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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I am attempting to prophylactically treat any confusion that may arise due to GRU changing the name of the university again. As of today, GRU will now be called Augusta University. I hope this clears up any discrepancy that may arise. I cannot deny nor confirm this going down better with A1 sauce or any prior Australian influence, but it could be gold. Good day, HS
  2. tafy24

    CASPA - name change

    I will be applying through CASPA in this next cycle, and I want to get my application in as early as possible. However, I'm getting married in August and will be changing my last name. My address will also change at that time. Should I wait to submit my application until those rather important changes have been made, or should I submit it earlier, when I have all of my information entered?
  3. Colleagues, In the spirit of free dialogue, and with the understanding that there are always two sides to every story, the following letter was sent to Paula Havisto 2/27/2012 by new AAPA EVP / CEO Jenna Dorn. Jenna Dorn shortly thereafter met face-to-face with Dave Mittman and Bob Blumm on 3/5/2012 for 90 minutes to discuss the name change, and the actual contact information of the "6000" was requested (all of the communications that the AAPA received from the name change website dedicated to communicating with the AAPA are essentially blinded). The C1 advisory board declined to provide contact information to the AAPA. To date, this contact information has not been provided to the AAPA to allow the AAPA the opportunity to respond directly to correspondents on this issue of importance to the members and profession. Dave and Bob requested a copy of the letter to post on C1, and the letter below was provided to the C1 advisory board members on 4/20/2012, but as of yet, it has not been posted. I saw this letter for the first time 5/1/2012, and asked and received permission from Jenna Dorn and the AAPA to post it here. February 27, 2012 Paula Havisto, PA-C, Lac Vieux Desert Tribal Clinic N10561 Grand View Lane Watersmeet, MI 49969 phavisto@glitc.org Dear Paula, Thank you for your thoughtful letter and your warm personal welcome. I cannot tell you how excited and eager I am to support a profession that is poised to help transform healthcare in our country. As you might imagine, my first four months as CEO have been spent visiting and learning from smart, caring, innovative PAs about the issues and opportunities for the profession, as it provides critical team-based care and as it gains both visibility and credibility in legislative venues and the public consciousness. It is my intention to build on the strong foundation laid by the pioneers of the profession and its current leadership. Thank you as well for conveying the views of the Clinician1 community. I certainly recognize and appreciate the passion and commitment that drives those views and interests. With respect to a particular concern in your note – the title/name change from physician assistant to physician associate – I know AAPA’s Board of Directors recognizes how important this matter is to many PAs. And, I know that you, as a representative of one point of view in this matter, understand the importance of handling it in a way that is sensitive to all perspectives and also represents the best interests of all PAs. That is why the Academy has long-standing procedures to ensure that the outcome of such issues as this, which affect the entire profession, receive an appropriate hearing and the attention necessary to ensure the best outcome for the profession and the patients it serves. I believe you are aware that it is the role of the House of Delegates to provide the forum in which such policy matters are determined. While sensitive to the desire of those promoting action to move the issue forward, because of the critical role of the House, the Board will take no official position on the matter at this time. Instead, it (the Board) and AAPA staff will continue their diligent efforts to both provide objective information and solicit greater insight into PA opinions about this issue through AAPA’s publications and other communications resources. We also want to respond to PAs who contact the Academy directly with concerns about this matter, as is our practice with inquiries. Over the last several months, AAPA has received emails through the Clinician1 website from individuals who signed statements of support for the name change. We were disappointed that, when AAPA asked for the email addresses of these individuals in order to provide a direct response to each, it is my understanding that the leaders of Clinician1 chose not to make these available to us. It is certainly always our intent, to the degree possible, to acknowledge communications from all PAs, and I am happy to respond to any direct communication I receive. We respect the views of all, and seek to engage in a respectful dialog. It is my hope that Clinician1 leaders might reconsider providing the contact information so that we may respond to every communication in an open and professional manner. If you choose not to do so, I hope you will respect our good intent in seeking to acknowledge the substance of those views in general publications and other venues available to the PA community. In that spirit, I am looking forward to upcoming discussions with David Mittman, Robert Blumm, and Glen Combs, as well as other individuals who support the name change, as I have had discussions with others who do not. I do this with the knowledge that any decision about changing the “physician assistant title must be made by the AAPA House of Delegates. I also invite you to call me for any further clarification of AAPA’s position, or any other concerns about this issue you feel merits further discussion. Sincerely, Jennifer L. Dorn Chief Executive Officer cc Eric Holden, PA-C; MJones, PA-C; Dave Mittman, PA-C; Stephen Lyons, PA-C; G. Combs, MA, PA-C; E. Ranzenbach, PA-C; Pamela Ivey, PA-C; David Larson, PA-C; William Mosher, PA-C; Ken Debarth, PA-C; Erik Pauls, PA-C; Thomas Roselle, PA-C; Roger Nevling, PA-C
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