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Found 2 results

  1. Good luck to all of us applying this cycle.! I submitted my CASPA on the 10th and I'm still waiting for verification.
  2. Well finally feel like I have a home (after I tried a few specialties I am back in primary care) the only bad thing is the pay. So to ask people what I should ask for in my upcoming review Currently: 10yr PA Outpatient IM/FP See 25-28 patients per day 36hr work week 4 x 8hr day work week in office plus 1/2 day in NH $84k, 4weeks, 2000k CME, full health for myself and family with no cost to me Two sides of the debate - nationally FP/IM only gets mid 90's and I am just below this but when I figure what I am generating for the practice (min 100 patients per week at $60-figure mostly level 3 but some 2's) is $6000 per week for 44 weeks is 264,000 per year(minimum) of income and I figure I use 105,000(84,000+15k health+5k bennies). Now I realize I need to cover 2x's my cost so that is 210,000 but there is another 50k floating around that I am trying to get the gumption up to ask for part of. Anyone have any decent bonus structures for IM/FP? Should I just be happy where at? (BTW my last job was EM and I was at 120,000 so this was hard swallow but worth it as I am happy) Just don't want to give my services away and also want to set up a correct pay scale for newer grads..... thoughts......
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