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Found 4 results

  1. Hello All, My husband and I have been contemplating the new VA scholarship for PA students that was posted in the financial aid thread. They pay your tuition and a monthly stipend. For a minimum 2 year commitment. It would be for the last year of my husband's schooling. It essentially would amount to about 51,000 dollars in tuition and stipend plus all the interest we would be saving not having to pay loans on that amount. We were trying to get an idea of how much the VA would pay a new grad, but the answer I got from the scholarship program specialist is that there are too many variables(education, experience, and locality) to give a good range. So I did some digging. According to www.opm.gov a PA with a master's degree with no experience as a PA would get you the GS-09 level. Also based on some website, cost of living adjustments range between 14.35%-35.75%. It seems the average for most of the country is around 15-16% cost of living adjustment. https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/classification-qualifications/general-schedule-qualification-standards/0600/physician-assistant-series-0603/ So I went onto usajobs.gov. Typed in Physician Assistant, put the GS-09 level in a filter which says the pay range is between $49,765-$64,697. Based on their "Steps" a person would start on Step 1 to Step 10, So 64,697 is their Step 10. After 1 year experience you would move up to GS-11 and the following year GS-12 it looks like. GS-12 pay range is $72,168-$93,821. When you look at the job postings, a lot of them say "starting at" whatever wage that is higher than the minimum, but are they only taking PA's with experience that would be at a higher GS level? So my question is, is the scholarship even worth doing? If a new grad starts out at 49,765 plus COLA right out of the gate, it seems like you could essentially pay off the loan within 2 years with that big of a pay gap compared with finding something in the private sector. And of course there is no guarantee on location or specialty for those 2 years even though they ask for your top 5 choices. It seems that they have good benefits, but not so much to off set that amount of pay difference. Does any one have thoughts on this? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, i'm currently doing my undergrad at HBU in Houston. I was wondering if UTMB would accept anatomy & physiology 1 and 2 separately rather than take general physiology and human anatomy separately. If so, is there a preference? Thanks
  3. New grad who just signed a contract to be single-coverage in a rural ED. My question to you old salts is how do I get up to speed as fast as possible? I have signifcant experience in critical decision-making (20 years in SAR), have focused on becoming an EM PA for over 10 years, and I read everything I can. I'm a member of SEMPA, and considering going to their annual conference in Las Vegas in March. I'm also considering going to the Chamberlain EM specialty training in February (although probably won't do both). Which would you recommend to a new grad in my situation? Any other suggestions on to get up to speed asap? Thanks, in advance, for any advice?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here attended S.M. and was able to get a rotation outside of the bay area? Was the process easy or hard for you? A place I'm thinking about is San Diego where there is a lot of hospitals/clinics. Thanks!
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