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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I did not see a forum started for this year's cycle specifically to the Tacoma site so I thought I would start one.
  2. Hey everyone! I am creating this form so everyone that who has received an acceptance phone call/letter can communicate together more efficiently. Has anyone received a phone call yet? If and when you receive an acceptance phone call/letter be sure to let us know so everyone can keep track of who is going to be the future classmates of Tacoma Class 6. Best wishes to everyone!
  3. I'd like to meetup on Friday in the evening if anyone is interested. I'm thinking seven seas brewing, it's close to campus.
  4. Hi All, I am looking to apply to UW for the PA program and I see that there are a few different campuses to choose from. The 2 that I am looking at are the Tacoma campus and the Seattle Campus. I will be hopefully moving to the area to be at Fort Lewis (JBLM) due to military obligations so I was wondering which campus is better or what are the pros and cons of each. One thing that has me concerned about the Tacoma campus is the 86% PANCE pass rate in 2015 which is well below national average but Seattle has a 98% PANCE pass rate which is well above. One thing that concerns me about the Seattle Campus is traffic. I would be living approximatley in the middle of both campuses in between Kent and Renton so I am trying to figure out which campus would be the better option. Any current students or any locals that can chime in your help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, My name is Phil, and I am scheduled for an interview for the MEDEX Seattle Masters program on 11/19. If anyone is in the Seattle area and would like to meet up to grab coffee and a small bite to eat a week/couple days in advance, I am putting the invitation out for 2:00 pm on Saturday November 14th, at Cafe Solstice (4116 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.) Cafe Solstice is two blocks west of the UW Seattle campus. Meeting other candidates will make the morning, heading into the interview, much easier knowing a few people than it will on your own. I'm looking forward to meeting all who are applying, interviewing, or are even current students. This is not meant to be for masters applicants only. Please join if you are applying to any campus or degree program. I look forward to meeting any and all of you. Good Luck, Phil Brown
  6. I have my interview dec 13th at uw tacoma. I am super excited. Wondering if there are any current students from tacoma campus that could shed some light on interview questions and such.
  7. Hello MEDEX Tacoma applicants, I am a new member who applied to the Tacoma site and waiting to hear back (hopefully with an interview)! Has anyone else heard back yet? I know Tacoma is generally behind the rest in terms of interview dates. We can also share a little about ourselves here as we may be classmates in the near future. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Has anyone heard about any additional interviews for Tacoma #2.
  9. There's already a thread talking about it but that last post to it was in June and I'm curious if anyone has heard any news. Will it be ready for this cycle? If so how will that work into the interviews this year?
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