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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, just looking for some feedback on a job offer I received. The clinic is located in Dallas, Texas. I’ll be a brand new grad in a few weeks Primary care- Base salary is 95,000 (Total compensation 100,000-115,000 after RVU bonuses). Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday. 1-2 Saturday’s per month ($300 shift pay for Saturday’s worked). Health benefits kick in after 3 months. 10 days PTO first year (increases to 15 after 1 year). 7 paid holidays. $1500 CME credit annually, but no CME days off. No mention of retirement benefits I appreciate any feedback! This is my first offer so I’m kind of weary to just accept the first thing that’s thrown at me, but it seems like a decent starting job as a new grad.
  2. So I am a new grad and I'm from Middle Tennessee. Sadly I cannot really relocate at this time, but I'm willing to commute a good distance. Despite that it seems nobody around here is hiring new grads. I've submitted 30-40 CVs so far and only received one call. I've started to just walk into places and introduce myself, handing in my resume even if they aren't hiring. That being said, I still have not gotten any calls or emails. Has anybody else had this problem? Is Middle TN just over saturated? Or is this just because I'm not a Trevecca grad?
  3. Hello pre-pa, pa students, and pa gradates, I honestly don't know how to start this, but I will get straight to the point. Here is a little about my background. I graduated with honors from high school, first semester of college was okay, I was still learning about how to choose classes and professors as well as how to study. I finished my 1st semester with a 3.2. Second semester I started "pledging" mistake, but I quit and finished my second semester with a 3.0. I decided to take summer classes, two at a time, (big mistake) failed both classes with E's. Long story short Fall of 2011-2012 (4 semesters) I struggled, was on academic probation, etc.. I was going out of my mind. Summer of 2013 I traveled, came back fall of 2013-2016 I maintained 3.0+. But the damage was already done and I just wanted to get out, move on, and have a fresh start. So, Overall Gpa - 2.45 sGpa - no idea I have to retake science classes Now, in Michigan there are a few college's that will allow you to use the last 60 credits of undergrad as well as post-bac to be calculated for the use of admissions to the pa program. My last 60 credits - 2.9 gpa My plan is to take random classes at a community college in order to manipulate my gpa and get at least a 3.8+ as well as take all the pre-req classes and then the gre. I am highly motivated and determined to achieve my dream and goals to attend pa school. I don't care if it takes me another three years, I am determined to do it. How should I plan out my classes? What should I do? Also, I need a minimum of 500-1000 hours of direct patient care (depending on which school) what should I do to achieve those hours? (I used to be a CNA out of high school but my certification expired in 2011) Also, I need better study habits, I'm horrible with multiple-choice exams, what can I do stay focused on the task at hand? I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter and she is my motivator towards achieving this goal of mine. Any advice would help please, I would love to hear success stories in which people that were once in my shoes make it to pa school.
  4. I recently got accepted to a PA school and during the interview, I really felt I belong there. However, it is a relatively new program and I do have some concerns. I want your opinions about new programs and whether you would go to one. Pros about the school: -Innovative curriculum -Already has strong ties to healthcare facilities due to other preexisting healthcare programs -Love the area -Since still new, program has to prove itself and make sure its students become good PAs Cons: -No alumni support -Still working on curriculum and rotation sites -Still figuring out faculty -No PANCE scores My biggest concern is the rotation sites. Although they have a lot of connections to healthcare facilities, it's hard to say where and how the rotations will be. They choose our rotation sites for us, and stated rotations will be at most 1.5 hours away. When asked about the rotation sites, seems that they are still trying to figure them out. I really like the school and keep trying to convince myself to go here versus more established programs. I'm not sure if new programs are that bad since you're still going to come out as a PA. Opinions?
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