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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! Has anyone taken Pharmacology online at Doane? I'm exploring my options, but leaning more towards Doane University at the moment. ANY type of feedback regarding the course or other schools ya'll may have completed it at would be greatly APPRECIATED! Thank you so much in advance
  2. Has anyone taken an online pharmacology course (distance learning) that counted towards the sGPA and was accepted by most schools? I live in NYC and I can't find any school in a close proximity that gives this course. One school did but they stopped since no one would register for the class. I have heard pharmacology has been a tough course for all students so I rather take that to boost my GPA and have the background when starting PA school (one day).
  3. Currently I am working in an assisted living/nursing home facility as a Resident Care Associate/Certified Nurse Aide. I have been there almost six months. Recently I was approached by a co-worker and asked if I would be interested in becoming a Med Aide. Do you believe if I do both this would enhance my chances when applying or should I just stick to being a CNA? Also, would it help pharmacology? TIA
  4. "Has completed not less than sixty (60) hours of didactic instruction in pharmacology for physician assistant practice in an accredited physician assistant education program or a post-graduate program for physician assistant practice." Hi all I am considering moving up to Connecticut, and I stumbled across this quote. Anyone know what it means. Does the pharm I had in school qualify? or is this in addition or post graduation? Also what is the work environment in Connecticut job availability? Thanks all
  5. Hi everyone! I am preparing myself early for pharm and was wondering if anyone of you could make some recommendations in how to study pharm? Tips, tricks, books etc
  6. The school I've been accepted to has a difficult pharmacology course(faculty and current students have confirmed the difficulty) . In my interviews, one faculty member pointed out that students who have been out of school for a while before starting the program (like me), tend to struggle. She recommended I take some classes especially Pharm to stay sharp, but finances and my situation have made that impossible. I still have 3 months before school starts and was wondering of anyone knew of a good text book or study materials to help prepare me for pharmacology in PA school. thanks
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