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Found 4 results

  1. I'm currently a sophomore in high school interested in becoming a PA. I'm thinking about doing ROTC to pay for schooling and for job opportunities, but I'm not sure how the timeline works out. I plan on doing Running Start, so would I immediately start ROTC in my junior yea of high school? Then, when I graduate and finish with my bachelor's, how do I apply for PA school? The school I'd like to go to (UW MEDEX) requires at least two years of medical experience. Can I gain this by working as an EMT or something else through the Air Force with my ROTC commitment? Then will I go back to PA school and serve more to pay for it, or does the Air Force have some other sort of training for PAs? I'm really confused, guidance would be much appreciated.
  2. I am a Biology/Pre-PA major Junior in college. I am in ROTC and participate in many extracurricular within ROTC, so I am ranked well. I am looking for advice on my chances for getting into PA school. I don't have many preferences for a PA school, my life dream has just always been to save lives within the medical field. At the time of applying for PA school I will have a 3.1-3.3 GPA, around 1000 hours as an ED medical scribe, and I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year. Most of my credibility outside of my GPA is ROTC which takes up a decent chunk of time which I am hoping will say something for my application. I have yet to take the GRE but plan on doing well since I will need the extra buff. I also attended basic camp and advanced camp if that helps my application at all. What are my chances for getting into PA school and is there any advice that I can be given for my future success in the medical field. Thank you. Very Respectfully, Nick
  3. Berg

    What is IPAP like?

    Hello, I am looking to find out some more information on what IPAP was actually like for those whom recently have gone through it. I am putting my packet in this cycle and haven't been able to find very much information on how the program is ran itself. I am currently an SMP Cadet with 3 years as 11b for the National Guard and am trying to weigh a civilian school vs. IPAP Basically, what I am looking for is: What a typical day at IPAP was like? Where did you get to do your clinical rotations? Do you choose where to do clinical? Is there a lot of power point learning or is it problem based? Is it pretty laid back or is someone constantly jumping down your throat? Where you close with your fellow classmates? How is the technology (i.e. learning aids/simulations)? What was your favorite part? Was there any leave? (Exodus)? And finally... If I am an O-1 while I go through do I get paid as an O-1? (I am assuming yes and it may be a dumb question, but I am literally getting no answers from anyone!)
  4. Hello, Right now I am one year away from commissioning through ROTC (this is technically my senior year but I didn't join ROTC until my Sophomore year so I have to be a 5th year). I am also in the National Guard as an 11B (SMP CDT for 2 going on 3 years). Anyways, next semester I am going to be applying to PA schools around Michigan and I will also be throwing in my app towards IPAP. I am not worried about getting into PA school (except maybe IPAP because I don't have very much time in service,) because I have a solid GPA, been working as an EMT and good letters of rec. My problem comes in with not knowing what is going to happen if I get into a civilian School. I plan on staying in the Guard and to my knowledge they took away the HPSP for PA which means that I will have to choose another MOS to commission into even if I get into PA school? Which doesn't make sense to me because after I graduate PA school they would have to re-class me again for 65D? It seems like a waste of money on the Guards part to send me through one BOLC after graduation then send me to another one after PA school... Can any elaborate or shed some light? Thanks,
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