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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am a physician assistant student interested in current legislation issues concerning PA practice in the state of Texas. If anyone has any links to resources regarding this topic I would be very appreciative. I am looking for both current legislation issues concerning PAs as well as legislation that has not passed but that would improve a PAs' scope of practice in the state of Texas. Thank you!
  2. I am an international medical graduate from India and I am in process of writing my personal statement which I'll be sending out for review very soon. However I have a quick question regarding the justification of choosing PA career in US over Residency. Honestly I had a real tough time in going through USMLE and that is the reason I am choosing PA option as it suits my personality, provides me some flexibility over various streams and helps me in managing my family/work life being a female. Can someone please help me what should I include in my PS as far as this comparison is concerned? I would not like to even mention about the Medical residency. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I'm newly starting at a multi-doc practice. One of the substitute supervising physcians is saying that the "sign the note in 10days" rule is still the work of the primary. That's not how we did it at my last practice, but... I looked at the rules and I can say he is wrong. The substitute has responsibiliy while the primary is away, but if the primary is avaiable to sign the chart within that 10days, by what I'm reading, the substitue can pass the buck. Can anyone point me to the law/regulation/addendum/legal presidence, which demonstrates that the sub DOES take on the signing rule. Some relevant regs: "Substitute supervising physician--A supervising physician who is registered with the Board and designated in the written agreement as assuming primary responsibility for a physician assistant when the primary supervising physician is unavailable." "(4) The supervising physician shall countersign the patient record within 10 days." © During the period of supervision by the substitute supervising physician, the substitute supervising physician retains full professional and legal responsibility for the performance of the physician assistant and the care and treatment of the patients treated by the physician assistant. -Thanks, Tourfour
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