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Found 28 results

  1. New grad dermatology offer in the Northern Virginia area. Solo MD practice with 4 PAs (1 is leaving and another is leaving in a few months). Only the MD has an MA who brings back pts, scribes and assists with procedures. No Mohs in office. PAs see approximately 15 pts per day at 30 minute intervals - bring pts back to rooms, turnover rooms, perform beta-hcgs without assistance. Location, providers and support staff are great - shadowed with the practice following interview. Offered a 1-year contract for $48/hr, 36 hours/wk, work 8AM - 5 PM (1 hr for lunch flexing every other Friday), no weekends or holidays, no call. Paid bi-weekly. Compensation while training will be $25/hr for the first 4-weeks of employment, increasing to $30 thereafter (no longer than 12 weeks) with a retention bonus after 1-year to compensate for pay-cut during training period. Productivity bonus begins after 1-year of employment: annual bonus of 5% of the aggregate amount in excess of 3x calculated annual salary. PTO - 83.2 hours (2 weeks) covers vacation, sick leave, CME travel; increases to 3 weeks after 1-year Annual stipend - $1,000 covers licensure, CME (to include travel and lodging expenses), uniforms, dues, books. 401k - dollar for dollar matching up to 4% Malpractice insurance - provided but no details written in the contract; verbally told that there is no tail coverage but did not seem to know if policy was claims made vs occurrence. No dental, health, vision. Currently covered under spouse's plan. Restrictions: no moon-lighting, 2-year non-compete with other derm offices within a 20 mile radius. Offered Urgent Care position at $58/hr, ~32-36 hrs/wk to include two Fridays and one-two weekends a month. 2 months training at full pay. Non-training shifts will be from 2 PM -10 PM; working with another PA/NP in house at all times - can work solo after 1 year. Paid time and a half for holidays worked. No call. Salary growth of 3-6% annually plus RVU bonus. PTO - 84 hrs; plus 3 months maternity leave through disability CME $1500 401K - 100% vested after 1 year, 3-6% match after 1 year Profit sharing - 1500 hours (not really sure what this means...need to do some research) Malpractice insurance - occurrence policy. No tail coverage. Health insurance provided. Licensure fees, membership dues covered. I like both practices and need some feedback. I like staying busy, doing procedures and developing relationships with patients. I do no like the UC hours to include shift time, weekends and holidays - spouse works 9AM-5PM and want to have more time together. Derm location is closer to home, less charting, predictable schedule. I want to renegotiate the derm offer to match the hourly compensation of the UC offer - hoping to get at least $53/hr, ask for 20% rather than 5% annual bonus with a goal stipend of $2500. Any tips of advice of any sort would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello I’m a PA with 11 years experience who has worked in hospitalists medicine for over 9, various places. I’ve been at the same low salary for the past 5 years. 105k 7 on 7 off capped at 8 admissions per day 3-11, no PTO no sick days (have to be made up). I had a talk with them and as a result Ive been offered 125k with quarterly bonuses with an increase in patients. 2500 cme with licenses and fees to come out of the 2500 Pros: Fully Autonomous, flexible on start time, good rapport with boss. Typically done with my cap in 7hrs per day. Essentially working 56 hrs every two weeks, making the hourly rate pretty good. Possibly able to still complete a shift in 9hrs with new cap proposal. Cons: Poor communication in the office. Sometimes travel between two facilities I reached out to another hospital system in town and the local competition is willing to pay 128k base with 10k bonus divided quarterly. 2500 cme and pay for licensing and fees. Shift will be ten hrs. 2-midnight. No cap on admissions however told typically 6-7 admissions per night Pros. No travel required, Cons: no access to doc lounge (wth!), likely present every patient to supervising doc, don’t eat free with exception of “doc area” buffet that closes at the start of my shift. Longer shifts. My question is are these competitive numbers for the year we are in and also which seems to be the better option?
  3. Hello Everyone, I am graduating PA school in August and have been given a job offer in Gastroenterology. I am really excited for this job, but don't know how to negotiate the contract or if it is good enough as it stands. starting pay is $90,000 salary. mentions bonuses but does not have in writing a sign on bonus moving bonus, RVU performance, or pay raises. PTO 3 weeks, sick leave 1 week, CME 1 week. $1500 CME per year. year to year contract malpractice is included but does not mention a tail an 18 month non compete that covers two counties. I would cause irreparable damage if I break this non compete. my negotiating leverage (I was an endoscopy tech for two years. did my masters thesis on GERD. I speak Spanish fluently).
