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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, I know this or very similar questions have been asked before, but many of the responses are old and I feel that I have a kind of unique situation. If you know of a post or topic that is similar, please just direct me to it. Thanks! I am currently a FT teacher, but looking to switch careers to PA. I have some HCE but it is from 2009-2011/12, and I was a scribe. I can easily shadow PAs while I continue working as a teacher (nights, days off, summer), but cannot get any hands on experience. Would those of you that have experience applying to PA school, being a student in PA school or working as a PA reccomend that I: a. try to get as much shadowing experience in different settings while continuing to teach next year, b. try to get my scribe job back as a weekend/night gig and try to shadow a few PAs in other settings (continue to teach) or c. quit my job in June and try to get a job as a medical assistant or take a CNA class, then work as a CNA in a hospital? back up plan here would be to get my scribe job back for next year I would really like to apply in this next cycle, so I am worried that I won't find any work as a CNA before the application is due (and some seem to be due by August 1!) Let me know what you think and why! Thank you so much. Feel free to DM me if you don't want to post!
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