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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, I currently work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in the hematology department at a 900+ bed hospital. I don’t interact directly with patients but I do tons of work for patients while utilizing clinical knowledge. I feel this is a great pre-PA job but I understand admission committees might not think the same way. My question is should I quit my job and work as an EMT or MA? It would be hard to walk away from a 60k salary but I’m willing to make the sacrifice if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey there, I recently graduated with a bachelor's in biomedical science in May and am really trying figure out a plan during my time off before I get in to PA school. I am currently an EMT for a private company but the issue is the pay is not great ($11/hr) and my undergrad student loans are going to kick in soon. I would like to get a job in the hospital and work closer to PAs to create relationships. I have thought about medical assistant but it seems that most jobs require an MA certification. Any ideas? What are you guys doing to increase your patient care experience during gap years?
  3. Hi, all. So, I'm interested in applying to Quinnipiac for the September deadline this year. On the admissions website, it says "The most competitive applicants should possess at a minimum: ... A minimum of one year (2,000 hours) direct patient care experience in the U.S. health care system" I probably won't have 2,000 hours by the application deadline-- I'll probably have 1500-1700, working as a volunteer EMT, plus a GPA of 3.8. I took the admissions website to mean that a lower number of hours was a ding on the application, but would still be considered, but heard from a fellow EMT th
  4. Are there any other ways I can gain hands-on clinical experience without prior certification? Thank you in advance for your input!
  5. Hi, My name is Amy. I am applying for the UF PA program beginning in 2014. I have been a registered dietitian for the past 2 years working full time in a hospital. By the time the program begins I will have 3+ years experience. They talk in the prior experience section about direst hands on touching. I do not take vitals or draw blood but am constantly in patients rooms, assessing them and do have contact specially regarding assessing muscle integrity. Will this be enough? All input appreciated:;)):
  6. Does anyone know what the must haves or must not have apps for pa students looking to use an iPad for textbooks, studying and note taking? Also can you explain what the app does and any disadvantages and how you worked around that disadvantage? Include prices and location to buy if possible! You guys are all so helpful thank you. Ps I did see a previous post about this but want additional suggestions! Ps (I downloaded keynote for typing into power points but can't find notability?) anyone know about this for the iPhone?
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