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Found 2 results

  1. Question: I am not in pain mgmt but in Rheumatology. If our SP is away or at another office, myself and the other PA are expected to sign for his pain meds if they stick in our folder of stuff to sign. Well, I am big time getting people down and off pain meds and sending to pain mgmt. Ever since we started getting our Board of Pharmacy (Arizona) report cards last year, my numbers are higher than I would like or feel comfortable with ( High but still in normal range, not outlier thank God). I have inherited patients from a couple other docs no longer there, so that didn't help my numbers. The SP has a lot, lot of pain med pts, stuff I would never prescribe in my own patients, MS, Fentanyl, Methadone, higher dosages of Oxy, lots of Tramadol, and all kinds of dedicated pain mgmt type meds. The thing is: He never really takes time off and that really helps, and don't have to sign that often, but if he is ever gone for whatever reason....we (me and the other PA) are expected to sign for this stuff. The other doctor in the practice does ZERO pain meds (very occasional Tramadol at most) ever since she got her first AZ pharm board report early last year. So that is one less person to help with scripts if needed. I guess my question is: what are the legal ramifications of signing pain meds for your SP? I can't find anything, I did read a very small legal article by an attorney wearing a bow tie, that one should never sign for your SP pain meds, but not much more. I am on a big time no pain med kick, but when I sign for the SP or the other PA when he is on vacation (in fairness, they do sign for me), those numbers go to the pharm board and is added to my count as if it was my patient. I like my job, lots of autonomy, $ is good, very fast paced and I like that. But this is a stressor, and I want to know about legal ramifications signing for your SP? Any thoughts? Will e-prescribe that we will be transitioning in the future, help avoid having to sign for other people's stuff? Thank you!
  2. PACShrink


    So... I am moving to Florida. I have been a PA for 2 years, all in Psychiatry. I have my CAQ in Psychiatry. I am not certain I want to stay in Psych but here is my question... What are the laws in FL WRT Schedule 2 prescribing? Are PAs allowed to write for Atypicals? Stimulants? Should I stay in Psych in FL? Any advice would be really helpful..
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