  4. Hey guys, thanks in advance for your input. I am renegotiating my contract at a FP location in WV. I have been here 3 years. Was hired in 2016 with a 3 year contract. I was hired as a new grad and started at a base salary of $80,000 with $1000 pay raise yearly for 3 years. I have a bonus structure of 25% bonus of receipts over 28,000 monthly. Benefits: 401K match, paid health insurance, disability, malpractice, $1500 CME, 25 days PTO as well as major holidays off. I do take call via phone 1 out of every 6 weeks but it is built into my salary. New contract offer is for 5% raise yearly for the next 3 years: so starting in June my salary would be $86,100, then 90,405, then 3rd year 94,925. Would keep same benefits and bonus structure. I know the salary is a little low for the average but since my office pays my husband and I's health insurance (around $12,000/yr) I feel like I can't press much more. Just wanted to see what others thought before we have an actual sit down meeting about it.
  5. Hello everyone, I am a graduating PA about to start my first job in EM and Trauma. I have accepted an offer but have yet to sign the contract. Upon my initial offer letter, they sent me a sample contract. Having multiple eyes run through it, including someone who was a former physician recruiter, some concerns were raised. The verbatim contract line of issue will be below this. The issue was primarily that Base Salary could be increased OR DECREASED based on many factors such as productivity, admin policy, and hospital financial performance. I directed these questions to my recruiter who then had the Director of EM and Trauma call me and discuss these concerns. In our conversation, it was stated that "Base Salary for EM and Trauma employees will NEVER be DECREASED based on any of the above items, the only thing that is affected by those factors are incentives, which in itself, will rarely be decreased. Essentially it will never serve as a 'punishment', only incentive to be an effective employee. Also anything I stated in your offer letter pretty much trumps the contract in that sense." The mistake I made was having only verbal confirmation here and do not have it in writing anywhere and I have not gotten an answer back via email about that. Even after the phone conversation the contract still reads the same and if it's not in writing it didn't happen. Should I send the contract back with an addendum stating the preferred changes based on phone conversation or how should I go about handling this? Contract Line Of Concern: "Adjustments to Base Salary, if any, will be determined at X's sole discretion; however, your initial Base Salary will not be reduced until after two years of employment. Beginning with the third year of employment and at X's sole and absolute discretion, Base Salary may be increased or decreased during your employment. When considering adjustments to Base Salary, X may consider a number of factors including, but not limited to, the results of your performance reviews, productivity, X's salary administration policy, and X's financial performance. Any Base Salary adjustment made as the result of an annual performance review will be effective on the date specified by X. Nothing in this paragraph limits X's discretion to make adjustments to Base Salary at a time other than in connection with an annual performance review, with such adjustments taking effect immediately"
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to get thoughts on what I should counter for a non-benefited W2 position in retail medicine. A little background: I'm young in my PA career and have been in rural family medicine for 1.5 years. I've been seeking per diem positions for a while now (I'm single with no kids in a VERY small town and I'm starting to get cabin fever LOL) and was finally offered one at a nearby hospital that has these types of clinics. These are the same ones you would find at a pharmacy with a very limited list of conditions that patients can come in for e.g. URIs, UTIs, Imms. The patients make the appts at least 1 day ahead of time so there are no walk-ins and the schedule is scrubbed by the MA and by provider to do the best possible in making sure more complex cases go to their urgent care or ER. So, compared to me following chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities at my FT job, I imagined that this would be relatively easy peasy. The job: Weekends 8AM-8PM with a one hour paid lunch. No benefits (NBD because my FT job has excellent bennies) Patients are scheduled on 20 minute slots Work with one MA who will work the front and back office Salaried. About $53.40 per hour Hospital was bought a few years ago by a bigger entity located in 3 states. I was told they are planning to get about 50 more clinics instituted across those areas in the next few years. I mention this because on the phone interview the recruiter said the salary was set across the organization. So I'm a little hesitant to ask for more but the practice manager on the in-person interview verbalized to me how badly they need providers. I think I will be asking for more (worse they could do is say no, right?) but what would be a fair counter offer? As a comparison, I make significantly more than this at my FT job but that's because of my bonuses. This is in the PNW with low COL. Thank you!
