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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I was wondering if there are any places taking students for rotations starting in Jan 2021? I would love a rotation in San Diego sometime between January and April as my husband is mobilized there with the NH Army National Guard. Other areas of geographical interest are the Midwest, New England, Alaska and Hawaii for Jan 2021-Dec 2021. Specifically rotations located in the following places: Western SD, Cheyenne, WY, Casper, WY, Western Nebraska, Denver, CO area inc. the foothills, Sioux City, IA, Topeka, KS, Indianapolis, IN, Palmer, AK, Hawaii, Minnesota, NH, VT, ME, and/or MA Thank you in advance!!
  2. I was wondering if anyone has been hired by the VA recently and what their opinion was of it? Knew PA vs NP salaries at one point were lacking parity, but didn't know how the rest of the benefits were. Thanks!
  4. My mother is a RN who has worked in the VA hospital system for the past 5 years. She's been saying I should try to get in ASAP and get the benefits, along with other perks. I have a lot of in-laws that work at the VA (non-provider roles) and they all agree. They say it's not as organized as the private sector roles but all agree that the benefits outweigh the annoyances. I applied for a job on a whim, not thinking anything of it and I actually got a message on their website stating I was "not selected". But an HR rep called me last week to set up an appointment for an interview, which I have... classic example of how disorganized their HR department is. Anyone have any experience working with them that could share their thoughts?
  5. For those of you who have filed for VA compensation then subsequently applied for vocational rehab (chapter 31 benefits), how long did the process take? I am still a reserve PJ and have taken my bumps and bruises over the last six years. I am not broken like some of my brothers but I do believe I might rate at 10% or higher which would leave me eligible for Chapter 31. I am deploying soon and will return this fall, matriculating in January to PA school. Knowing the speed the VA moves would it be possible to work with a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) while overseas to get the ball rolling, knocking out my claim and filing before January or is it a complete pipedream?
  6. Just starting a thread on the new PA program in Virginia! Anyone heard from this school regarding apps?
  7. Hey everyone! I didn't see a forum for this cycle yet so I just wanted to start one. Who else is applying this year!?!
  8. This last semester I wrote a thesis discussing the downward trend of veteran enrollment into PA schools (down to 4% of matriculants in the 2012 cycle), and some of the barriers faced by veterans getting into PA school. My professor had just completed a fellowship in DC working in Senator Blumenthal's office (who sits on the Senate Veteran Affairs committee). She liked my paper and presentation. So much so that I am slated to discuss my paper with Senator Blumenthal's staff in June. While this is a great opportunity, I don't believe in giving a presentation like this without offering solutions. I don't like just "bitching sessions". As such, I am asking for input from any fellow vets, current PAs, PA students and PA faculty that read this. What solutions can be implemented to help increase veteran matriculation into PA programs? Some things to consider: over 89% of PA schools now require a Bachelor's degree to get in, so veterans may expend all their GI Bill funds just to meet the prerequisites. There was a grant fund for expanding Primary Care for PA schools that gave extra points to programs that could show active recruitment/ mentoring of veterans. This grant, as of 2014, has been rolled into 5 other grant programs, and the veteran advantage portion has disappeared for future grant seekers. The "vet 2 PA" initiative from a few years ago has been silent. The veteran section of the PA focus from PAEA has been unchanged for almost two years now. The white house blog on veteran transition has been silent since 2013. This is a career that came from veterans; the PA school model is even based off a world war 2 medical school model. However, the age of applicants and the amount of experience they have is decreasing annually. What can be done to incentivize PA schools to increase veteran enrollment, and ensure veterans are competitive for that enrollment? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciative. This may be an opportunity to introduce change, and I don't want to let it pass without soliciting the opinions of others. Thanks.
  9. I'm separating from the military in 2 months after 3 years of service as a PA in primary care and was recently extended 2 job offers; one with the VA in primary care, the other an occ med job with a non-profit organization run by Catholic Health Initiatives. As I consider what I'm looking for in my next job, factors such as work-family balance, minimal red tape and stress are more important than pay. Both offer good benefits. Can anyone offer any insight to life as a PA with the VA and how that job might compare with a position with a non-profit? Thanks!
  10. Looking for some HCE feedback. Been working @ VA for 3+ years, all PTSD research - first two years were as EMG startle tech (running emg testing 1on1, 12 patients a day) working on base with AD marines. Now last 8 months is PTSD screening (CAPS) appointments with veterans I screen for eligibilty and schedule myself. Appointments include 2x 1on1 sessions; I assess for validity and we discuss trauma, symptoms and other life stressors in depth, before they are randomized (if I deem eligible) to a treatment program. Usually 5+ hours 1on1 per patient. Also includes lab work, I don't draw blood (no phlebotomy training) but take patients to clinic and process samples after. Occasionally consult with supervising MD but mostly working solo. MD has no interactions with patients other than if I deem SI to be extreme. Patients vary, but majority have comorbid diagnoses - bipolar, major depression, BPD, schizophrenia, substance abuse etc. Planning to take EMT cert in Spring and hopefully work in the field part-time alongside school & VA position (study ends when I start my BS) for next 3 years. (Already have British college time which accounted for VA position but credits not accepted by CA schools due to how long ago it was/some not transferable) Question is, will any of my psych work count at all towards HCE? I'm aware research is one of those touchy areas. Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. Anyone know of any shadowing available in the hampton roads area? thanks
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