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Found 14 results

  1. Has anybody heard anything for better or worse about interviews, rejections or acceptances? Any information about their interview timeline, time between submitting and interviews, etc? I submitted CASPA and UB supplemental a few weeks ago, just waiting to hear back now!
  2. What? Per diem job opportunity described as easy, straight-forward, laidback, fun with good pay. Expect low-acuity urgent care cases. Where? Manhattan When? Various open shifts throughout September and upcoming months w/ a particular need for weekend coverage Full-time Sept 27-Oct 12 How? If you have any questions, message me directly. If you have interest, please email your resume to alexandrajscialdone@gmail.com.
  3. Hi Guys, I am a Pre-PA student and now an Ambassador for a non-profit called Building Bridges of Hope. LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR MEDICAL MISSION TRIP August 11th-18th. NO MEDICAL BACKGROUND NECESSARY I am leading a trip to the Elisa Pina Province, Dominican Republic for a medical mission trip. We will be in the most medically underserved area of the DR. In this trip, we will spend a week in El Llano where we spend most of our days helping in mobile medical clinics and other days helping in the communities where needed. The clinics will take place in very remote villages in mountains along the border of Haiti. The patients that we see are Dominican and sometimes Haitian that have walked many miles to receive care for themselves or their children. We have a station set up to assess the children for malnutrition. We then give out 1000 calorie peanut butter packets, fortified rice, and vitamins in accordance to their need. Others will be assisting the doctor(s) and nurse(s) with whatever is needed which includes taking vitals, passing out medications, and more. The doctor will be holding consultations with the patients. For the community aspect, we spend one day in the preschool the nonprofit made to help lower the malnutrition in the area, where most affected are preschool age because they are left at home alone while their parents are working. My last trip helped at a preschool and painted, other groups have built bunk beds for a family or help elsewhere in the community. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, OR WANT MORE INFORMATION- or know someone that is interested, I have a few more spots open on my trip. email me at emd007@aquinas.edu or text me 989-309-0011 bbohdr.org (non-profits website) Thanks! Erin
  4. Hey! I am applying to PA school this cycle, but I have not had much luck with finding PAs to shadow in Montgomery county/the Philadelphia region. If anyone can help me out, please let me know! I've tried contacting multiple practices, but have not heard back.
  5. Wanted: Social Media Coordinator! First Rounds is seeking a motivated PA student to serve as social media coordinator for 2016-2017. The position is a 1-year commitment with the option to extend the role for a second year. Duties include, but are not limited to: 1. Consistently create engaging content for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter 2. Keep up-to-date with additional news and opportunities for PA students that are relevant to the FR audience 3. Increase FR brand awareness to PA students and programs nationwide 4. Possess outstanding written communication skills. 5. Effectively utilize humor and wit while maintaining a professional tone in written content 6. Commit to the role of assistant editor October 2016-2017. 7. Be flexible with scheduling, be adaptable, and communicate effectively with the entire team If you are a proactive, current PA student with a strong interest in social networking opportunities, please send a resume or CV with your name, PA program, graduation date, and a short summary of why you would be a great FR social media coordinator to FirstRoundsSubmission@gmail.com. Please include 1-3 examples of your social media interactions. The position includes an optional $400 reimbursement stipend to attend the 2017 AAPA Conference in Las Vegas. Deadline for applications is September 30, 2016. Interviews will be held at the beginning of October. Requirements: 1. Must be a current PA student in good standing with an ARC-PA accredited PA program 2. Must be a current member of AAPA 3. The selected candidate must have at least one year remaining in school as of October 2016. (i.e. graduation date of October 2017 or later) * Those with prior social media experience will be given preference, but it is not required. ​Check out the original post on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/firstrounds/photos/a.459401247586706.1073741828.458562654337232/498591923667638/?type=3&theater
  6. I am looking for some shadowing opportunities. I am in the midst of applying to PA Schools and would love to experience the various fields. I have used PAshadowonline.com with no success, given that only one PA is currently listed but not available. Are there additional resources/Professionals willing to take on a Pre-PA student? If there is anyone willing to be a mentor of sorts, I would enjoy hearing from you. I love working with people, I am extremely responsible and have lots of medical and volunteer experience. Thank you for your time.
  7. An orthopaedic surgeon in Biloxi, MS is looking to hire a PA with surgical experience immediately. Please contact me for any additional information.