  7. Hello! I'm a new grad and recently received a job offer and contract. I wanted to see what other PAs thought and things I should negotiate since this is my first experience with this. Position is with a spine surgery practice in Texas: - Salary $90K with yearly bonus "at discretion of CEO." This seems a little low, but hard to negotiate as I have no experience. - 2 weeks paid vacation - In my interview they also stated that major holidays were off as well. Need to clarify if these would be paid or not. Is this reasonable time off or too little? - 5 days sick leave with doctor's note - CME allowance of $2500. They stated in interview that I also would have 5 days for CME, so I need to clarify this with my contract and whether they are paid or not and have this included in writing. - Malpractice insurance is provided "consistent with reasonable surgical physician assistant coverage." Obviously need to clarify whether occurrence or claims maid. And tail or not. - Individual health insurance covered by employer. Family health insurance covered by employee. I only need coverage for myself, so this sounded like a good deal to me. Other than above, I also wanted feedback on my hours. My schedule is described as up to 5 days a week but then later says that 5 days is routine and more days as agreed by PA and physician as needed. Hours may or may not extend past 10 hours per day with workload not to exceed 80 hours a week. There is no mention of call but when discussed they said I should "rarely" be on call. Obviously I'm not trying to get tricked into working 80 hours a week when the job was described as a M-F position. What is the best way to ask that this is clarified and protect myself from being exploited? Appreciate all of your feedback! Thank you!
  8. Have been wanting to post something in this thread for a long time. The group is in rural Virginia with 3 ortho surgeons right now, 4th is in negotiation. I would only work with one of them in the OR and office $105,000 Annual Salary Annual wRVU Bonus Potential / $25.85 per wRVU generated after 2321 $5,000 Relocation Assistance $5,000 Recruitment Bonus paid on the first payroll check upon commencement of employment Student Loan Repayment of 500.00 per month for 36 months PTO accrual of 5.54 hours per pay period / 18 days per year Extended Illness Bank of 2.15 hours per pay period / 7 days per year 40 Hours of CME with up to $2,000 in reimbursement cost Licensing and Credentialing Fees including PA License, Prescriptive Authority, DEA License & Medical Liability Insurance. Full benefits including dental, vision, short and long term disability. Would love some feedback on this and what I could ask them to work on. Also, if anyone has any advice on how to inform other groups I've interviewed with of this offer, I would appreciate it. I've followed up with all of the groups and they are wrapping up interviews this coming week. Would like to let them know that I have received an offer but don't want them to take me off their list. Thank you
  9. Hey everyone, just looking for some feedback on a job offer I received. The clinic is located in Dallas, Texas. I’ll be a brand new grad in a few weeks Primary care- Base salary is 95,000 (Total compensation 100,000-115,000 after RVU bonuses). Hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday. 1-2 Saturday’s per month ($300 shift pay for Saturday’s worked). Health benefits kick in after 3 months. 10 days PTO first year (increases to 15 after 1 year). 7 paid holidays. $1500 CME credit annually, but no CME days off. No mention of retirement benefits I appreciate any feedback! This is my first offer so I’m kind of weary to just accept the first thing that’s thrown at me, but it seems like a decent starting job as a new grad.
  10. I'm about to graduate and I've been offered a position at a hospital in SW Oklahoma. "General Surgery" is in quotations because I would technically be working in a specialty surgical clinic. My supervising physicians would be two general surgeons, a urologist, and a gastroenterologist. I would do a mixture of clinic and OR for these surgeons. I'm not sure about call yet. Contract specifics: 1 year duration $105K base salary with 2 possible bonuses: up to $5K depending on overall clinic wRVU productivity up to "5% base salary for achievement of recommended metrics" Sign-on bonus of $4K Relocation allowance of up to $6K Loan repayment assistance $10K to be paid over agreement term (1 year) Malpractice and licensing paid/reimbursed Full benefits, 401K 26 days PTO 3 days and $2,500 for CME over agreement term (1 year)
  11. Hi All, I am a new graduate and have been offered a position in ortho surgery at a hospital in SW Oklahoma. The offer is as follows: 1 year duration (negotiated down from 3 years) 105k base, plus 2 possible bonuses: one up to 5,000 depending on overall clinic production; and up to "5% base salary for achievement of quality metrics" Relocation up to 6k, sign-on bonus 4k Loan repayment assistance 10k to be paid over agreement term 3 days CME (unable to negotiate) and $2500 Clinic call only licensing and malpractice paid; full benefits, 26 days PTO I am happy with the outcome of the negotiation, but my major concern is that I will be the only PA they have in the entire hospital. They have a couple NPs in the ED and have employed a PA in the distant past. Neither of the two ortho surgeons have worked with a PA but they seem to like to teach. What are some things I should be doing to ensure that I will receive the proper training? I also realize I will be setting the expectations for how PAs are treated at this hospital from here on out, and want to make a great impression. I hope this is posted in the correct forum and I appreciate all suggestions!
