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  1. I am a member of AAPA and maybe I am unfamiliar with the website, but I want to make the most learning from the site and using it. How do PA-S or PA-C use it? As a Pre-PA how can I use the site and its resources to help? I appreciate it!
  2. To my veteran PAs: I recently received an email about the Student to Service HRSA scholarship that states NPs and Certified Midwives are now eligible disciplines for the upcoming scholarship cycle. The reason for the addition is the bolster primary care and obgyn providers in underserved and rural areas. Makes sense to me... however to my surprise PAs are not included in this scholarship opportunity. Is this an issue that the AAPA would take up? If not, who can I write about this issue other than the HRSA?
  3. I wish we had Telemed as a specialty topic I have been looking for work in Temed for years. The AAPA is now pushing to get us into the role and a new website "TelehealthMany PAs have asked about opportunities in virtual medicine and telehealth. The Medicare program reimburses PAs for providing all covered telehealth services in the same manner as physicians. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services temporarily expanded telehealth and telemedicine services to enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services without havi
  4. PAFT would like to congratulate the following newly elected officers of the AAPA Board of Directors and House of Delegates who were endorsed by PAFT. President-elect: Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C Director-at-Large: Jennifer Orozco, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA House of Delegates Director/Second Vice Speaker of the House: Leslie Clayton Milteer, PA-C, MPAS, DFAAPA PAFT, for the third year in a row, has had 100% of its endorsed candidate successfully elected. Overall greater than 94% of PAFT’s endorsed candidates have been elected. It seems PAFTs ideals
  5. One of the nice things about gender disparity in recent PA students and graduates is that there's no line for the men's room. Post your own AAPA 2019 observations below! First one to spot me and introduce yourself gets a to-be-determined prize. Void for people whom I have already met in person.
  6. PAs for Tomorrow provided the 2019 AAPA candidates questions regarding their beliefs about the future of the profession. Please go to www.pasfortomorrow.org for more information about our endorsed candidates. After a lengthy review and robust discussion, the BOD of PAFT is pleased to endorse the following candidates: President: Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C Director-at-Large: Jennifer Orozco, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA House of Delegates Director/Second Vice Speaker of the House: Leslie Clayton Milteer, PA-C, MPAS, DFAAPA #PAFT #AAPA19
  7. I am a member of Michigan Academy of Physician Assistant's (MAPA) as a "prospective student". I would like to add this to my CASPA application as a professional membership, but I am not sure what to put for my role in the organization. I read their news letters and keep up to date on what they are doing as an organization, but I am not physically involved with them. I have emailed them before asking if I could volunteer for them in any way, since the PA profession is my chosen path, but I did not receive a reply. Any suggestions on what I can put under this section of CASPA?
  8. Many years ago an infamous general gathered his commanders in a war room and with a quivering finger he pointed to a map and said these words; "There is a sleeping giant, let her sleep for when she awakens, she will shake the world." The giant that Napolean spoke of was China, she has awakened and the world trembles at her footsteps. Today, the PA profession is the sleeping giant. We have awakened, we have become recognized, we have furthered our education, our experience, and our reputation and we are forced to both contend with and to meet the needs of healthcare in our generation. The
  9. The Dangers of Rafting Down River...Without a Map Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA Last July, my wife and I took our most beautiful trip together to explore one of the last natural habitats, Alaska. Here it was: natural wilderness, the Inner Passage, whales, eagles, lynx, brown bears and grizzly bears, huge salmon, king crab, moose, antelope, even a wolverine. Our minds took photographs as we were too caught up in the moment to try to capture everything on film and miss the adventure. On our wilderness journey to Denali, we saw young hikers and the rivers de
  10. Hi all! I recently became a student member of AAPA and was looking forward to subscribing to JAAPA. I saw somewhere that the subscription is free for student AAPA members, but I am having trouble finding anywhere on the website that actually says that. I also was wondering if it were to be free, is that online or a physical journal?
