apply in 2019 and then start in 2020. At that point I’ll be 27. Is that too old to start to start ??
  2. I just graduated as a NHA Certified clinical medical assistant and my AAS and AA. I want to go on and get my PA as it's a passion of mine to work in rural areas with lower income people who don't always have access to medical care. I am 58 and would be 63 graduating. Am I likely to have difficulty finding employment due to my age upon graduation? I love medicine and have always been involved in some level with it and really want to be in a smaller rural community
  3. Back in the 70's and 80's the average age of a PA student was > 35 yrs. Many post military. Today its <27. With many Americans looking to retool their careers after the 2008 meltdown, does anyone have a good idea of PA schools that actively recruit older PA students like 45 or even 50. I know many career focused clinical technologists with 15-20 years HCE (e.g. OR techs, Pathology techs, Clinical Lab techs) that want to train up to PA careers. Where are the best programs to apply to?
  4. Hello all, I am 39 years old. I have been thinking about proceeding through two years of fulfilling requirements, and health care experience- to apply to all and any PA schools - preferably New York or Southern California, Northern California. Although i have worked in health and wellness fields for six years in New York, it was primarily management. I have an undergraduate degree in Painting, and a 3.8 gpa. once to teach at the college level, but did not pursue masters as turn in economy and job market. After many turns in the economy and changes to job market with the mass flood of techn
  5. Hi everyone, I've found a very interesting report from the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). Every PA school applicant should know this information. You can sign up for the FREE report on andrewrodican.com. Thanks.
  6. Hello, my name is Ana and I have a BA from The New School in NYC. After many years in the arts (I am 36 and a mother of 1) I have decided I would like to be a PA or an NP. In the past year I have lost 3 very close family members and took care of all of them at home: 2 with cancer one with Alzheimer's who spent her final days in a nursing home, with me visiting every day and changing the dressings on her unstageable wounds. (long story, nursing home abuse) I am a huge fan of science and medicine. I thought about being a dermatologist in my early 20's but art is what I had been doing since I ca
  7. I'm in my late twenties with almost ten years as a paramedic. I have been involved in education and the development of the triage system in my local ED as well as helping develop the trauma program for Level II certification. I have strong LOR. What I don't have is a stellar undergraduate record. My degree is from the University of Pittsburgh in Natural Science. My overall GPA is around 2.4-2.5. Science GPA is higher at around 2.8. I have multiple retakes. Went with undiagnosed ADD/Dyslexia for a long period of time. Will completing a Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology be beneficia
  8. I applied mid July for a few different schools. I know the due date for applications is September 1st but I was wondering when Augsburg starts contacting for interviews?
  9. I got an interview at The University of South Dakota. Does anybody know much about that program? They have a good PANCE Pass rate.
  10. This is just for fun, but I've been wondering how many of us Boomers changed careers to become PA's. I changed from computer networking support to physician assistant. I had a head start because I'd been a medic in the Air Force during Vietnam, but I spent most of my working life in technology. So, anyway, I graduated from Barry University in St. Petersburg, Florida, at age 58. Do I hear any higher bids?
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