  12. My fellow PAs I wanted your opinion or experience with contracts. I was offered a position in Outpatient Internal Medicine working for a private physician . I have over two years experience in Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine. The salary is $110,000, no health insurance I would be under my husbands plan, $500 for CME, 3 weeks paid vacation plus holidays, no mention of sick/personal days. The hours are Monday to Friday 8-5 pm this includes 1 hour lunch that is not paid and every third Saturday 8-12. There is 401k plan and malpractice coverage. What are your thoughts? I am concerned on the schedule since it will be more than 40 hours per week on average that I am expected to be in the office. And there is no mention of personal days plus the CME $$ I also feel is very low. Also there is restricted covenant of 15 miles for 2 years after leaving employment which I think is standard for these positions?
  13. My fellow PAs I wanted your opinion or experience with contracts. I was offered a position in Outpatient Internal Medicine working for a private physician . I have over two years experience in Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine. The salary is $110,000, no health insurance I would be under my husbands plan, $500 for CME, 3 weeks paid vacation plus holidays, no mention of sick/personal days. The hours are Monday to Friday 8-5 pm this includes 1 hour lunch that is not paid and every third Saturday 8-12. There is 401k plan and malpractice coverage. What are your thoughts? I am concerned on the schedule since it will be more than 40 hours per week on average that I am expected to be in the office. And there is no mention of personal days plus the CME $$ I also feel is very low.
  14. Hi guys. Got an offer as a new grad for internal medicine group practice in the northeast. $88K salary plus annual productivity bonus eligibility, 3 weeks paid vacation, 7 paid holidays, 3 days paid CME, $1,000 annual CME, paid malpractice with tail included, paid professional society membership, FT, 40-45 hours per week, pt care 4.5 days/week with 0.5 days per week admin time, 1-yr contract with 1-yr non-compete agreement. Includes insurance, 401K w company matching up to 4% after 1 yr. Any thoughts on this offer's quality would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  15. I'm in a little bit of a pickle, you guys. I currently practice in an orthopedic group doing mostly clinic work with the occasional call weekend and rounding when my SP is out. I get along great with my supervising surgeon, and he treats me and the rest of his staff very well. I don't feel that I have a lot of autonomy in my current position being that it is a sub-specialty (joint replacement) with very little management of things other than arthritis and perioperative patient optimization. I feel comfortable in my job and I know what to expect, but I definitely don't think I'm being used to my full potential. I'm not really allowed to problem solve in order to make processes or clinic flow better because of the corporate structure - there are so many boxes to check and things to track that we don't have much freedom in making our work flow better. Management "wants to hear from us," but when we do speak up, there isn't much of a response from management. Pretty frustrating to say the least. In summary - I really hit the jackpot working with the surgeon I work for now - he has my back and trusts me, and he knows my worth. But the actual practice/management/company? Not as thrilled about my interactions with them. Here's the dilemma... A few months ago one of my colleagues from PA school contacted me about a PA position at his practice - he thought I'd be perfect for the job. I met with them just to see what the opportunity was, and turns out, on paper it's sort of my dream job. Sports medicine/general orthopedics, mostly clinic but OR time available, lots of autonomy once the doctors trust you, some call (but MDs take majority of it), and high school/college athletics coverage as needed. My background is athletic training, so occasional game coverage definitely appeals to me. The practice was adding a few new surgeons to the practice, so a few months went by and I was contacted again to interview. I interviewed with the new surgeons, and a couple of weeks later they contacted me to tell me they wanted me on their team and wanted to make me an offer, so I met with their management again (which included dinner, which was nice) and they offered me the job. This new practice made me an offer that's MUCH better in terms of compensation than my current position. 15k more/year than I'm making now, PLUS bonus structure at the new position (my current job told me when I hired on there would be a bonus structure, but turns out they did away with it 6 months into my employment... I wasn't thrilled about that). It would be a 3yr contract then up for negotiations after that/yearly renewals. I would get more CME time than I currently do, and more time off than I currently do. Holidays are not taken out of PTO. Occasional call (no more than I have right now) and OR time when I want it. The offer to work for this new practice is clearly better on paper, but I wasn't looking for a new job. My dilemma is - do I leave a practice I know and (for the most part) enjoy for a place that's going to pay me more but I have no idea if I'll like the management/staff/physicians? It's a weird place to be. I feel fortunate to have options, but it's a stress to make a decision that I wasn't really expecting to have to make. Any thoughts?