  11. PAs For Tomorrow AAPA Candidate Endorsement Statement The 2017-18 AAPA voting polls have been open for a few days. Historically, membership participation in AAPA elections tends to be low. PAFT encourages all PAs to participate in the selection of our future national leaders. If you haven’t already cast your vote, take the time to review the candidate selections and thoughtfully consider who you believe is best equipped to further the mission of the PA profession. Recently, the PAFT Board of Directors submitted a series of questions to each candidate. After review of those that su
  12. First Rounds (FR) — news written by students, for students — is seeking a motivated PA student to serve as the Assistant Editor for 2017-2018. The Assistant Editor position is a 2-year commitment; the student will then become Editor when his/her predecessor graduates. The duties of the Assistant Editor include, but are not limited to: Collaborate with AAPA editorial director and FR editor to develop quarterly themes. Respond to inquires and revise article submissions. Assemble the final selection of articles, photos, and photo release documentation. Edit and prepare a minimum of one article e
  13. #‎PAstudents‬- do you have a story to share about your plans after graduation from PA school? If so, we want to hear about it! My Plans After Graduation: The flexibility of the PA profession allows us all to practice medicine in various specialties, subspecialties, primary care, population health, public policy, internationally, and beyond. Do you have any extraordinary plans after PA school? Planning to work or volunteer abroad? Working for the Peace Corps? Applying for postgraduate fellowships, residencies, or other post-graduate training? First Rounds - PA Professional's student news sect
  14. First Rounds - PA Professional's student news section - is now on Facebook! Like our page, then click see first and turn notifications on to stay up to date with the latest call for submissions as well as other upcoming opportunities. http://www.facebook.com/firstrounds First Rounds Published quarterly, First Rounds (FR) is PA Professional magazine’s student section written for PA students by PA students. Our mission is to expand student involvement outside of the classroom and foster additional opportunities and interests beyond medicine. We give students a voice and a place to s
  15. Getting some advice from my state APA that legally it sounds more kosher to refer to my House Calls business as a "Service" rather than "practice". Any thoughts about this? I am hatching a business: providing a " service to Doctors" So, marketing to them. Huge interest so far whom ever i approach. =
  16. Hello everyone, I'm a second year PA student about to start my emergency med rotation. I'm interested in doing research on an EM topic and submitting it for presentation at the SEMPA or AAPA conference, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I have limited research experience apart from being a lab tech for a geneticist, so I'm starting from scratch. But I'm motivated if given the guidance. I'd like to learn about what kinds of research students are able to do over the short (5-6 week) time span of a rotation, but can't find a way to filter those out in general academic search en
  17. FUTURE VISION – WHO’s RESPONSIBLE? As President of PAs for Tomorrow, I’ve been in a great ideological flux. I see a dramatic dichotomy for the PA profession. On one hand, Forbes, USA Today and the New York Times often have the PA profession as one of the top 5 or 10 most promising fields. On the other hand, there continue to be “issues” that loom over the profession. Name change, antiquated state laws, reimbursement inequity, and competition for jobs all intermingle with greater clinical demands such as volume production, meaningful use requirements, EMR integration among other administra
  18. I am planning to pick top schools (Duke, Weil, UC Davis, USC ... ). I also plan to apply to local schools in my area, which is in Florida (UF, Nova, Keiser). But I am not sure if I should consider this because of my spotty academic record (low gpa from 1st bachelors, withdrawing form a nursing school with good standing, and failing out of an ASN program). Is there any way to show adcom from these schools that I can be an equally competitive candidate than those with not so spotty academic records? I am planning to take between 3 to 4 years to build up a strong application. To address a spo
  19. America Loves PAs! AAPA surveyed Americans’ experiences and perceptions of physician assistants (PAs). And the results are in...America Loves PAs! “Patients want providers they can get to know and trust, and these results show PAs win over their patients with stellar care and excellent communication.” said AAPA President John McGinnity, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA. See full results at - http://goo.gl/b01cN1
  20. Received this email from AAPA today: Dear AAPA Member, Let's strengthen the voice of the PA profession in the U.S. Congress. AAPA’s Political Action Committee, PA PAC, would be one of the nation's strongest healthcare PACs if each AAPA member contributed $25. It is essential that we grow PA PAC in order to build even greater bipartisan support for the PA profession on Capitol Hill. Congress’ mid-term elections are fast approaching. The outcome will shape the healthcare agenda for years to come, includin
  21. With an undeniable trend away from a member-driven organization toward a more top-down structure with more power centralized in the AAPA Board of Directors and staff leadership, your help in joining with me and many other PAs in reversing this trend is urgently needed. Voting appears to be at an all-time low, which means that each vote counts even more! Join me in working to preserve the democratic traditions of the academy, and in keeping PAs in the driver's seat. Vote Jim Anderson for AAPA Secretary Treasurer. Read about my effort at www.bit.ly/andersonforaapasectreas Vote at https://e
  22. The AAPA elections start on Tuesday, and there's a lot a stake. I'm running for the mighty Secretary-Treasurer slot, and I hope you'll take a good look at my platform and consider placing an X next to my name. Join me and many other AAPA members in our effort to keep the AAPA moving in the right direction. My experience with participating in the management of multi-million dollar budgets and in institutional/professional/organizational leadership and administration make me well suited to take this on. But the position includes much more than just its financial tracking aspects. In additio
  23. I just wrote this on the Huffington Post blog, based in part on my mostly productive and positive conversations here with PAs recently about what AAPA needs to do. I am running for the AAPA Board Secretary-Treasurer position in the April 1 election, and I hope you will take a look. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-anderson/physician-assistants_b_5013750.html Jim Anderson, PA-C, MPAS, ATC, DFAAPA (AAPA election page: http://www.aapa.org/about_aapa/leaders/resources/item.aspx?id=7390)
  24. I'm running for the AAPA Board (Secretary-Treasurer) in the 2014 elections, which start April 1. The numbers of members who vote continues to shrink. I think having members elect the board is important, and also think that all PAs have a responsibility to participate in professional efforts like the AAPA, specialty orgs, state chapters etc. I contribute blog posts from time to time for Clinical Advisor (click on opinion/blogs tab), and wrote about this issue recently there. I'd love to hear what other PAs think. For non-members, I want to learn more about what keeps you from joining, and from
  25. Hey all, is anyone here planning on going to the AAPA conference in DC? I'll be there along with the Challenge Bowl team from DeSales. I'm also the AOR rep -anybody else? :smile:
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