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Found 18 results

  1. Looking to do a rotation in the Bay area in 2021 as I would like to move there after graduation to practice. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on clinical rotations anywhere in the San Jose, San Fransisco, or Oakland area. Open to any specialty. Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone! Figured I would start this thread for this cycle! CASPA sent: 5/18 CASPA verified: 5/21 Stanford received my application: 6/13 Good luck this cycle everyone!
  3. Can someone explain why Stanfords tuition is 160k for the program? Am I reading this wrong? What makes this program so much better?
  4. Hello all, I noticed a discussion thread has not yet been started for this year's application cycle. I recently received an email from admissions letting me know that my application has been received and is under review. Where is everyone else in the application process? Any little drops of wisdom on how the Stanford admissions process typically goes, or the merits/drawbacks of their curriculum and program? Thanks, and good luck
  5. Hi there, I was hoping that someone could help answer this one on Stanford and retaking GRE exam. I know that you are required to submit your Stanford application through CASPA by September 1st, but does that mean you have to submit your GRE scores by that date? Intuitively the answer seems obvious but I have read that you can take/retake the GRE after that September 1st deadline and update your scores on CASPA. The updated scores will then be sent to the programs you've applied to. While I've already sent preliminary scores to Stanford, I'm planning on re-taking the GRE and am wond
  6. what pa program are you in and what's your profile like? I am still an undergrad student and I would want to be (extra) well-prepared for PA school. I have looked at multiple uni's programs, but since I'm in california, I'd like to stay local. I was looking at usc's. anybody in usc's program? gpa? GRE score? HRE? curious. thank you.
  7. Hi-- I am applying for this coming application round. I recently took the GRE: 162 verbal 5.5 analytical 153 quantitative If it wasn't for the quantitative score, I wouldn't be inclined to retake the test. However, I am wondering if I could still get in to my schools of choice. My overall GPA and science GPA are 3.93, I graduated valedictorian of my department, and I have several years of experience working as a clinical dietitian, as well as public health and policy work. I also have good letters of rec and tend to interview well. I don't want the GRE score to be the one thing that
  8. Did anyone else see that Stanford has now been moved to CAPSA? PCAPPRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATE PROGRAM Search This Site Only Stanford Medical Sites Admissions Application packets for classes beginning in June/July 2016 - deadline has been extended (tentatively October 1st - official deadline will be announced), due to the transition to CASPA. More details to come! Visit the Stanford PCAP website for updates/announcements. Please hold off on submitting documents until further notice. All applications received by the deadline are prescreened to determine that the clinical and acade
  9. Stanford Health Care Center for Advanced Practice is delighted to announce our annual conference for Advanced Practice Providers! Please share this announcement with your colleagues. 2015 Topics in Acute and Ambulatory Care for Advanced Practice Providers September 11, 2015: Topics in Acute Care September 12, 2015: Topics in Ambulatory Care Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge 291 Campus Drive Stanford, CA 94305 LKSC 230 Registration is now open! Early Bird Registration by 8/28/15 This program is designed to offer an evidence-based review and updates on multiple
  10. Please join us on 9/11 and 9/12 at Stanford for a special conference catered to Advanced Practice Providers, "for APPs, by APPs." See the attached flyer for more information. The flyer does say CME credits are not YET approved. Please note that we've had this conference in the past, and traditionally it has been approved as CME for the full 7+7 CE credits. As such, we do expect it to be eligible for CME credits. Stanford Health Care Center for Advanced Practice is delighted to announce our annual conference for Advanced Practice Providers! Please share this announcement with your coll
  11. I'm working on my PA school applications and was checking out Stanford. Turns out, I'm a pretty good fit, especially given my HCE. I'm just a little confused as to how exactly their program works and what degree(s) I'm going to come out with. Ultimately I want my Masters, but it's a little confusing seeing their Masters option comes from another school AND is online. Does anyone have hands-on experience with this? Thanks. -Kayla
  12. Hi all, Although Stanford mentions on their website that applications that don't meet this 3,000-hour requirement are considered "incomplete," does anyone know about or have experience with their flexibility? I'm a graduating senior in college and have worked part-time as an EMT, clinical research assistant, and have done several volunteering gigs involving hands-on care. Estimating what I think makes sense gives me ~1,500 hours. I've accepted a two-year teaching position with Teach For America after graduation and, during this time of working a full-part time job, will have to complet
  13. Hello prospective applicants, current students, and alums, I am an out-of-state applicant and was wondering what your thoughts are of attending the information session this spring/summer. I understand that Stanford encourages to attend one information session, but I guess I'm wondering how important it would be to go. The topics that are going to be discussed are all on the website. Also, do any of the faculty and/or admission committee members attend these sessions to answer specific questions? I don't want to spend the extra money on a flight, hotel, rental car, and time away from work i
  14. Hi All, I am grateful to have gotten into two great schools, Stanford and Samuel Meritt. I was just wondering if the prestige of the PA school matters in the long run (job offers, salary, etc.) I am still debating which school I'd rather go to and weighing the pros and cons of each school. My biggest concern is that Stanford offers an Associates degree with an option to do an MMS (Masters of Medical Science) degree later. While Samuel Meritt offers an MPAS degree. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Greetings everyone. I am 38 years old and interested in the PCAP @ Stanford. All I have is an Associates in General Studies but have completed the school's requirements for admission with a 3.51 Science GPA (3.16 cumulative GPA). In addition, I have taken a statistics course, college algebra as well as medical terminology. How difficult will admission for me be if I am coming from Nevada and not California? I have live in Nevada for 15 years and California is my home state, however. I have also been working as a CNA in an acute rehab hospital since September 2010 full time (three 12-hr shifts/
  16. Hello Everyone, I just graduated from UC Berkeley this past spring. I have a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. I went to a CC for two years then transferred to UCB. I have a GPA of about 3.4 (~70 units) from the CC and a 2.94 (~52 units) from UC Berkeley. My Science GPA is just below a 3.0. I am signed up to take Anatomy (5 Units) and an EMT (6units) class at Los Medanos Community College Next Semester. I plan on working as an EMT full time from June 2013 until I apply in 2014. In the meantime I will be Taking Micro and physio in the Fall (2013) and will be working on the Afgh
  17. I'm planning on applying to the Stanford program next year, 2012, and have been reading through these forums with people asking how their credentials/grades/etc look for getting in, and current and former students giving their two cents. That's all good info for sure, but rather subjective (and sometimes disheartening). I'd like to know what those same students, the ones who are currently enrolled or recent alumni, had on their application to get in... or even to get an interview! Also, so I too can be on the receiving end of said subjective comments, here are my current stats I am plann
  18. Sorry about my previous thread and disabled YouTube link. This link to VIMEO should work fine. The video is 16 1/2 min long, divided into 4 sections and summarizes life as a student in the Stanford PCAP Class of 2011. Hope this fires you up!
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