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Found 3 results

  1. I am now a proud member of Northern Arizona University's PA Class of 2019. I have approximately 8 months before school starts. For those people who are just getting accepted or those already in school or through it, what do I do between now and august? I have been told to relax and not do any studying. Others have told me to start brushing up on my anatomy? What is the best way to spend my time? I don't want to get to school and kick myself for not spending the time I have the best way possible. Any advice would be great. Fyi I work full time. This is specifically what to do in my free time.
  2. Hi everyone!! I was looking for some advice on what I should do before I apply to PA school next year. I am graduating this year with a bachelors in biological sciences and have done the basic prereqs for the schools I plan to apply to. Here is my background: Undergraduate degree: Biological Sciences Science GPA ~ 3.56 Overall GPA ~3.66 GRE ~ I have not taken it yet, but I plan to this summer HCE ~ 300 hours as a hospital volunteer so far The PA schools that I plan to apply to require at least 2 courses in chemistry. Since I was a biology major, I was not required to take many chemistry classes, so I have only taken 2 courses for general chemistry and a course in organic chemistry. I technically meet the requirements, but I am worried that I do not look very competitive. I have taken other medical related courses such as immunology and various neuroscience classes as I specifically want to work in the neurology department. As for HCE, I plan to work as a medical lab technician after I graduate while still volunteering at the hospital. I am also about to shadow a PA and will try to shadow more before next year. Going back to my question, I was originally thinking of taking biochemistry at a community college in the summer after graduating. The issue is that it may not transfer as a biochemistry credit and instead as a biochemistry elective. I could take it at a university, but it will definitely be more expensive and I am not sure that I can afford it right after graduation. Do you think I should take the biochemistry course at a community college or should I just concentrate on my HCE instead? If I take the class, it will delay me from working as a med tech for a couple of months. If I work as a med tech directly after graduating, though, I will likely have 2000+ HCE hours by the time I apply to the schools next year. The schools I was looking at only require 500 hours, so I will be well over that, but do you think having more HCE will cover for not taking other chemistry classes? Thank you in advance!!
  3. This school isn't listed anywhere that I can see but I'm wondering if anyone has been invited for an interview yet. Given that it's so new, information on NAU has been hard to come by. It would be nice to have it added as an option to discuss under the Arizona programs.
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