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Found 2 results

  1. I have ZERO patient contact hours... And after joining this forum and seeing most of the candidates, I’m having growing doubts about being competitive enough... My whole background is genetics; I only recently (last year during my rotation) realized that I wanted to be in direct-patient contact for work, but sadly everything I have ever done is in the laboratory, and it’s way too late for me to do any patient contact work since those beginner jobs can’t do anything for me beside “look good” I have been shadowing and was hoping my 200+ hours of PA shadowing would be a good alternative to my missing PCE (I plan on getting over 400-500 hours of shadowing). It really does suck to be in a position where I don’t have any credentials to get me into a patient contact job. I will take all critiques and advice! Undergrad Ed School: West Texas A&M University, BS in Biology MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), BS in Cytogenetic Technology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.41 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.41 Post Bachelor GPA: 4.00 (Last 60+ hours) Age at application time : 23 1st GRE: 307 cumulative (150V, 157Q, 4.0A) Direct Patient Care (type & hours): None :( - Trust me, I tried to find a place to help volunteer or work, but I was pretty much put on hold and never called on everywhere I went - No excuses though, I hope my shadow experiences make up at least a little bit for this disappointment Non-Direct Health Care (type & hours): Cytogenetic Technology Oncology/Hematology Clinical Rotations at Vanderbilt University - ~600 hours Shadowing Experience (type & hours): Hematology (MD) - 25 hours Pediatrics ICU (MD) - 13 hours Interventional Radiology (PA-C) - 125 hours (and still shadowing) Certifications and Licenses: Licensed Cytogenetic Technologist by the American Society of Clinical Pathologist BLS Certified Research Activities: Pancreatic Cancer at MDACC (3 months) - Published abstract in Association of Genetic Technologist over a systematic review on the correlation between CNV and staging for PC Schools Applied: Oklahoma City University, Texas Tech University, UT-Southwestern, UT-Pan American, UT-Medical Branch, University of North Texas, and OU-Tulsa Letter of Recommendation: 1 from a PA-C that I am shadowing - Interventional Radiology in Amarillo, TX 1 from an MD - Education Coordinator of my CGT program at MDACC 1 from an MD, PhD - Program Director of my CGT program at MDACC Application Submitted Date: CASPA submitted May 31, 2016 I will keep updating this post as I find out about my interviews, acceptances, and denials
  2. Long - if you make it to the end there will be cookies. A little background: I'm an older student (36), educated overseas, served in a foreign military as a combat medic. Moved to the US, became an EMT, worked for a 911 service and a private ambulance service in Indiana for two years, then moved to Kentucky and worked in an ED as a tech. KY wouldn't accept my education from overseas, so, about 4 months ago I went to the local community college, sat the GED and passed (much to the shock of the clerk there who assured me I would fail since I didn't take the prep class). Then I sat the ACT. I applied to a university about an hour from me that has a pre-PA pathway and met with the advisor on this past Tuesday, discussed my options. Decided on the BS Emergency Medical Care because of my background. The advisor mentioned that I need at least 1000 patient contact hours, no big deal, I have years of it, and at least 2 of relatively recent years. Only after talking to my chief from the department in Indiana, none of my data is archived, almost like I was never there. He was happy to write a statement with my start and end dates, shift type, the truck I was on. But I feel as though that leads the reader to assume contact hours and even though my truck was in downtown metro (not the busiest truck but not the slowest either) I believe that this won't be enough to satisfy the requirement. I am fortunate that my husband and I had planned for me to not work during the time I need for school, as I know I'll need to dedicate a lot to the classes and shadowing. But now I feel as though I will need to get at least a part time position to be able to get those hours recorded. Advice? Thoughts? Thank you so much for reading!
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