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Found 1 result

  1. I'm about to graduate from Boise State University with my BS in Health Sciences. I'm thinking about applying to PA school but needed advice on finding the right schools to apply for. I don't have the best cumulative GPA sitting at right around 3.3 and will probably finish right around the 3.4 range. Although some of my lower grades are from classes that I took in high school. Most of my pre requisites I got As with a few Bs and then one C in biochemistry. I haven't taken the GRE yet and will take it sometime next year since I won't be applying for at least another year. I also haven't taken general biology because I know that some programs don't require it. For Health Care Experience I have roughly 2,600 hours as a radiology tech assistant in both an outpatient and inpatient setting, 416 volunteer hours as a Community Health Worker at a free and charitable clinic, and then I recently took a job as the Community Health Coordinator at the same clinic where I will work for the next two years full time. I also have a lot of leadership experience in school, at church, and the community. My question is what are some schools that would value my experience in Community Health, having a mid to low GPA wouldn't be a huge deterrent, and I wouldn't have to go back and take general bio for? My dream schools are Duke and Baylor but I know that both of those programs are very competitive and I'm not exactly the most competitive applicant. I'm just looking for a few programs that I might have a shot at. Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks all!
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