  16. OK, so I got a wage quote from a big hospital HR after an interview. The OM presented it and even he didn't sound like he liked it and was worried I would walk. He gave me the quote, was unsure of OT and wage differential since I would be working evenings. He asked if I would even be willing to come back in and talk. I said I would welcome another visit with them. I figure, it's not an official offer because we haven't discussed any benefits or literally ANYTHING yet. So this wage quote pre-offer is throwing me off. At what point can I turn this into a negotiation? Also, how much have you seen for shift differentials for evenings (not overnights)? It would be nice to hear from others about those. I thought it's anywhere from $5 to 30% pay....
  17. I am a pre-PA and am interested to learn about compensation packages from those of you who are employed by university health systems, particularly the University of California and particularly those who practice in a surgical subspecialty. A basic search through several UC medical center websites gives me an idea as to what a first year graduate would earn hourly at each of these sites, but no additional information about CME, licensing, or whether quarterly reconciliation bonuses are part of the pay scheme. When I shadowed in the CVICU of one UC medical center, the PAs there were reportedly working 80-100 hours per week. Whether or not that number is inflated is beside the point; however, I would be interested to learn about those weekly hours beyond 40 (and those spent on call) are compensated. Just to be clear to those lifers on the Forum, I have no interest in working those kinds of hours. I am not focused on trying to make the most money I can right out of the gate and kill myself in the process. Just trying to learn from those of you who have experience working in university hospital systems. Interested to know what the advantages are in terms of compensation, life-work balance and what the most obvious pitfalls are. In sum, is it more trouble than what it is worth it to work for a university health system? Note about me: I currently work for a non-profit charity that provides plastic and reconstructive surgical services to victims of natural and man-made disasters. Working in an administrative capacity for this organization is what has energized me to seek clinical training as a PA. Its nice that PA compensation can be lucrative, but my chief focus in switching careers is to make a difference in the lives of my patients, whether domestic or international.
  18. A New Grad derm offer I received in Northern VA: (previous HCE: SA in Derm x 5 years) Term: 3 years. Training x 6 months. Expectation 20-25 pts a day thereafter Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, "Occasional Saturdays" 8am-12pm Base: 80k Bonus: Shall be compensated at a rate equal to 15% of collections above 150K/year Mal-practice: Covered w/o tail Vacation: 1 week vacation for every 6 months employed with practice Non-compete: 15miles x 2 years ALL other benefits: ambiguous, contract says things like: Sick leave: "as per terms and provisions of the employee manual" (which I was told hasn't been updated in 25 years) Personal time: no explicit mention besides, "personal time may not be accumulated from one year to the next" Holidays: no explicit mention CME allowance/educational leave: no explicit mention Health coverage: "in accordance with the policies of the medical practice" Holidays: No explicit mention Professional memberships/licensing/etc: will pay "certain" basic memberships to include state and county medical society dues and hospital medical staff dues, state license, "certain" federal and state narcotic licenses and such other benefits as may be established, adopted, and modified from "time to time" by the medical practice for other PAs. -- During the actual interview, I spoke with the current PA about most of the above and she pretty much said...everything is covered and she's not had any issues since she's worked there (2.5 years as new grad, no derm experience straight out of PA school). Although I believed her, I am finding it difficult for the practice to secure these things in writing. Also, since the employee manual is so outdated I have nothing else to reference. Therefore, I am pretty much back on the hunt
  19. Any thoughts on this offer from private gastroenterology practice? $45/hr for 24 hours a week (weekdays) 1 in 5 weekends Two comp days after weekend. Option of working one "comp" day for $100/hr. No call No benefits other than malpractice and licensing fees 1-2 holidays per year. Paid $100/hr. Position will be a mix of clinic, inpatient and consults. Approx 2 patients an hour for clinic, 12 patient panel on the floor and amount of consults will vary. I will also be responsible for managing another PA's inbasket (lab results, imaging results etc). I have 6 years experience as a PA (in surgery, ED and family practice). I am currently working in a practice with a malignant practice manager and I am hoping to find a good alterantive. The hourly rate seemed a bit low, based on what I've been offered in the past and by the AAPA salary report. They are not negotiable with the rate because they state it would not be fair to the other PAs that work there. The practice manager there and physicians seem wonderful. Very eager to teach. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons.
