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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, new member here. Before I ask anything, here is some background on me. Undergraduate program: Wheaton College (B.A., Neuroscience and psychology, Class of 2016) Overall GPA: 3.4 Science GPA: 3.2 Undergraduate internship: Neurology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital Current job position: Clinical research assistant and study coordinator, Neurology Department, Rhode Island Hospital 2 publications during undergrad. GRE score was average, not a bad score but not extremely stellar. I've been exploring my graduate school options, and am very interested in going the PA route. As you can see from my past and current experiences, I would like to specialize in neurology/neuroscience. I had initially wanted to get my PhD and applied directly out of undergrad and got rejected from all the programs I applied to, but it turned out to maybe be for the better because after I started working full time in the clinical/hospital setting I discovered that while I still like research, I really enjoy working directly with patients and I'm not sure the PhD is the best way to be able to do that, which got me looking into PA programs. I wanted to perhaps get some advice or feedback on how I could improve my application. While my overall GPA is 3.4, I must admit I did not do very well in chemistry or organic chemistry during undergrad (both Cs) despite the rest of my science grades ranging from B+ to A+ (biology, anatomy and physiology, statistics, neurobiology, etc). Because I would like to get more specialization in neuro specifically, I'm looking into neuroscience MS programs and then while I do that getting some additional direct patient care experience in preparation for a PA program. My current job does involve direct patient interaction but it is less frequent than other study-related activities such as consenting and conducting scales (which it is my understanding that things like that do not count as patient care for PA programs). Because the chemistry grades really are my big weak spot on my application, my thought was that graduate school experience combined with additional patient care experience would enhance my PA application. Additionally, any suggestions as to gain more patient care experience that could best serve my needs based on my current experience and goals would be great. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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