  8. Apex Emergency Medical Group, Inc., a premier Southern California Emergency Medical Group, currently has three long-term contracts in Riverside and San Bernardino County, California. We are offering exceptionally rare, full-time opportunities to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to staff all of our Emergency Room contracts at Hemet Valley Medical Center, Menifee Valley Medical Center, and Victor Valley Medical Center, to provide Rapid Triage and Acute Care. Two of the hospitals are within minutes from beautiful Temecula Wine Country in sunny Southern California. Temecula has been voted one of five safest cities in the country with affordable housing and excellent schools. Furthermore, new contracts will start up in the near future within minutes from the pristine beaches of Orange County, California, Candidates must be licensed/certified as a Nurse Practitioner with a minimum of two years NP in acute setting or two years ER nursing, or a Physician Assistant with a minimum of two years ER or urgent care experience. Excellent hourly compensation will be based on experience. Compensation includes health insurance, 401K, paid malpractice with tail, paid vacation and sick time, Paid time off for continuing medical education (CME), and a generous CME stipend. In addition, Apex will reimburse employees for their California license and DEA renewal fees. Quarterly incentive bonuses will be based on productivity and are presently being developed at some of the Group's busier hospitals. Full-time and Per-Diem positions are available. Candidates must be credentialed to work at all of the Group's current sites. Also, some weekends and evening/night shifts are required. Apply to become a member of the Apex team, the "fastest" growing emergency medical group in Southern California, "Providing the Highest Level of Excellence in Emergency Medical Care." Required experience: Emergency Room or Urgent Care Experience: 2 years __________________________ Joseph Botto, MA Healthcare Recruiter KPC Global Management, LLC C: 714-614-2805 O: 951-537-6033 F: 951-537-6023 jbotto@globalmso.com www.thekpcgroup.com
  9. Hey everyone! I love this forum and would like to thank all of you, it's a great help! I was hoping I could get some information regarding what's bothering me , and what's stopping me from my journey to become a P.A. I live in new jersey, and I am worried that I will not be able to support my family by being a P.A. in my community people have large families and tuition costs are very high, and so are other expenses. I want to become a P.A, and money isn't everything however i have to know that i can provide for my family. Is my information wrong on what P.A.S make?Are there ways and opportunities to earn a a few extra dollars? Are there specialties that can make more without being away at night or working crazy shifts? Any information would help especially from p.a.s in the N.J. , N.Y. or P.A. area.
  10. Has anyone been interviewed for the boston campus, I have an interview coming up on Nov 21 and would like to know if anyone knows on what type of interview process thus MCPHS has. I have heard that we have to write an essay during the interview, so far I have been interviewed at schools who had Mini interview process so how should I prepare myself for this interview process along with essay?? I am really nervous and any help would be appreciated :) Also if anyone knows anything about how is the traffic and commuting services to and from the airport to campus and near by motels.
  11. I am a physician looking for a mid-level partner in a new practice. I am NOT a recruiter or headhunter. Seeking a mid-level provider to assist in a new outpatient clinic evaluating patients for potential medical marijuana card recommendation. This is an outpatient practice currently being developed in Providence, RI. There is no call or night shifts. Monday to Friday 8a-5p. It would be fee basis per number of patients seen daily with transition to a generous salary. Patients would be seen every 30 minutes to an hour (depending on business) ideally, at a fee of $50/patient going to the mid-level provider. Realistically 10 patients a day initially with a goal of 20 patients a day once established. It's possible the week could be split among several providers depending on what works best for those that apply. Don't miss this opportunity to help others in an area that is often overlooked...alternative medicine. We will NOT be prescribing marijuana, soliciting marijuana or in direct contact with marijuana. We are simply recommending a patient for consideration of a medical marijuana card through the Rhode Island Department of Health. Visit their website to read more on this. http://www.health.ri.gov/healthcare/medicalmarijuana/for/providers/ Email if interested and we can discuss further.
  12. Hi all. I just came across this forum and am excited to find such helpful resources. I have a question. I am graduating in August and taking the PANCE in the beginning of September. I have been applying for quite a few jobs here (Michigan) and only have had 2 offers for interviews. I was interviewed by an outpatient internal medicine practice a couple weeks ago, but they said they wanted someone with more experience (if that was the case, I'm not sure why they interviewed a new grad in the first place). And my second interview is coming up Monday at a big hospital. It is for thoracic surgery. A friend of mine just got hired there (nights) and said they told her they like new grads because they can mold them. But if I don't get that job, I am afraid I won't get a job. Plus, this interview is for days, which I'm sure is more competitive than nights since most people want days. I don't mean to feel so pessimistic, but I am starting to worry. How many places did you apply prior to getting an offer? I wish there were job openings in my rotations, but there are no openings for any of the rotations I did. I had great reviews from preceptors and some solid letters of rec. A friend told me not to be discouraged because she applied for 15 jobs and got 2 interviews, which she got both jobs (one hospitalist and one urgent care). Did it take anyone months after graduation to find a job? Thanks, Sheryl
  13. Hello all, I live in the North Tampa area and am looking for any opportunity to shadow a PA. It doesn't matter what field, I just want to get a feel for the field. Thanks! :)
  14. Hi, my name is Billy and I have completed all my pre-requisites for PA school and have applied to the recent 2010 cycle. Regardless, I am searching for opportunities to shadow a PA and would gladly appreciate any help in pointing me to the right contact or any opportunity to shadow in the Denver metro area. Thanks, Billy
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