  20. I know this is not a good offer, but I want to know if it's worth neogtiating or too far off the mark. I graduated a year ago, but have not worked yet as a PA due some family issues. I wish this had not been the case but it is what is. Due to this, I am aware that I am undervaluing myself because I have not been in the clinical setting for a while. I had my first interview at a family practice in a small community in NE Pennsylvania. I really like the office and the community it serves. I think the position would be great for experience, but I don't know that they value the PA as they should. It's a Physician owned practice with one other Physician on staff and 2 PAs. The practice has been owned for <10 years. The buiding is owned by the managing physician and is leased out by a local hospital for specialists to have access to the area. The building is also a Quest draw site and has a radiology service and pharmacy on site. The physician states she has 18 people on staff. I received an offer at the interview for $70,000 (I had stated 80K and was told this was the top end for a new grad in the area, which I have seen in one survey somewhere, but that was the only one). It was also reinforced that as a new grad there is no profitability over the first year. (the physician's husband was in the interview because he is the IT guy/numbers guy/helps with management, etc.) Contract is for 3 years. Performance review after first 90days, but no mention of review or contract negotiation in the contract. 40hr/week. 1 saturday every 3-4 weeks with a comp day the week before. Would not work Sat until MD comfortable with me on my own. Call for one week a month for reassurance but they said you dont get a lot of calls. Not expected to take call immediately. I would have to use my own cell phone. Expected to be up to 20-25pts/day after ~3-6 months or when we both feel comfortable. No healthcare coverage. I negotiated to have them cover my premium. After reading the contract it states UP TO $300. I am paying for my own currently and have a high deductible. Was hoping to have a better situation with a job and something to offer the family. 10 PTO, 3 sick/personal days, 6 federal holidays. NO rollover. $800 for CME and no time off for CME. I negotiated 3 days. I have been involved in AAPA HOD and would like to continue this, but this makes it a little difficult. They stated they cover malpractice, but there is no mention in the contract. So I don't even know what or if it covers tail. 401K with matching after 1 year. I asked about professional/licensing/DEA fees and they stated that could be submitted and reimbursed, but again not in the contract, so I don't know to what amount. I know the things that are not in the contract need to be included. This was my first interview, first offer, first contract, so I did not cover all the questions I had up front as I was not prepared for the offer. I did not read the contract until I left. I do have 3 maybe 5 more interviews in the next 2 weeks. Any thoughts? Advice? Thank you!
