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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I am one of the unlucky re-applicants that will be reapplying to this program for the 2018 start. Even though I need to reapply, I am not discouraged :) So, who all is applying to this program?
  2. Please feel free to share information regarding the application process/Barry University. Best of luck!
  3. A discussion within the school's forum history at "Pre-PA--> Physician Assistant Schools--> Alabama--> University of South Alabama" has been created. Please see posts there since I'm unsure how to delete this topic. Thanks!
  4. I have been thinking about this a bit since reading RC's post on PA's educating PA's. Where are we in terms of developing future leaders? IMHO, very far behind the nursing and physician establishment. Our profession has done a great job in developing clinicians that can practice medicine efficiently and cost effectively. We are valued members of our health care teams. But in essence, to me, as I look back over the last 26yrs of my career and squint into the next decade of my career, I ponder what does that really mean? This will sound a bit jaded, especially to newer PA's but esssentially, the majority of us are "grunts". We work the front lines, handling whatever comes our way, loading/unloading the trucks(typically better and faster than those around us), come back to work the next day and do it all again. Yes, we educate ourselves, our patients, colleauges, students, residents, etc. We may even sit on committees, be a "chief" PA in our hospital(those positions are few/far between) work at the state level with our PA association or on a national level BUT: where is the actual leadership development taking place in our profession??? Where is the opportunity to learn about becoming a leader and then having the opportunity to become said leader? At every hospital I have worked, there has been leadership development for nursing. There is a track that nurses can get on and make their way up the ladder to even higher level positions. At my current facility, all nursing management positions go to "leadership" education days. Many of our upper level management personnel are nurses that do not have advanced degrees but made their way up the ranks in the early days and now are VP level. Where is the equivalent experience for PA's? Our physicians in leadership positions, such has division heads/chiefs of departments, also get leadership development with assigned readings, meetings with the leadership development personnel in HR. A very cursory google search on nursing leadership and you can discover: At the annual EAST(Eastern Association Surgical Trauma) they have a 3 YEAR program for Trauma/Acute Care Surgeons so that they may develop leadership ability. I feel that we get a tremendous amount of recognition about what a vital role we are to have in the upcoming years, particularly with all the changes taking place in a new health care world but it begs the question: what is that role? To be present and keep loading and unloading the trucks even faster, more efficiently and for less $$ than others? Where is our seat at the table? Our chance to impact policy? If not on a national level at least in our own little fishbowls: our clinics, hospitals, networks. I feel the paucity of attention we have given to this aspect of professional developement, in years to come, may be a real hindrance to giving PA's an opportunity to advance outside the clinical realm.