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Found 2 results

  1. DON'T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT APPLYING TO PA SCHOOL! Greetings Future PA! You are invited to the 3rd Annual Pre-PA Conference at Loma Linda University! Spend the afternoon with Faculty, PAs, and the Classes of 2020 & 2021 for workshops, ultrasound & intubation skills labs, and information sessions designed to guide your path to becoming a Physician Assistant. Come learn more about this profession and let us show you how to create a competitive application for PA school! LLU PA Program Admissions Representatives will be in attendance! Past attendees have been accepted to LLU's PA program. Lunch is complimentary and we will also be giving away prizes Visit our eventbrite page for additional information and tickets! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-registration-85925681025
  2. I am looking for some guidance. Just applied this past 14-15 CASPA cycle to 14 programs and got no interviews. I attended 4-year college, graduated with Health Science - BS, with Pre-PA concentration. My final GPA with grade replacement was a 3.39 and without grade replacement as calculated on CASPA it was 3.10. My science GPA is rough, CASPA calculated as 2.93. I had a difficult time with general chemistry/physics courses at my college, struggle with math/science combo. I had As in Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Biochem and B in Organic Chem. For one year of my undergraduate (freshman/sophomore), I made bad choices and had a some very poor grades, about 4 C's, 2 D's, 1 F. However, when I figured out I wanted to be a physician assistant and changed my major, my grades significantly improved. Over the last 60 credit hours, my average GPA was a 3.6. GRE: 310 (158 verbal, 152 quant) HCE: 1200 hours EMT and 600 as a medical scribe in the ED Shadowing: 20 hours with cardiothoracic surgery PA; 20 hours with plastics PA Volunteer: 100 hours with local food co-op; 20 hours with annual cancer 5k I am not at all deterred from my decision to become a PA, I understand how competitive acceptances are. However, I am unsure of how to proceed and continue to improve my application. Should I apply to a post-bacc or grad program to improve my GPA standings? I know I would only get As/Bs with how determined I am to work hard and improve. Should I think to continue my work experiences by continuing with a paramedic program? Is there anything else I can do to improve my chances? Thank you for any replies and feedback.
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