  21. So, out of curiosity... as a soon-to-be Grad. When I go out and find my first job and sit down to negotiate my salary how do I leverage my pre-PA career (14yrs as an Army medic, 3 deployments my last as the Aid Station Manager and right-hand man to our units PA). I had over 5000 direct, hands on, documented patient hours with numerous procedures conducted AND supervision experience for numerous years. On top of that my first two deployments included working on my own an providing day-to-day medical support combined with treatment of trauma patients with little/no additional support. How do I go about validating this to demonstrate that I have significant experience to draw upon? Or is it pointless to point this out because I hadn't gone through PA school yet? Additionally, I feel our program, Interservice Physician Assistant Program (ranked #11) really pushes us to be 'better' than the average graduate. However, I know for that first job its a fairly level playing field and MOST PA programs are just as good as the rest. So, I am in NO WAY trying to put down other programs. I just feel managing a strong career for 14yrs and having a strong background and understanding of what a PA does should push me more into that upper 25% of new-grads pay scale... or am I being obnoxiously over-confident? The humble part of me says "If you have to tell someone how good you are then you probably aren't that good" while at the same time, with no official work as a PA I feel a bit perplexed as how to set myself apart from my peer group of new grads... I have also heard that if you don't act strongly as your own advocate that you will be quickly marginalized. Would love feedback... Do's/Do not's that can make sure I appropriately use my pre-PA school experience/School training to make the most out of the negotiation process. Thanks in advance PS... not chasing down just large salary, IDEALLY, I would take a lower salary for an environment where I can grow and enjoy a rewarding career. Hoping to specialize but that depends, in part, with where we end up geographically... WHICH depends on where I can find the most ideal situation. So, any input on leveraging the above mentioned experience into specializing would be great too!
  22. Hi, I'm about to be a new grad (no prior medical experience but with great academic record); am curious about the following (see questions below) all feedback/insight/comments/curse words are welcomed! 1. what I can really expect as starting salary in internal medicine? (nyc hospital based, three 12's, no call, some weekends, does it matter if it's nights vs days?) i haven't seen or heard of anything higher than 85k and i'm starting to wonder if i would be low-balling myself 2. how much can a new grad (again, with no prior medical experience) successfully negotiate with hospitals who advertise a new hire flat rate? 3. what's the typical yearly bonus most nyc hospitals (city and private) are offering? thanks in advance!
  23. Hey Folks, Recent graduate received job offer with Ortho/Trauma. I will perform hospital round, first assist & clinic. Training Period Base Pay: 46,000 Base Pay: 92,000 [based on 50 hr work week], range of 50-55hrs CME: $2000, 5days PTO: 15 vacation Days, 4 Personal 7 Holidays off Call: 1/7 Days. Weekend Call 1/8 weekends. No add'l pay Bonus consideration: after 1 year Thoughts?
  24. So I recently went through a contract negotiation with my boss. I am a surgical spine PA in S. Florida, Palm Beach County area.5 years eperience and I found myself having this surreal conversation regarding my value and compensation re: my collections, hours, performance, etc. and being told over andover again "This is what spine PAs make in Florida." So it occurred to me....What do you say to that? His information was purely anecdotal but so was mine. so I propose as a resource that we have a page here with location/salrary/bonus structure/hours/call, so that we can have a real apples to apples comparisonduring negotiations. Obviously there are many variables that go into what we think is an acceptable salary but it would feel great to be able to say in a contract negotiation, "No, actually 7 other local PAs with similar positions and these responsibilities make xxxxxx." I'll start 117k annual salary, 10% of all IN NETWORK collections including hospital consults (this was as opposed to the originally proposed 20% of total collections above salary) I anticipate this being in the 80-100k (8-10k bonus) range. Although total collections last year between 250 and 300k I work generally M-F fairly normal and somewhat flexible office hours. In the OR 2-3 days a week. 1st call on pager every other week and hospital rounding q4th weekend. 401k, 3% match Individual, not family health, good policy 3 weeks PTO Somewhat nebulous CME policy SOOOOO. I'm not and I don't think anyone else is interested in lots of "You're freaking nuts to work for that. You're a sucker, etc.etc." If this can catch on I'm hoping it gives us a big advantage when employers, particularly in private practices where there is no union scale try to play on our lack of orginization. It could also be really vast and regional which would obviously be the most helpful. The more info, the more power.
  25. I work in southwest Missouri as a EM PA at this time. I graduated and started with the EM group 1 1/2 years ago. Straight out of school here is what my contract entailed: Independent contractor with no benefits 65/hr - 180 hours a month, 140k a year (10am-10pm 1/2 the time, 2pm-2am 1/2 the time) Malpractice with tail paid I have recently started looking for a new job, one with benefits and time off. I have been offered the following at an FP clinic that is starting a walk in service, where I would be the sole provider. Here is the brief overview of contract offering: 120k based on productivity and hr wage Health, dental paid CME $1000 allowance 11 days PTO first year, 21 days PTO 2nd year disability insurance available up to 1% matching 403b I feel this is a good offer. Any opinions? Thanks!
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