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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, this is my first post! I've been in Urgent Care x2 years (poorly run and need to get out), moving on to surgical specialty. I loved my OR rotations and I enjoy doing procedures. I have two offers on the table for neurosurgery and having difficulty deciding which would be more enjoyable. They are very similar (including salary and travel) with a few big differences. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 1. Teaching Hospital. 0630-1500, M-F, no weekend or call. 17 days PTO, 10 holidays, 5 CME days PA's at teaching hospital mostly round and consult. Have to fight residents for any procedures and you get extremely little (if any) time in the OR, but you are a part of a team that is present 24/7 and I feel I can gain much knowledge concerning the field and the staff is great and respect the PAs. 2. Community Hospital. 0700-1500, M-F, No weekend or call. (Generally) 18 days PTO, 6 holidays, 3 CME days I will be sole neurosurgery provider at community hospital daily (more autonomy). Rounding and consulting, but 2 days a week in OR as first assist with elective neurosurgery cases. Neurosurgeons rotate in from nearby Level 1 trauma center (same hospital company) with a large Neurosurg ICU run by PAs 15 minutes away that gets the high acuity cases. I will have to rotate there one week every 2-3 months which may include a weekend shift (12 hr). Staff here also seem nice (but not as much of a family feel as the other) and one of the neurosurgeons teach for a nearby university so there's a sort of teaching mentality from them that seems like I can learn a lot from them as well. Basically, anyone have input on working in an academic setting vs community? Would the perks at an academic setting be enough to give up scrub time and some procedures? I do enjoy "hands on" things a lot, but also want to gain experience and knowledge for the future. Thanks a ton for any advice.
  2. I just decided to take another class this fall and I'm a little confused on the directions for how to use Academic Update..the FAQ says this: Once your application status is “verified,” navigate to the “Coursework” section. Delete any Planned/In Progress terms that are now completed, and re-enter these terms as “completed.” Please note you must have completed ALL of the courses in the term before switching the term’s status to complete. At this time, you may also enter any new planned or in-progress terms. Once you are finished adding all of your new courses, your update is complete. You do NOT need to officially “Submit” this work in order for it to be visible to your programs.\ Where is the "coursework" section? Is it in the academic history/transcript entry area or somewhere else? I feel like I'm missing something :). Thanks!
  3. I am a 23 year old CNA currently getting my AS and Surgical Technology certification at community college. I am very excited to work in the OR and want to become a Surgical PA. However, with clinicals starting I have some concerns about what undergraduate path to take. (I am confident in my grades, I did very well in my science classes and my current gpa is a 3.4) Jefferson University has a partnership with my community college and because I will have satisfied more than 50% of my prerequisites at Community College I can get my BS and Cardiovascular Catheterization Technology Certification in one year. (12 months full-time) My questions are these: (finally) 1. Will it hurt my chances of getting into a good (Surgical) Physician Assistant program if I "rush" into this one year BS option? 2. Will taking the Surgical Tech & Cardio Cath Tech track help me get into a Surgical Physician Assistant program or would I have the same chance if I went to a higher ranking college for Biology? (I didn't know how to word that without it seeming offensive to Jefferson students. I really don't mean to offend.) For those of you who may recommend that I look into med school please know that I have my reasons for preferring a career as a Surgical PA but I am open to comments on the subject. I am most interested in working in the OR and am looking for the right path to lead me there. This site has been so incredibly helpful and any advice you guys have would be so greatly appreciated!
  4. It's easy to find a MD at the UW to contact for shadowing - pick a specialty and there's a doc and an email address. However, I have been unable to find a single PA on the uwmedicine website. Where does one go to find a PA to shadow at the UW? Bigger question: are there any PAs with academic specialties (research + patient care) outside the MEDEX faculty? Any suggestions on finding shadowing opportunities at UW would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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